• salamandra
    I've had the Davinci IQ for about a week now and wanted to ask some questions and share my experience so far.

    This is my first vape ever and I knew nothing about vaping really before purchasing this dry herb vaporizer. I was hoping it might even replace my joint-smoking but so far I have to say that seems highly unlikely. There's no way the IQ can hit me like a well rolled joint.

    Anyway, like I mentioned in a previous thread, the manual and info on the use of the IQ sucks balls. It's very unclear how to load it for example. No demonstrations or elaborate text. So I had a bit of a trial and error there, loading it too tight and clogging it. I have it up and running now having figured out the right amount.

    How much do you guys/girls think you're loading into the IQ for a session?

    I know I'm definitely gonna get the glass spacers. Just wish they had been included. I didn't think about it before. It's nice to have the option when you're only going for those couple of hits every once in a while.

    How many sessions (x10minutes) do you feel you need to finish one chamber of greens? I feel like I haven't finished the weed after one session. I open the chamber and it's still so green. Or what? Are all the goodies gone? I heard somewhere not all that glitters is gold. Maybe that applies here? Well either way, I heat it up again for another session and at least I'm doing some clouds/smoke. Not sure if that's any indicator though. What say ye, old timers?

    Also, what temperature do you go for with the IQ? I haven't been gelling with the SmartPaths, I've been more comfortable with adjusting the temperature manually as I go. I've been reading some mixed comments on the right temperature to get the most from your buds. Some say they never go higher than 375-380 and swear by it but then you read somewhere that 400-410 is an ideal level because it's here the thc breaks free from the illuminati and gains a higher consciousness and realizes the earth isn't even flat, it's everything and nothing at the same time. But then you read from someone else that anything above 400 is wasting the weed because it's "burning" at a faster rate than you're able to inhale.

    That also brings me to my next question:

    How many sessions (x10) can the IQ handle before getting too hot? Or does that even happen, can it overheat? It gets pretty hot in your palm but never extreme.

    Now to my last and most dreaded part: Inhale Insanity!

    I'm not used to this much sucking! It feels like you're drawing the smoke out of the IQ for hours on end. Feels like those dreams where you're running in slow motion and if someone tries to fight you you can only punch em in slow mo too. Super annoying. After 10 minutes of that I'm grasping for oxygen. Which led me to start opening my mouth a little more when inhaling, taking in some fresh air and filling my lungs quicker, and just repeating it more often by result. Not sure if it's limiting the high in anyway by taking in fresh air as well, but I doubt it. Any special 'mouth-technique' you guys/girls recommend? I'm using the extended mouthpiece btw. Feel there's a little less draw resistance with that one.

    Too bad every time my IQ heats well up, the lid starts coming loose and I have to hold it down to keep it from opening. Nothing too serious though.

    Anyway, overall I'm kinda liking the IQ because it's more discreet than traditional methods and the smoke can be very flavorful. But like I said before this isn't likely to replace my joint. I feel I have to smoke much more to get as high. Funny thing is, you put 0.4 grams in a joint and you'll puff that fucker in a heartbeat. With the vape you'll be inhaling your life away for the next 10-15 minutes.

    Anyway, I hope I made sense. Hope to get some answers and insights. Cheers!
  • salamandra
    Couple extra questions:

    How long can I wait between sessions if I don't finish the weed? Couple hours? Over night? Or maybe not at all?

    Can you remove the flavor chamber to reduce the draw resistance (if it does actually help, haven't tried it)
  • Celticdavie1888
    When I load the IQ I prefer a coarser grind and I don't pack it down too tight. I've seen plenty of people recommend packing it down tight with a fine grind but I feel the draw is too restrictive doing this. I also use a wee spike thing(that I got from my MV1) to create a wee hole through the weed in the chamber to help increase air flow.

    I would definitely recommend the glass spacers. It drops amount used from about 0.3g to 0.2g and 0.1g, depending on what spacer you use. I almost always use the smaller spacer when vaping myself.

    I usually start on 180C and work my way up to 200C(don't know that in F) then boost it towards the end. I've never had any green left after a single 10 minute session, especially with the spacers in. Sometimes I need to turn it back on to finish session but that's only if I have been pretty slow with the draws. The IQ is a session vape so it's better to finish it in one go rather that going back to it.

    Reading how you take a draw it seems to me you're drawing too hard. Better to take longer and slower draws when vaping but with the IQ you can take wee draws that still produce vapour. Is you weed bone dry when you're using it? Drawing in air while vaping will reduce the amount of vapour you take in, better to create a seal with your mouth. Maybe try pack it looser and try the wee hole trick to see if that helps your draw. I also always use the extended mouthpiece.

    I'm sure I've seen a comment from IQ folk about removing the flavour chamber, either on here or FC, that the internal seal is compromised if the chamber is removed and that's why the draw feels freerer without it in but not totally sure.

    I like my IQ but I've not really used it since I got a Dynavap Omni TI. This wee thing is incredible and hits harder than anything I have(I have IQ, MV1, Plenty & FF2) and it's now the only vape I regularly use. You get about 3 or 4 draws from 1 chamber(0.08g) and the effects from that are amazing, taste is brilliant too. It also almost feels like a joint by the way you use it and how hard it hits. I have the top of range Dynavap but I've read performance is similar with cheaper versions.
  • Baron23
    I'm sure I've seen a comment from IQ folk about removing the flavour chamber, either on here or FC, that the internal seal is compromised if the chamber is removed and that's why the draw feels freerer without it in but not totally sure.Celticdavie1888

    Yes, I have seen DaVinici post that one should NOT operate it without the chamber. Yes, easier draw but it creates an air leak ...or that's the best of my recollection.
  • Sean

    Your post had me rolling on the floor :) Definitely check out the "Smart Paths" that are built into this vape. If your coming off of smoking (burning or combustion) I would try smart path 4. Now it's definitely going to be hot but you'll probably like it coming off of smoking. It's temperature range starts at 410F and ends automatically 10 minutes later at 430F. I used this setting when switching from combustion to vaping. I'm now comfortable at smart path 2 which starts at 370F and ends automatically 10 minutes later at 390F. I do a course grind but I do pack it in to cover all of the white ceramic inside. Not real hard but a good tamp down. I also use the raised mouth piece in conjunction with a bubbler for some cooled down vapolicious hits. Depending on temperature selection you should get 4-8 sessions out of a fully charged battery. The body of the vape gets warm but more importantly to me the mouth piece doesn't get hot to the touch. Your used flowers should be a golden to brown color at these settings. Here's a link with more IQ info from the company.
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