• Cl4ud3
    So that time of the year again and nothing has been posted and some sales have been running for almost a week.

    StickyBricklabs.com 20% off everything 4th -10th
    Dynavap.com 20% off but ends today 4th 11.59 PM/CT

    UK/EU ones.
    thehedonistclub.co.uk Various sales
    Vaposhop.com Various sales
  • Futurevapors
    -20% OFF
    I'm seriously temped for a Hydromaxx to complete my Sticky family....

    Check this Sick Walnut Grain out

    :starstruck: :love: :starstruck: :love: :fire:

    My Partners going to Kill me :broken:
  • MAbud
    New Vape 15% off today (7/4) only with code FREEDOM
  • VapeCritic
    Dudes VW is doing 30% off on some random stuff but i just noticed that snoop dogg rig I have is marked down to $140 and is only $98 after the coupon. 7/10 sale page (ref link)

    For $100, it's a nice rig, i would snag it if u need one, it's pretty thick glass. 14mm male
  • GhostMV1User
    @VapeCritic What coupon code. All I see is the $139.00 price, I'll snag it for 99.
  • GhostMV1User
    Duh, Ok, thanks. Just bought it. $105.58 with tax. Holy crap. That rig is over $200 and I've been eyeing it for awhile.

    Thanks @VapeCritic. I might have to name my next dog after you. No offense, I think highly of dogs. :)

    Do you put your vapes on this rig?
  • juxt

    Wow, thanks for this I've wanted it for a while. I ended up getting $96 off a $300 order with the code.
  • Spammedham
    1percent.com has a 30% off special. Code: 4July18. They have a few vapes as well. Sale is through the 9th

  • Magicman
    Gib hopper code.
  • Futurevapors
    Calling all on Demand Vape Heads
    :starstruck: -20%OFF STICKY BRICK LABS :starstruck:

    >>>>ENDS TOMORROW>>>>
  • GhostMV1User


    will be arriving at my doorstep today. I have never used a butane vape and I am stoked about getting this. It's a beautiful piece of wood and it was 20% off. You can NOT beat that deal anywhere. :)
  • Trix
    Great choice still can't make up my mind on what type of wood to go with. Thinking maybe Canary or leopard.
  • GhostMV1User
    @Trix I hear you. I almost went with Leopard. However I decided my first impression was Zebra, so I went with it.

    Let us know your choice, don't miss the sale
  • Trix
    Couldn't help myself.
    Let the anticipation begin.
    Hoping for amazing grain and color pattern.
  • GhostMV1User
    @TrixNice choice. I got mine today.

    First impression. It was about half the size I imagined in my head. Which was actually really good because I want this to sit out on my desk and it being smaller than I thought was perfect.

    First look I was blown away. This thing looks awesome just sitting there.

    Then I read the direction and tried it out. WHOA. Hit like a beast on the first try not even knowing what I was doing. This thing is gonna be a daily driver for me...
  • MothChewMoth
    Right? Those were my exact first thoughts and it only gets better as you refine your technique. My only advice is to not turn up your torch when you can't see it in daylight. That turned into my only combustion so far and tasted terrible. Luckily after a thorough cleaning and 1-2 uses, the bad taste/smell of combusted material went away.
  • Futurevapors
    Yes mate, those Canary grains are very beautiful :yum:
  • Futurevapors
    you said it mate!

    Just wait until you have that in ya hands dude, sling a photo up so we can all see it's beauti!

    You are going to be very surprise about how Live the rips are, and they just keep getting better and harder as you get more used to using it :fire:
  • Futurevapors
    Hopefully you guys now understand why I rave about Sticky Brick Labs! Hits like a brick to the face!!!!

    Would love to see your Zebrawood?

    Remember less is more when using that torch and always remember to keep your eyes on the flame so's you don't char the body work, easily done when gerring used to it.

    Yes boys welcome to Sticky Paradise :fire:
  • Futurevapors
    Yes if you can't see the flame, move to a location with less light so you can as it's much better extract when your precise with your torch.
  • GhostMV1User
    @Futurevapors here it usk32w21rn8mruhdv3.jpg


    I love this thing
  • GhostMV1User
    @Futurevapors It looks like the Cloud EVO water units might work on this. Have you tried that?
  • Futurevapors
    YES Mate!!!!!! That's one very sexy Hydromaxx and with that added -20%OFF

    The Zebrawood feels beautiful, solid as and after you have a few rips just stare at all that detail in the grains dude.

    Your grain looks a bit like digital camouflage :heart:
  • Futurevapors
    I don't currently own any water rig but I'd love a Hydromaxx And water tube.

    It would have to be SBL water unit for me, I'm SBL through and through

    Maybe Christmas I'll dare ask my partner to treat me, she would tell me I already have 4 sticky bricks :lol:
  • GhostMV1User
    @Futurevapors 4 Sticky Bricks? Dude I love you. I was just thinking if my fiancee would kill me if I wanted to order another.....
  • Futurevapors
    well I quite Tobacco and smoking weed so with my savings I can afford to treat myself more.

    And the efficiency is out of this world
  • GhostMV1User
    @MothChewMoth Yep, I charred my weed in my first hit, no doubt. Second was much better.

    Will experiment with it more this evening. I plan to have the technique nailed by then. I stared off with the flame way too close. However, it didn't taste bad and only got a very slight wood flavor, I'm sure that as because I had the heat to close.

    This thing will become a go to vape. And like @FutureVapors , within a year I'll have another one of these...

    Mod fixed tag
  • Futurevapors
    I bet before a year you have a new unit for sure!

    The high is out of this world!!!!!

    Ok so, holding the unit in your hand, start the flame from high up, like 4inch from intake, slowly bring the torch down very slowly until you see the vapour building in the mouth piece, once you see the vapour start drawing so so so so so slow and stop the torch dead from going any lower, now if the mp starts going white with full vapour pick your draw up until you see the mp run clearer of vapour and just keep that going until you feel you have enough of a hit then stop the torch.

    No massive high flames but you need the flame lightly powerful or have a nice Hiss to it.

    Pack small bowls and get used to finishing that in 2 good hits.

    You will have this nailed in no time.

    Putting work in to get a good hit out is much better than pressing buttons
  • GhostMV1User
    @Futurevapors thanks for the tips I will try them out today.

    Also, not taking your bet because I'll lose. Lol
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