• SuperShredderDan
    went great, got to hang with troy from 420vapezone, the Puffitup crew, and a bunch of other cool internet people. We just went as visitors, but in the future we want to have a full booth. StemPod is almost fully launched, we have been trickling out units while waiting for our wooden StashPod packaging. Thanks!
  • Baron23
    Yes! forgot to mention i'll need a few booth babes :lol:VapeCritic

    This is what Baron23 as a booth babe would look like! hahaha

  • PAM
    Lol you asked if anyone went , just sharing he went, lol ...
    Ahhhh, Bud's Lil'Bud that you snagged , I just seen that in his clearance, right on man!

    Snagged myself a "Vape Critic" shirt the other day , dress in style whilst ripping the LB

    Edit : awesome @SuperShredderDan, sounds like you had fun and got to meet cool peeps! Glad to hear , man! Vape on!
  • elykpeace
    Dan's not going to spill the beans tho we need an inside man

    And better a 1.0 then a none.0 :razz:
    I'ma glad I got my hands on at least
  • Vapster707
    Troy seems like a fun dude to chill with
  • juxt

    Listen dude, you gotta stop showing of your collection of @Magicman softcore ... the rest of us have had enough ;)
  • Mark Nix
    I have heard from so many critics that review vaporizers ( I think I heard Bud say something about this once?) saying that with time the Crafty begins to have performance issues with the power button? Is that right, or is it another problem that people run into with Crafty after ya get some hours on it? I would hope that S&B will improve on one of their better performing vaporizers. Instead of creating a potential flop like I think Davinci may have already invented, but I could be wrong. The micro-dosers out there may love and buy this new MIQRO by the tens of thousands. I guess ya never know until a newbie hits the market.
  • Baron23
    I beleive that the main hit against the Crafty was the thermal fuse and the single battery. The single battery, IMO, made for a more critical design with a bit more failures than anyone wanted to see.

    I believe that is much improved as I just don't see people complaining about Crafty failures like they did...oh, maybe 18 months ago or so.

    I still like the Mighty better as all controls are on the device and I hate being chained to a phone app. Also, two batteries seemed to make for a less critical and stressed design.

    All vapes with Lithium type rechargeable, built-in, batteries will fail in time as Li batteries are limited by a qty of charge/discharge cycles lifetime. They just have a limited lifetime. All of them.
  • Mark Nix
    You know I did see a video a man made and now that I heard it again it was a video of him replacing the thermal fuse. That wasn't you who made that video was it Baron23? Haha But I remember on that video when he wrapped up the repair he said that the thermal fuse was like $1 so he bought a handful of them. I had thought I heard the button at the bottom I assume it is a power switch was the problem. But I remember that I heard the thermal fuse too, case solved.
  • Baron23
    nope, not me. Can’t remember who posted that on FC. Maybe Jcat.

    Yeah, power buttons fail, but haven’t heard much of that lately either.
  • Cedar
    The thermal fuse makes a lot of sense as the source of the problem. Most products that employ them do not want you to fix them. If you do it wrong, or worse yet omit it altogether, you set yourself up for bad things happening. We had an issue with a very nice coffee maker that just stopped working and after investigating it was indeed a thermal fuse. A couple bucks and it was fixed. Amazon even had the part. Also try Digi-Key for parts and use iFixit as a source for specialized heads for weird screws. They sell an awesome kit for about $50. I used a triangular head for my fixit project. Glad to see people fixing stuff.
  • VapeCritic
    Jeeeeez so lame :roll:

    Glad to see people fixing stuff.Cedar

    Me too :strong:

    With my Project A thingy you'll be able to see all the components from the outside, and I'll make vids on how to assemble and disassemble :ok:
  • Karec
    I replaced the thermal fuse of my crafty 2usd fix :blush: @Cedar
    Most products that employ them do not want you to fix them. If you do it wrong, or worse yet omit it altogether, you set yourself up for bad things happeningCedar

    For all crafty users with red/yellow error here is how to fix it,

    S&B dont advise people replacing the thermal fuse by themselves...Im sorry to all S&B lovers but they have to fix them, i cannot understand inside 2 year warranty replacing them...3,4,5x.... what is the message S&B want to give us (buy a new one :chin: ) after they 1st deny repair service (in my case), 2nd offer a 30/50 usd discount on a new unit? and what happen to those that got replaced? after this shady way to deal with this thermal fuse thing and the silence involved in this shituation i can easily find a conspiracy theory and say that they replaced the thermal fuse and other components that are damaged, give a good clean and sell them again as new :gasp: :yikes: :roll: so yes fix them crafty for 2 usd + postage + labour and dont let people fix them with the risk of injury... thats facing the problem right? We have examples of companies that stop production when they face problems, why S&B with all their medical grade stuff, big company, "THE" vape Moguls act like this? just the though....

    Dont know if they solved this ...

    I had a brick of a vape after my crafty died i didnt trow it away because i knew someone else with more tech knowledge would fix this, didnt knew this was easier then replacing the batteries so if people dont have nothing to loose they will try to fix them... i bought a DaVinci IQ because my crafty died... couldn't see myself giving them money again ...to last 2 years...

    @VapeCritic that will be great to give tools to people to solve their own problems Cheers for that mate!!!

    Love my crafty
  • Baron23
    Looks like another entry into the "Let's package an atomizer into a sleek looking appliance-like enail rig" product category with the Peak and the Switch.


  • welshman

    It even has the almost category defining light show.

    “Hmm how can we show everyone this isn’t just a dab pen”

    “Well we could mash a load of different coloured leds in it and blind them all”
  • Gonzo
    The seventy's called and they want their lava lamp back.
  • Baron23
    The seventy's called and they want their lava lamp back.Gonzo

    hahaha....hey, Lave Lamps are cool (and expensive too! :gasp: :lol: ).

    They were a hot lick...oh, 50 years ago or so when I first saw one. haha
  • Baron23
    Yeah...I sometimes wonder what passes for a Product Management meeting in the vape industry! LOL
  • GhostMV1User
    @Baron23 Wow. At first I thought that image was a joke, like @To the Cloud posted awhile back. But no, someone actually made that. SMH
  • kpx420
    https://www.namastevaporizers.com/.. Late on this but 20% off until midnight (1hr 30mins).. Picking up a SS Grasshopper (Yes I know, SS GH with a RMA headache) for 160 bucks
  • MAbud
    Puffco just updated their Plus pen with some new features. Looks pretty good for what it is
  • Karec
    yeah looks like the dart has a new design, curious...
  • BestBuds
    Once I have better access to dabs and such I was going to look into a vape option for that. But the comments above make me think the pen styles are just as good as a Peak or a bigger desktop extract vape. Am I right?
  • MAbud
    7th Floor is dropping something live on IG tomorrow at 4:20
  • Karec
    the HVT Sai TAF is surely just as good as a bigger desktop, im talking about the EVO which i own, never tried the Peak or others desktops with concentrates...def a portable DAB Rig.
    No way u can compare the Pens vapes like the Linx and Puffco Plus with the Sai or with the EVO... i am only talking about the ones i own or tried...

    Cheers :cool:
  • MAbud
    plenty of threads talking about that pen. Can we try and stay on topic?
  • Namekian
    Where did you see the & 7th floor info? Do you think it will be something big like a new vape? :)
  • BestBuds
    :grimace: sorry
    I often go off topic when medicated.
  • MAbud

    they announced it on FC. I am assuming quartz heaters for the ELEV8R, but who knows?
  • Namekian
    Could you or anyone who knows explain to me like I'm 5 what the quartz heater is? :)
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