• LabPong
    warren...that looks nice.....can you do the rest of the MP area?
  • warren0728
    I decided (for now) to leave the mouthpiece (titanium spinning) silver as a visual clue of what end to put in my mouth!

    the weird thing is I torched the end of the m (which in my configuration butts up against the spinning mouthpiece) for at least as long (if not longer) than the rest of the m but it stayed silver ... I’ll mess with it some more but for now it kinda transitions nice into the mouthpiece
  • EconMan

    How do you like the Sticky Brick? It fascinates me.

    I've been flower-vaping for almost a month and I find myself buying gadgets I really don't NEED but want nevertheless. I need to put boundaries on this new vice :)
  • Ctipp22
    I give it an A+ but it doesn't hold much and I roast the bowl within a few good rips. Wish it held more and I could go for a little longer back to back.
  • EconMan
    It might work good for me then. I have a Plenty now and a FF2 on the way, and I want a butane home-but-portable option as well for more "micro" use (and the DynaCap is a little intimidating).
    Which Sticky Brick do you find best? I was thinking of HydroMax, or an OG Brick Thoughts?
  • Ctipp22
    if your looking for a butane micro use vape =… the dynavap is literally the best and almost the only thing for that
  • EconMan
    Thanks. I looked at that one but slightly worried I might inadvertently put the wrong end in my mouth :gasp: but I hear such good things about it, I'm sure the increased danger will be matched with increased awareness.
  • Futurevapors
    Mate I can’t speak highly enough of Sticky Brick Labs.

    I come from a spliff/tabbacco back ground and those bricks got me off Tobacco within 1 month, because I enjoyed using them so much, and it’s so much nicer than smoking joints.

    A lot of Irish people that contact me regards these products talk about wanting to give up tobacco but are worried that they will miss the joint in hand experience and I know what they mean but IMO the sticky bricks are so hands That you still get that hands on thought out the ride.
  • zancru
    Cleaning up some boxes and stashes... I found some gem... OG glass Vapcap... still smells combusted jajajajaja
    I have one more that I haven't found yet...


    Please feel free to rotate first two photos if possible, tia
    Stay vaped...
  • Ty Butts
    @VapeCritic Omg I love the Dynavap M just mine a couple hours ago. I haven't put it down.
    Thanks again Bud & Hazel
  • Pakalolo2
    @VapeCritic Thanks again Bud & Hazel, I received my winning Dynavap M in the mailbox yesterday just in time to join in my 60th birthday celebration!


    Thank you!!!
  • McNuggetsTrip
    Happy birthday! I hope you have a great day :grin: :party:
  • Dr green thumb
    Happy birthday! I hope your day is so good you cannot remember it tomorrow!
  • Taranta
    Never saw the AVB comming out of a Dynavap M.
    I can imagine stiring the herb in a M doesnt work well so the result should be uneven, dark on the top and near green at the bottom right?
    Would be nice if anyone could provide me with a pic of the AVB after three hits.
  • Mangu
    like you said it depends on where you’re heating...after 3 hits along the bottom of my “M” the material looks very spent, almost charred. I prefer to finish up in two pulls to enjoy some flavor.
  • ChlorophyllMan
    heya, I'd say the Dynavap is one of the easiest vapes to get a fast, even AVB extraction. I think it's been very well designed and engineered to do just that, it's remarkable. I think that the diameter of the oven is such that 360° torching heats it all the way through.
    I can see why it would be worth questioning if you didn't have one though man! :up: :smile:
  • UbarDog
    Heyyy Gratz @Pakalolo2

    When you leave a tiny gap between cap and load the load comes out very even colour light to dark brown depending on user. Like Mangu said 3 hits and its done for me too and 90% of the time I've been cutting it down to 2 hit . Last one does seems nothing apart from change darken avb TBH! .

    When I 1st got the M - I tried stirring and another blast. Then Saved this up for 1 day and ran it though my IQ at max . Nothing left in it.

    --Also I don't know if any one suggested this before but........
    I class this as one hit.
    Heat till 1st click = short hit
    Start heating again and exhale
    Take a FULL length hit.
    Place on magnet for cooling

    I get 2 of these per load. I feel this is a way get best the performance too :D
  • Taranta

    Understand. The conduction 360° preheating before the convection heating occurs leads to a more even AVB also at the bottom, that make sense.
    Thanks for that insight.

    How much herb fits in the bowl of the M ?

    Thank you.

    Thank you.
  • Alexis
    I can imagine stiring the herb in a M doesnt work well so the result should be uneven, dark on the top and near green at the bottom right?Taranta

    Actually, Bud's pick tool works very well to stir the Vapcap loads. I just keep my thumb over the top of the tip and poke the tool under a gap. Just a push into the load does the trick.

    But tbh it really isnt necessary. Only when I have overpacked or airflow isnt free enough. It can help in those cases to get a fuller extraction on last hit.

    Using a torch, my abv is very consistent and even. Both from edges to centre, also top to bottom. I heat near the bottom of the cap though, then in the middle until the load is done.
    Very even brown abv top to bottom.

    My Pipes Induction Heater though...I just never got on with that thing. No matter how I tried, I always get that exact uneven extraction you describe, green underneath, more so towards the bottom , and prematurely dark, scorched on top. I get unpleaseant tasting/feeling vapor, my hits seem to be lacking unless I push it, which means 2 to 3 seconds past click...which has resulted in combustion too many times.

    So Im bemused as to how Bud is reporting such excellent and satisfactory peroirmance with his
    Pipes IH's?
  • ChlorophyllMan
    Yeah, it's mostly a conductor. Up to 0.1 but I'm more comfortable with 0.07. You can put less too. It's not fussy about grind consistency either.
  • Pakalolo2
    Thank you all!
    Best birthday since my 50th!
  • UbarDog

    There is a Dowl inside the chamber . You can remove it and cut/sand it down. He's spoken about it in his tread. I think i see one other with this problem, all i can think is something came loose in transit maybe.

    Did you win ON you B-day!!!? How awsome is that !
  • Pakalolo2
    Actually UbarDog I won this during last Saturdays stream giveaway and it arrived in the mail yesterday (my b-day).

    Perfect timing!
  • Alexis
    yes my IH arrived damaged. The plastic part glued to the lid was broken, snapped. But no damage to the working parts, its just the black plastic outer part to the circuit board where it is glued to the underside of the lid. It fitted together neatly where it was broke, and I glued it good as new.

    On my initial experimentation with the unit something wasn't right and I did engage with Pipes on FC over the matter. The conclusion was that the glass tube inside the coil had moved I showed photographs and that was confirmed. And Pipes said that depending on how deep the tube is inserted into the coil the click will come sooner or later and the Heat will be targeted further up or lower down on the tip and cap.

    It's easy enough to adjust and I did experiment with it in various positions the deeper you push it the longer you wait for a click and vice versa but I still never got satisfactory performance.

    So I don't know, it's a head scratcher for sure but I have been told by at least one other person that they had the exact same experience and just never liked their induction heaters for the same reasons as me uneven charring on top and very under extracted below that.

    I recently spilt water on the power supply for the induction heater and had to get a new one which was a good move because the one I had would make an infuriating loud electrical fizz every time I engaged the heater.
    I do want to give it another go with various positions just to see.
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