• Baron23
    Get out and vote, all you Okies!! (or is that an insulting term??)
    Medical marijuana, primary contests open for early voting in Oklahoma

    Voters across the state may cast early ballots, making choices on medical marijuana and each party's candidates for office.

    Oklahoma's early voting laws allow registered voters to visit their county election board Thursday through Saturday before each election.

    Each ballot will contain State Question 788, which if adopted would create a system for medical marijuana in Oklahoma. Republican, Democratic and Libertarian voters will be able to chose statewide and local candidates for their party, and independents can request a ballot with Democratic candidates.

    Election Day is Tuesday, June 26, but Oklahoma gives voters the option to cast in-person absentee ballots at their county election boards before each election on Thursday and Friday between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., then on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The process is virtually the same as voting on Election Day, when polls are open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

    For those who aren't registered to vote, it's too late. The registration deadline was June 1. The deadline to vote in the Aug. 28 partisan runoff election is Aug. 3. It is widely believed the Republican governor's race and several legislative contests will end up in a runoff.

    Oklahomans can verify their voter status online and view sample ballots at the Oklahoma State Election Board website.

    Most legislators will face election contests this year, whether it's during the primary or Nov. 7 general election. Just 19 lawmakers have no opponent.

    Many vacant seats also must be filled after legislators resigned or were not eligible to run again because of term limits. There are 42 open seats, meaning almost a third of the lawmakers in the next Oklahoma Legislature will be new on the job when they reconvene in regular session next February.
  • Cmatz
    C'mon Oklahoma! Pave the way for other very RED states.
  • okla68m
    You wouldn't believe some of the NO ads that are running.....LIES, LIES LIES !
  • Cmatz
    Good lord... I can only imagine...
  • midas
    What does the early polling look like on this?
  • Ooziah
    this is great news @okla68m
  • Baron23
    Looks like you might be coming up in clover in OK.

  • okla68m
    Passed 56% to 43% !
    The current governor is already whinning...she's ON HER WAY OUT...THE HAG !
  • Baron23
    Congrats my friend. Now, hold onto your ass with both hands as its inevitable that your state government and bureaucracy will totally fuck up implementing the program and it will take 10X longer than you think it should (and YOU would be right in that).

    But you will get there at some point.

    So stay alive! hahahah
  • Rockytdogg

    All true.

    It took almost 3 years here in MA for a MMJ dispensary to open after the people voted for it... and now it looks like there won’t be any rec shops open until at least October (almost 2 years) when July was the promised date. I’ve lived here my whole life so none of this comes as any surprise unfortunately.
  • okla68m
    That what I read...8-12 months...there's a Meeting tomorrow evening, discussion about Details...Of Course the Cunt (sorry ladies) we have as a Last Term Gone in November Governor is going to try and Screw it Up, But, the People have Spoken...123,000 Above the No vote ! From what I understand, Prices are Near the Same as black market, although, potentially the variety will be greater. As it is, sigh, I'll carry on as Usual, although, I Do see a Vivosun Grow Tent in my Future !
  • Baron23
    .8-12 monthsokla68m

    hahaha...I'll kiss your old Okie ass if they get opened in 8-12 months. LOL

    Don't believe them...stay on them...go to open commission meetings (I did here in MD) and pester the fuck out of them until they issue licenses and get the program open.

    Just a suggestion hahaha

    But again, let's look on the positive....and its a HUGE positive....and congrats once again.
  • okla68m
    "Yes" exceeded "No" by 121,910 votes" 56.8% of a total 891,654 votes !
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