• Pakalolo2
    That is sooooo cool!

    I like the personal touch. I am considering...
  • twhc291
    I have been vaping since Feb 2018 when i had to give up the J's and bongs because of living situation.

    In that being said i am now totally combustion free

    My current collection

    Sticky Brick hydrobrick
    MistVape Touch
    MistVape Imp
    Omni XL
    "M" 2018

    I've also owned and used
    Pax 2
    Black Mamba
    VapeGenie Coil

    I am also on the list for the G43 so their is that also
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    Started vaping at the end of march/begining of april 2018. And the collection is as follows....

    Pulsar APX2 (retired)
    Vivant Alternate (retired)
    DynaVap... 2018 M (×2), Shadow M, Shadow M XLS, OG, portside mini IH
    Arizer Solo
    Arizer Extreme Q
    Firewood 5
    MV-1 (stealth)
    Sticky Brick Junior
    SB Hydromax
    Fury 2
    Boundless CF
    Splinter Z

    With a Splinter V1, and G43 coming soon

    :joke: VAS is real.
  • Magicman
    It's hopper time now.
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    Lol. I don't have anywhere near enough patience to order a hopper. I'd be beating on doors all "Yo wheres my Vape?" Me thinks a Flowerpot might be next in line.
  • Pakalolo2
    Maybe...need to get a rig for the G43 first!
  • bum karacho
    1 plenty
    2 volcano
    3 crafty
    4 dynavap m 2018
    5 magic flight launch box
    6 muad - dib
    7 og brick cherry
    8 vapocan with sugarcane
    9 vaponic
    10 vapexhale with hydratube
    11 hydrobrick maxxxxxxxxxx
    12 G43 ordert
  • WOLF444
    -Da Buddha (x2)
    -Ghost MV1 (arriving soon)
    -Honeystick Phantom
  • Dr green thumb
    1. Atmos jump
    2. Boundless cfc
    3. Airvape xs
    4. Airvape X
    5. Pax 3
    6. Davinci I.Q
    7. Davinci miqro
    8. Sticky brick jr.
    9. Sticky brick hydro brick max (x2)
    10. Rastabuddhatao splinter z
    11. Rastabuddhatao splinter v1
    12. Rastabuddhatao milaana 2 (x2)
    13. Ghost Stealth Mv1
    14. Elev8r (x2)
    15. G43
    16. Dynavap (x6)
    17. Crafty
    18. Plenty
    19. Puffco plus
    20. Dr dabber Aurora

    28 total

    I know I'm missing some but I did this from memory and this does not count previous vapes I have owned and sold.

    Edit: I did not count my c cell silo, cloak or the other batteries for carts.
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    VapCap M
    Splinter Z

    Boundless CFX (dont use much but good to take on a bike ride or hike)
    Haze Square (what more needs to be said)
    Pulsar APX (like many, my first)

    While I always want more toys to play with, I'm feeling really satisfied with the top three right now.
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    Every time this thread gets bumped it reminds me how broke i am. :rofl: VAS has taken over
  • ssaucyc515
    Mv1, mighty, simrell dynavap , grasshopper, arizer eq ,and the g43.

    I need some more wood in my collection :wink:
  • Papic914
    2- dynavaps
    2- milaana 2
    Sticky brick jr
    Davinci iQ
    Ccell palm
    Pckt one plus
    For a grand total of ten Vapes !
  • martinstraka8282
    Ghost MV1
    Boundless CFX
    Arizer EQ w/Ddave mods
    SAI EZ Kit w/2 batteries
    PCKT One Plus w/3 refillable distillate cartridges
    Cloak 510 Oil Cartridge Battery

    I feel pretty set but would love to add a Milaana vape one day or maybe just a splinter to use with my G43 mod.
  • Ginny Vapes
    I just made it to the next category. I have more than 5. I'm going to step my game up & get them displayed and take a shot for you all. I'm small time but I'm happy with what I have so far.
    I. dynavap
    2 G43 (on delivery)
    3 Pax 2
    4 Fury 2
    5 Mig Vapor mod
    6 Airvape xs
    I got me a glass stem for my dyna from glass charlie to add to my dynavap experience.
    I plan to get a glass rig for my G43 and glass adapter for the dynavap. I also have recently found
    the Millano and Splinter V1 to add and an ashwood vapopipe from dreamwood vaporizer that has really caught my eye. I got ahold of some storage jars and looking for some mary jane art and think I may just do some art myself. Spring is here. time to get busy on some fun!
  • Cuckfumbustion
    10 -12 Vapcaps Sorry they are too modular for me to pin down. Some bought as parts.
    Someday an IH will make it all worthwhile.

