• KristaOneil
    Well, the short answer is - we don’t know yet.
    Vaping simply hasn’t been around long enough for scientists to have really explored the long-term effects, particularly regarding pregnancy. The effect vaping has on pregnant women is still a topic of research. However, nicotine use narrows the blood vessels, which can result in lack of oxygen and nutrients for the baby. At the same time, e-cigs contain chemicals that might be carcinogenic.
  • Hazel
    I have to say.. I know several people who smoked cannabis before vaping was around while preg and they’re kids came out ok. Actually very smart and on honor roll etc. I don’t think smoking or vaping A LOT of canna is a good idea when pregs but I guess what I’m saying is in moderation it can be relaxing, help preg symptoms and not effect child.

    Smoking cigs or vaping liquid with nicotine I would say is an absolute no in my book. Again, I know people who have done the cigs (pre vape) while preg but obviously not good and studies clearly show the negative effects on fetus weight and growth and so forth.

    Everyone has the right to do as they please but I personally feel canna is ok while preg in moderation. May not help or effect all preg people the same so if going with “in moderation” I would also suggest monitoring bodies response. But again- I’m ocd and overly aware of my body and brains responses to outside “things” LOL

    Good thread! Thanks for starting and interesting convo!
  • Dr green thumb
    If perfectly healthy mothers to be who do everything they can to have a healthy baby still have complications. Why add something else that you can control like mj to the equation. Just my opinion from a Male perspective. That goes same to the father.fwtkzl25p9ehnw2j.jpg
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    @BobCat so the being growing in the gut has no say??
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    @Baron23 https://youtu.be/xfNluQ888g4 if ypu dont watxh the whole thing you at least have to watch at 1:57 lol!
  • Baron23
    Very cool...rather liked that. Its just a vid, but if real then we could expect the next song to be about rehab.

    Rehabs were HUGE business in the 80's. AA and NA were both getting a bumper crop of new members! LOL

    On this subject over all, if you don't have the patience and self-control to abstain from all drugs for the duration of your pregnancy....then you don't have the personal characteristics of a good parent and may want to reconsider reproducing.

    Of course all in my never humble opinion. LOL
  • Hazel
  • rft360
    so i asked my aunt which happened to be a nurse and she said that many woman have had issue with hyperemesis gravidarum to the point where they have to take medication and some kids are born with deficiencies and stuff i asked her about vaping and she said that out of all the things available to a pregnant woman that if you are open minded it is the lesser of the two evils she said in life you have no right choice just better... O_O i didnt expect this answer from her i looked up what could possibly happen if someone where to go through this and its "If not appropriately treated, it may cause severe adverse effects, including neurologic disturbances, such as Wernicke encephalopathy, central pontine myelinolysis, and even maternal death." ...O_O
  • nowayout
    The key, as with anything is moderation.
    Most women who do smoke/vape cannabis during pregnancy are just mainly looking to alleviate their symptoms of nausea(morning sickness, that sometimes is an all-day thing, and even continuing for the whole pregnancy), loss of appetite.
    Is smoking the flower good advice? Probably not. Vaping the flower, however; is WAY better but the truth is, we don't know the long-term effects as with our own usage.

    The part that I find scary is that doctors okay the a glass of wine a day thing.

    Anyway, the thing is, if you're not a pregnant woman, you will never know just how it feels to be pregnant and deal with the chaos. And if your symptoms are bad enough it is much better, in my opinion to vape whenever symptoms are really tough, and get some nutrition in whenever the munchies kick in than not eat at all with nausea and vomiting. Of course there are prenatal vitamins you can take, but it is really vital that you eat, and you eat good for supplying nutrients to yourself, and your baby.

    There are no limits to what you can do, I have even seen a professional weight lifter LIFTING while pregnant. Now, I wouldn't go as far as to pick up something like that, or anything that your body is not used to doing during pregnancy due to risks. As with everything, there are risks involved but certainly vaping is the better choice compared to combusting the flower.
    Here is an article I found interesting earlier:
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