• BobCat
    I like how it's horizontal whereas Splinter, Imp, Glow by Dreamwood, Modpod are all vertical. I'm going to have to look into this one. I told @Trix who is newer to IG that it's a cool place for not just new products but also seeing the product develop via streams and stories. Thanks for the post!
  • Baron23
    I guess it is just a heating element and a box mod but then you could say the same about the Splinter, Mod Pod or Imp.Cl4ud3

    yes, you can and I do! LOL

    Looks like oven is sideways....if so, not real fond of that as load will drop to the bottom side.
  • Cl4ud3
    Yes IG does seem to be a good place for watching products unfold, from early concepts to finished vapes.

    not real fond of that as load will drop to the bottom sideBaron23

    The mouthpiece is like a pipe so you hold it similar to a Firefly and that oven then goes on top, so not actually using it side on. I agree about side loading ovens though.


    I'm not interested myself, the pipe style vapes I don't find comfortable as I found out with the Firefly, just another new product for the thread.
  • UbarDog

    Wow Really like the look of their prrl. Just a "ball Shaped" heater that you put over any pipe/rig .
    But I gotta ask are we all oki with glowing hot metal coils in out air path. I'm not having a poke at this vape it look cool. There are other's too like the Misty Imp. What shocked me is the Brass they used in it to . Aloth its a good conductor it oftern contains lead. What do we all consider safe ?
  • Cl4ud3
    You're talking about degradation of the coils due to heat and inhaling that ? I've seen things mentioned before but it's not something I'm well versed in.
  • Baron23
    What do we all consider safe ?UbarDog

    errrrr.....what other material do you think is suitable for an electrical heating element other than metal?
  • notlow
    "Metal" is vague, we know that grade 2 titanium is relatively "safe". Other than that ceramic maybe?
  • UbarDog

    Yea this is what im refering to. I would prefer if coils didn't glow red. Some studies show there are related health risks, Just so you know i'm not completely crazy

    A dry-burn is dangerous for 3 reasons:

    The coating of oxidized material that is formed on the surface can peel off during vaping and be transferred to the lungs at the same time as the aerosol, in the form of microscopic particles, or particulate matter.
    Particulate matter can cause allergies. Nickel, for example, is recognized for causing skin rashes, itching, redness. Ni is also a carcinogenic compound when combined with carbon monoxide (CO), a product of incomplete carbohydrate combustion. Hence, this type of toxicity is probably less relevant in the case of e-cigarettes than for combustible tobacco products.
    Particulate matter can also be toxic for organisms. Cases of such toxicity are for example found in cases of welders exposed to Mn oxides.

    Stainless steel (SS) has been introduced lately to the vapers market. Steel is an alloy of Fe and carbon (C). The stainless property of steel is due to the presence of at least 13% of Cr. Cr prevents chromium oxide from forming a protective layer. Some contaminants in the form of trace metals are present in SS. The classical SS316 contains also small amounts of molybdenum (Mo, 2.5%) and manganese (Mn, 2%).


    Baron I mean yes Metal coil are good heaters but I'm just asking if you see dangers when Inhaling off a coil glowing red in regaurds to health
  • Baron23
    Baron I mean yes Metal coil are good heaters but I'm just asking if you see dangers when Inhaling off a coil glowing red in regaurds to healthUbarDog

    And what I'm asking is what other material do you think is both fit for purpose and more healthy?

    Then, there is the situation where few vapes have completely exposed to the air path naked coils. The MV1 does. The Mighty, for example, does not. The heater is wrapped around outside of the air path.

    Also, you may want to look up boiling/off-gassing temps of metals....it can be illuminating. For example, the melting point of SS is around 1,500 F.
  • UbarDog
    "Ti" is actualy REALY bad if it gets past a certain temp and ignition it goes crazy like magnesium. Some Juice stores will not stock the coils. From what I understand metal coils are okay to heat in a controlled manner. The G43 for example its use the 316SS with a limiter (battery Voltage or the mod) Depending on the material the safe temperature changes.

    Me personally I would like to see the heating element outside the airpath altogether or encapsulated inside something. GS / Mighty / Evo / ev8r there is more Ofc

    Then it comes down to what that something is . Quartz Boro I believe are best. Ceramic you have to be careful with - They never tell you if its been through a vitrification process.

    THB I was a smoker this time last year and didn't give 2fks. I got a medical scare and I gave up nicotine instantly cold turkey that day! :D but was still smoking pure flower. After surgery I took my health a little more seriously.

