• Rosemary Conte
    I clean it; reload well with less and then more; and can't get a good draw. Feel no air flowing. Get no vapor cloud. Thinking weed was too moist, I dried it in the microwave and it still sticks to inside the cap. If the mouthpiece could be clogged, I don't know how to unclog it. Do you think the Starry might be defective? I dropped it once, maybe damaged it? Heeeelp! Thank you very much
  • Karec
    I clean itRosemary Conte

    I have a friend who had the same problem, how deep was your clean? did you took out the mouthpiece and disassemble every component and had a deep clean with ISO? my friend said yes and then the mouthpiece was nasty AF, after a deep clean all problems went away....if not the Herb could be the problem.... and only then the fall can be the issue


    you can disassemble the perforated ceramic thing from the rubber and the mesh, couldn't find a better disassemble mouthpiece to show you but i think you can get the picture... dont be afraid to play with it and my friend problems was that the mesh was clogged nasty and she was struggling to get air flow, after that she said she got a new device and your problems looks the same... her clean was just a light one and after every use just on the outside... now if this is the problem you have a oily membrane all over the inside of the vape working like a glue and won't be easy to unglue it.... turn the device on and let it run for a session and after take it apart, when hot its easier to disassemble, every vape its easier to clean after a session

    If you cannot get a good draw and the unit work well previously i dont think its deffective unless your problems started after that fall you mentioned... deep clean it first, if you are suspicious of your Herb use a different strain and if your problems persist your unit can be faulty due to the fall, if there isn't any visible traces of the fall and you're under warranty start an RMA and change your unit.
    Cheers hope it helps :cool: :up:
  • Rosemary Conte
    Thanks so much for your comprehensive reply!
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