• SouthboundPachyderm
    This is pretty intriguing. But if your gonna make a starage compartment shouldnt it hold 5 capsules not 4? I know im nit picking little stuff, but if you pre load 5 capsules you would think you would store 5.
  • Baron23
    one in the chamber, four in storage????
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    i thought it had 5 loaded and ready to be vaped (like FW5) AND storage for 4, but i could have misunderstood.
  • Baron23
    I believe it has a ceramic oven and a seoerate storage compartment. That’s why it includes a small tweezer.
  • VapeCritic
    Oh, an indiegogo and life time warranty....I think I have heard this story before! hahaBaron23


    @Cl4ud3 Looks interesting, maybe a little on the larger side, but it's wood like everybody likes! :sweat:
  • Baron23
    but it's wood like everybody likes!VapeCritic

    Not me....blows my mind how many twinkies will go gaga over a minor...even remotely minor....material issue but insist that they adore wood....a material that is completely NON-hygienic for anything going in your mouth.

    Give me glass and metal and I'm happy.
  • Ctipp22
    Those little cartridges might not have enough in them to be that great. we shall see..,
  • LabPong

    If you shake it more than once Beavis.....your playin with it!
  • zancru

    I’ve never seen so many hipsters hipsters hipsterism in a video.
    Seems like of what he says, they have a past lineup of ultra quality vapes built already, under their belts jajajaja
    Did they rent a Dwell magazine house for their add??
    If they live in that beautiful cool place, I hate them already, fucking rich trustafarian spoiled millennials.
    Please someone pay an otorhinolaryngologist to this talking guy, he must snore a bunch during night. I’m betting huge tonsils or adenoids jajajaja
    This guy is an ENT or allergies specialist dream jajajaja
    Or couldn’t he wait to go through his cold/flu before filming the video?? Jajajaja
    This is another Loto Labs company???
    Do they hired the models??? Jajajaja
  • Baron23
    I’ve never seen so many hipsters hipsters hipsterism in a video.zancru

    Many/most of them are doing "life style of the young and beautiful" in their vape marketing.

    Now, understand that I love my MV1, have great respect for the Ghost team, and Patrick and I have communicated a number of times personally and so I would call us friendly acquaintances, perhaps?

    But with all those caveats said, their early marketing vid was the same....they had everything but the two young beautiful people running in slo-mo toward each other on the beach against a beautiful sunset with sappy music in the background....not that far gone but it was close! haha

    Oh hell....its still up...go to the bottom of their home page and there is the vid.

    I'm sure we are all wearing man buns and have a girl that looks like that babe...right?? haha

    Let's see if I can embed...well, no...but you can follow the link to watch it.

  • Señor Negro
    OMG how can they be sooooo cool! I'm buying 2 right now!!! One for me and another for the beauty that would eventually fall in love instantly on first sight :love:

    Those kind of advertisements that are trying to sell happiness instead of it's corresponding product should be banned. Because I guess common sense is not that common ? :fear:

    PD: I want a man bun right now!! :gasp:
  • Pakalolo2
    we want to see some pics Señor!
  • ssaucyc515
    in my experience people my age at least in New York don't like vaping and think it's soft lol. The target audience here would be 30+. Sure those ads might appeal the kids who just like to get high. But I feel that's a smaller demographic by me because people prefer to combust. I've shared my Vapes with high praise but there is just no appeal to it for them. I see older people like it more for the discreetness and the ability to use less. The selling point for most is how little product they use not even the ability to control temps/effects .They don't like the stigma of pot head or using "drugs" so it strays away a bit from that. Advertising is hard in my opinion. Ghost is great though.
  • Dr green thumb
    By me carts are huge like insanely popular followed by dabs. I'd like dry herb vapes to be popular and dynavap is getting the most attention most likely for price and effect.
  • ssaucyc515
    shit forgot about carts. Yeah carts RULE the market of NYC college kids. For kids that smoke I know they always keep a cart around. I did too. Dabs aren't too popular cause they're hard to get but for the people I know that do dab, only dab. I agree. Wish it was more wide spread. This also promotes innovation
  • Baron23
    Even more reason to bag the "vape of the young and beautiful" marking BS, no?
  • Chaotix
    ok so this BETTER be a hint about a vape to soon be released that has double walled ceramic chamber and airpath. That or they are going nuts.


    20€ for a mug that already exists on amazon....


    I want a new vape. I want them to make it. what is taking so long?
  • EconMan
    Oh, an indiegogo and life time warranty....I think I have heard this story before! hahaBaron23

    LOL :)

    Yeah, I've been studying one of them as the process of their lofty hype to inevitable implosion was simply fascinating. Was it fraud or incompetence, and which is worse?
  • BobCat
    Many/most of them are doing "life style of the young and beautiful" in their vape marketing.Baron23

    Yes. About a year ago, Dynavap went with 'beautiful people' marketing, and I find it repugnant. However, it beats the scantily clad female trope ads which are replete on Instagram.

    Oh, an indiegogo and life time warranty....I think I have heard this story before! hahaBaron23

    Are you referencing @Magicman's beloved Grasshopper weed rocket he adores or another vape? Grasshopper was started via indiegogo and carries a lifetime warranty. The key is to avoid a 10 year warranty a la Haze. Go big or go home. :rofl:

    I'm not interested in the Steamcraft at this juncture but kudos to @Cl4ud3 and @PuffItUp for a new entry to this barren thread.

  • Baron23
    Yes, Hopper Labs.
  • EconMan

    I don't understand how it is so beloved when virtually everyone I know who has one has reported it has been at their repair department often times longer than it has been with them. It isn't just a few stories, but virtually everyone seems to get bit. Are there any users say after six months of regular use who have had no problems? It doesn't seem so, and if you stretch that out to a year then it perhaps becomes improbable?

    Then lastly it doesn't seem usable as pictured and advertised, without burned lips, or a creepy prophylactic..... That said, it did rip hard through water.
  • Baron23
    I don't understand how it is so belovedEconMan

    Life is a mystery! haha No, seriously.....when you have a properly working GH, its a magnificent device. Mine worked flawlessly for 18 months. But, like many others the RMA process sucked eggs and my two GH's run too cool for me to bother to use them.

    When I feel I have the patience, I will open new RMAs on both of them but right now I won't waste my flower on them.

    Are there any users say after six months of regular use who have had no problems?EconMan

    Yes....many others and if you check the 500 or so page thread on another "not to be named" (haha) forum, you will find others whose GH lasted a good while. You will also find others for whom they failed right away, who received RMA returns that either didn't work or work properly, or which failed again very shortly.

    My big bugaboo with this jokers is that they claim to be former aerospace engineers (something I did earlier in my career). If this is true, they must understand testability, fault diagnosis and isolation, parts interchangeability and compatibility, and just basic reliability/maintainability/availability.

    But if they do, its not reflected in their product, IMO.

    IMO, they generated a far too critical design with particular emphasis on form factor (pen size/shape) and their scheme for wireless connection between the back end and the heater section. They rely on transference of power through the screw threads of their metallic enclosures.

    On that other board, there is another post with a running list of tips and things to try to keep/get you hopper working. It got quite long, most of it is not valid, and the rest is just people trying to read the tea leaves and come up with anything they can to try to keep them working.

    What pisses me off the most is their silence. They, for a while but not lately, sent out BS, pie in the sky, blog emails. They do NOT EVER interact directly with the community of owners but they must surely know what their customer base is experiencing and posting. They just hide out and seemly don't give a shit. This approach, coupled with their product and CS issues, makes me just want to tell them to fuck off.

    Well, that's me on the GH.
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