    Maybe we should make a Tread on subject and.
  • Bruce
    Thanks for explaining this to me its a relief.
  • beezee420
    yeah! I have this in order. Looks sweet and he is working on a new heater
  • EconMan

    I'm with Baron here.... sometimes it seems with flower we ascribe irrational desires that we don't have for other consumables. If vaping from a "hot metal" derived heat source is killing me then so much more is my delicious daily morning toast. Just think of all those particulates that get in my bread! :scream:

    @UbarDog I really liked the comment from "Bruce Nye" on that interesting link you posted.
    He nailed my view.

    "I read the article with interest. Indeed the notion of the oxide formation is correct. I do, however, take issue with this being a safety concern, as opposed to a longevity of the coil issue.
    When we consider the surface area of a coil and the depth of the layer of oxidization which occurs, then further consider the fact that only a tiny fraction of this oxidized layer may become entrained in the the vapor produced it becomes clear that we are talking about minuscule fractions of potentially harmful particulates. That this phenomena could rise to a level of harm is non-sequitur.
    However, the presence of the oxidized layer has something of a cascade effect on the longevity of the coil. Once a coil is dry-burned to clean it there is a shorter time before the coil again needs to be cleaned. The more often this is repeated the more fragile the coil becomes eventually leading to mechanical failure."
  • Gryfin
    I mean.. Yeah it's miniscule but it's still there. If you have allergies or asthma it could lead to issues. I don't think coils should run hot enoughbto oxidise.

    And that indiegogo vape looks very silly. Doubt it'll turn out to be anything
  • Ctipp22
    I was ripping my mighty and the shit is still the most well rounded and bulletproof. I wish they just made a new one that enhances flavor even more. I literally thought of the mv1 and toaster thing the other day. I’m sure you do breath in some particulates but I doubt it’s enough that your system doesn’t just brush off.
  • EconMan
    Those kind of advertisements that are trying to sell happiness instead of it's corresponding product should be banned.Señor Negro

    Then I suspect you will ban pretty much all advertising then. The entire concept of marketing is to increase demand, and the primary psychological component is "you'll be happier with...". They do it because it works, and because it works it will be done.

    It goes all the way back to the dawn of mercantilist culture. Commercials in the 50's portrayed unhappy housewives, unable to please their husbands with their shitty coffee, just a simple switch to Folgers and are made instantly happy again. Ditto with vapes.

  • MrGreen
    Saw this at a recent cannabis expo.
    Way to much plastic and silicone for me but the format of the propriety cartridges may have some merit.l would think the large surface area would heat very evenly but would need to be refillable.
  • Señor Negro
    Thanks for sharing, looks very interesting. And every single new adition is always welcome :starstruck:

    This one adds a very interesting feature, a real-time air inhaled capacity measurement which is really cool, and may be a great upgrade for medical purposes. The real usefulness I guess is about to discovered and hopefully shared from its users but I think it looks promising.

    This one is more kind of ... "meh" :groan:
    I don't think I would really want to be sending anywhere that kind of information to be recorded in a database.
    Besides, that unit, as it is, is totally out of my reach just for the propietary cartridges :sweat:

    But still nice to see something new incoming :up:
  • Summer
    The purrl Ember

    Link removed by Mod
  • BobCat
    @Cl4ud3 posted about the Pearl. I just wish it was a 1 piece horizontal- like a mini FW5 on a mod.
  • Summer
    @BobCat, I know. I just wanted to let you guys know that Troy was waiting to rec. it for a month or so. Finally got it, so we should be expecting some streams soon.
  • BestBuds
    I would love to see more about this. I think the ember one looks cool too. Can you use these with any pipe or is the pipe included the only one that will work?
  • bum karacho
    Pax 3 now available NEW for 130€ maybe they bring out a new vape soon!

    also plenty and crafty on a worldwide sale i have seen them for 180€.......maybe also something new soon.....
  • Ctipp22
    I have a very strong feeling S&B will release something really really soon and probably will be amazing
  • Summer
    Can you use these with any pipe or is the pipe included the only one that will work?BestBuds

    Someone asked in the IG comments & Troy said yes. Supposedly in his next stream or two he'll gonna spotlight it.
  • justjustin
    hmmm its interesting but im not crazy about the design...very brick like and appears to be a conduction device which is fine. Im curious how the it measures the dose? It has a lot of what the Gofire is trying to achieve but I like what Ive seen and heard from GoFire more but I'll be watching this one too, as Iam very interested in dose control and tracking/comparing results
  • EconMan
    Just got the memo. No merchant accounts for anyone who ships to or who does business with Venezuela. Shit getting real!
  • Dr green thumb
    why? And what does it matter?

    I dont know what's going on.
  • EconMan

    Sanctions against Venezuela are in the news.... it went from esoteric "in the news" to very tangible bank-memo "no accounts for people who do business with Venezuela... period."
  • Baron23
    Doesn't say much or show much....but maybe something to keep an eye on? Anybody have any insight on this one? CO residents....know anything about these guys?


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