    2 EVO's my DD's :strong:
    Fury 2 - Kick around portable.
    ArizerEQ - My lab buddie.:nerd:
    UD log vape - More for aromatherapy. Have some copper bowls with beeswax and Essential oils.

    Had a CFX.

    3 retired vapes.Pax v1, Flowermate 1.0, Vapium Summit

    And the latest weapon in my arsenal. The G43! Boo-yah!
  • AsUwish
    Splinter x2
    Splinter Z
    Solo 2
    Vapexhale Evo
    Milaana 1.5
    Milaana 2
    Stick Brick Runt
    Firefly 2
    Ghost MV1
    Fury 2
    Lynx Pen
    Pax Era

    Have owned: Pax 2, Dynavap, Healthy Rips Force, Flowermate Swiftpro.

    Have only been using the Ditanium and G43 over the last 4 weeks.
  • okla68m
    AirVape X
    3 Dab Pens
    And.....as of the 3rd of May, a G43
  • McNuggetsTrip
    Ghost Mv1
    Air 2
    APX v2
  • MrGreen
    With 15 strains in rotation I prefer to spend my coin on the herb.
  • Illinois
    what’s your rankings 1-5 in flavor
  • Law7764
    My current situation
    Supreme 4
    Dr Dabber Switch
    HVT Sequoia

    *warning with my VAS this vape list is subject to change second by second*
  • EconMan
    Ooh forgot the oldest vape I have (it was terrible and I went back to combustion)welshman

    That was the PAX1 for me.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    Ive got a trinity of vapes. I air on the side of caution with most things, so after a not so great experience with a flower mate mostly due to inexperience and sesh vapes are not for me. I started looking into butane vapes i bought a flip brick first, i was hoping it could be more portable and discreet then it ended up being.
    I ended up deciding to give a dynavap a fair try, glad i did its my portable out of the house vape and it works really good with hash. I dont get flower much so my flip brick hasnt been used in ages, but it was a good purchase for me because it showed me that i really love full convection vaping so much that is why i decided to jump on a ff2 4/20 sale it just seemed like the right vape for me so i gambled a little bit on it a :fire: fire 7 :fire: if your into gambling :naughty: anyone?
  • Mangu
    My first vape was MFLB...Bud used to recommend it as his #1 portable way back when!

    Pax OG



    KandyPens Galaxy


    Milaana 1

    Splinter Z

    Milaana 2

    Splinter V1

    Splinter V2


    Dynavap M

    HVT Sequioa

    Pax Era

    Titanium Dyna Tips w/ Portside Mini

    G43 as of last night
  • Stants

    Boundless cfv
    Ghost mv1 (stealth)

    The cfv was my 1st & introduced me to portable vapes, was thinking of selling it but ironically it's more stealthy than the ghost due to how small it is so I think I'll keep hold of it for night's out,
  • jqcj5
    1. G43
    1. Volcano Digit
    2. Plenty
    4. (2) E-Nano

    5. (2) Mighty
    6. Davinci IQ
    7. Air II
    8. Argo
    9. (4) Dynavaps
    10. Linx Hypnos Zero
    11. Pax Era
    12. (2) Cloud 9 premium concentrate pens

    Vapes I've sold:
    1. Pax 3 - Too much cleaning and smelly
    2. Davinci Miqro - not enough, low clouds too small chamber
    3. FF2 - great for the first hit or two then the cleaning starts
    4. (2) Starry Xmax - my entry into vaping was pretty good but no taste
    5. Solo II - sold it after the first bowl. I was expecting an E-Nano experience lol
    6. Crafty - terrible battery, other than that great
    7. Mighty - I had an extra extra - 3 is too many
    8. E-Nano - I had an extra extra of this one too - 3 is too many

    DhGate stuff
    3 tubes Mobius and CCG
    1 Mobius Matrix sidecar
    1 Fab Egg with matrix perc

    And I still have my trusty 18" TM - Toke Master (smoke master) built right here in the state of MD.
  • bum karacho

    as your doctor i can tell you have a uncureable VAS !
    but i can help you with your GAS if you send me your Mobius?
  • warren0728
    RBT Milaana II
    Sticky Brick Junior SE
    Dynavap Nonavong XLS Dark Wood
    Dynavap "M" XLS - DIY Heat Anodized
    PotV Xmax Starry
    Xmax Fog

    on the way:
    parts for a dynavap xls including a custom stem from mrb on fc
    milaana 1.5 maple with purpleheart cap
  • Stu
    Too many, yet somehow not enough.
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