• VapeCritic
    Hello friends,

    I have a new update from Ghost, their bundle deal is now live :ok:

    MV1 Bundle Deal (my ref link)

    It's $50 off when you buy everything - the vape, the fast charger, a spare battery, and the crucible dispenser.

    Honestly, if you're gonna buy this vape, get the whole package, you'll want all of it.

  • Baron23
    Honestly, if you're gonna buy this vape, get the whole package, you'll want all of it.VapeCritic

    I agree and compared to full packages of other vapes I own...well, yeah...on the higher end but not out of bounds for what you get, IMO.
  • ZRN
    I would also recommend extra crucibles, I rotate thru 7 of them and 10 lids. I've also found that an extra heat sink assembly to be useful. I can put one in to soak and keep on vaping and cleanup when it's convenient for me.

  • bgrpph
    I've got xtra batteries, 10 crucibles,& xtra heat sink. Certainly makes it easier to keep vaping & clean up later as ZRN says above. I change heat sink & clean out MV1 silicone with qtip after 10 crucibles & find vape improved with a clean heat sink rather than waiting longer as i did in past. I wipe the lids after 1 use & poke out the holes & use lids/crucible a 2nd time- Then use ISO to clean lids & heat sink-
  • ZRN
    In my experience the cleaner you keep your MV1 the better it works and the easier it is to use. There is more to it of course but keeping it easy to keep clean goes a long way to improving my experience with my MV1.

  • Ooziah
    I recently started just putting the crucibles and tops in a plastic jar with some water and soap. Shake it occassionally inbetween cleanings. When I'm about out of clean crucs, just run whats in the plastic jar under warm water and it seems to clean everything without the need for ISO.

    If you're not happy with that then just do the same thing w/ ISO
  • Oldtoker
    Yea verily man.
  • okla68m
    I do the same with ISO. Prefer Everclear, but, MONEY !
  • BlluntRapp
    I use a S&B brush specifically for cleaning the ghost mv1 lids. I brush / poke the fuck out of them them after each crucible and can use the same one for months without cleaning in ISO
  • Derek
    I’d strongly recommend mighty over the mv1 or even the iq; owned all three and mighty and iq are way better
  • Spog
    I dunno man.. I wouldn’t say way better if at all.. maybe different?

    They’re both conduction type vapes and the mv1 is convection

    Apples to oranges
  • Baron23
    Well, I'd take either the MV1 or the Mighty before an IQ.

    I really like my MV1's. What the Mighty has going for it is ease of use. Easy to load and you can be a complete and utter moron but as long as you know how to breathe in then you will get great results.

  • TommyBwell
    That's a sweet deal and I agree it's the way to go. Having the quick charger, extra battery and crucible holder keeps you running 24/7. I have two crucible holders and cycle eleven crucibles and caps with a weekly iso cleaning. It's been my daily driver since the end of last year. The crucible setup allows me to reload quick and easy in bed at night without waking my wife. I could not be happier.
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