• TeamGreen
    I’ve been thinking about the saliva swab test.From what I gather thc stays in your saliva around 24 hours after you smoke a joint.So if you vape is it the same?
    Also if you swallow capsules so your mouth doesn’t get coated by smoke will you pass the swab?
    There is no smoke coating the inside of your mouth,at no point does the cannabis oil or thc come into contact with the gums,tongue or inside of mouth.
    I know I would fail on the urine test,i get that it took me well over 2 months to get the thc out of my urine.
    Any ideas?
    I’m in the U.K. and my job does random swab tests and have had to stop smoking for a while but it’s very hard and know I just drink instead,not a good thing.

    Please help if you can.

  • juxt

    Hope this helps:
  • TeamGreen
    Thanks will take a look straight away.
  • TeamGreen

    Hmm from what I can gather from article I’m still screwed even if I just swallow cannabis oil capsules.Also if I vape I’m looking at a day or so to be clear in my saliva.
    I was a heavy chronic user up until 18 months ago.I would smoke weed every day,before work,most lunchtimes and at night.I tested myself after one month of stopping,urine test.Fail.6 weeks,fail,2 months,fail.It took me 12 weeks to pass.Thats using the same drug tests my future employer used.
    Now I’m with that future employer and they do random swabs and yearly urine tests.
    Job pays too well to leave,it means I can retire earlier and leave the U.K. for sunnier climes.
    I find I’m drinking alcohol as a pain and stress reliever and it’s no good,weed is natural and makes me a much better person,quote from my woman.
    So I need a way around it.
    Synthetic urine or clean kept at body temp for the once a year test and maybe that bleach chewing gum for the random swabs?
    It makes me so mad how I can drink as much alcohol or take coke or mdma and be clear in 72hours max but weed hangs around forever.
  • Gman
    I think that hydrogen peroxide mouthwash looks cool. I do hate germs!
  • juxt
    weed hangs around forever.TeamGreen
    It's because cannabis was made for man(woman)kind, that other shit is bad and the body knows to get it out. Too much of any of the other stuff will kill you immediately, too much of the ganj will make you love everybody...I can see why they hate it.

    I'm in a pretty good job now, thank God, after going through years of trouble. I used to worry about it when I got the job, but I think they need me more than I need them now, that old saying holds true "It's hard to soar with the eagles when you're surrounded by turkeys".
  • TeamGreen

    That actually makes perfect sense how the body is in no rush to expel the cannabinoids,Thc,Cbd,terpenes etc.Why would it,it’s healing you.
    Whereas the man made synthesised chemicals need to be flushed out.
    Food for thought haha.
  • RandomHeroAccepted Answer
    If you have THC in your system it does not matter how you ingested it it's going to show up, They do make a mouthwash that you can swish 30 minutes or so prior and it will neutralize your spit for a short time but you have to hit the window at the right time.
  • Ooziah

    Just wanted to say this is such a great point! It’s really amazing that your body doesn’t want this out, instead it holds onto it. I think that is such a great observation
  • DatDus

    I think the saliva swap is so unfair... I do not have test at my job, also vape most mornings before work. Now I'm doing trials with ticture, so I can take a few drops after lunch.
    I now only drive my car when it's necessary. I'm afraid of the cops and having a saliva test and loose my license. I think it would take a few months to deliver a clean swap or urine test. Using cannabis for 20+ years now.
    I would never go drive totally stoned, having said that, for the law I'm always stoned.. I've been struggling with this for a while now.. maybe alcohol is better to measure in people, i do think it's so much more dangerous..
    But when I get involved in an accident I will always be wrong...
  • Alexis
    Guys I have wondered in the past how effective activated charcoal powder could be in your mouth? I think it would be worth a try keeping some capsules on hand. It will make your mouth go black until you rinse it out but I had this funny idea but you could get some of those blackjack sweets which make your mouth go black and keep an open packet and some empty wrappers in the glove box, and just make out you've been sucking on them.

    I don't know if the activated charcoal would work for the purpose but I reckon there is a chance.

    And if it works then even if they find the charcoal and start querying you they won't have any proof that you were under the influence.
  • Dr green thumb
    I am a regular connoisseur of cannibis.(all day every day) but I rarely smoke it. Are these tests more geared to smoking as it leaves more of a residue in your mouth? I do not get that taste residue vaping or through edibles so maybe the tests wont pick that up. I know blood tests will.
  • Alexis
    im pretty sure vaping will leave equally, if not more, of the good stuff in the right places and quantity to satisfy their instruments and their egos. Edibles is a slightly different question but my gut would be that there would be some indication. I have not looked into how these tests work though being a non driver and the UK has not quite got to this stage yet but I'm sure they will, so I don't know how edibles would work here. The question is would the same level of edible high less detectable or detected at a lower and therefore acceptable level, than equal effects from vapor/smoke?
  • Mr White
    I could be wrong but I would think that the testers testing the thc in the saliva which comes from your own fat cells so regardless if you smoked recently or not Vaped, eaten it doesn't matter it's in your system end of story. There's no safe way to consume cannabis if you have drug test.
  • Gman
    Just have some hydrogen peroxide mouthwash in your car and wash out before you drive. You can buy this at most pharmacies and even in your grocery store.
  • juxt

    Yeah, use a solvent just as they do to rip it off the plant.
  • samanthas
    I feel like weeb brownies would be untraceable in a mouth swab test. This is given you've already ate something or drank something after eating the edible. Something different happens in your mouth when you smoke herb i feel. I could be very wrong this is just a guess, more info by link.
  • EconMan
    Listerine will totally destroy a saliva test (ultra short term use -- being sold to law enforcement like crazy in "legal" states -- also works for dui). There is no great ("accurate) way right now to determine ultra recent flower use except for a labor intensive and expensive blood test, and even then, varying metabolisms make administering the test asap critical.
  • SirSixPence
    So if my Doctor recommends I dose every 8 hours? I can never drive again?
  • LabPong
    Michigan seems to have given up on any sort of testing drivers like this. It is way to hard to make it work correctly. They need to use medical science first to determine what your normal levels are.

    This is exactly why it will not work the same for everyone. Someone that is like me and uses for pain and other problems....I have a high daily amount in my blood/body. Someone that does not use much has a very very low level in their blood/body.

    So how can anyone know at what point I would feel the same "impaired abilities" for driving as someone that does not use very much and get get to that level with a small amount. For me it might be 4x or more to be "impaired driving". And I do not feel those effects for as long as someone that is of lesser use.
  • EconMan
    The so called saliva test does NOT test for past usage but current usage. It is designed to show this person *is* under the influence. It's probable cause for a more rigorous test.
  • LabPong
    The so called saliva test does NOT test for past usage but current usage. It is designed to show this person *is* under the influence. It's probable cause for a more rigorous test.EconMan

    The saliva test would be different results if I were to use a small amount...then someone with little use in their weekly lives did the same.....I do not think the results would show same amounts present because of how saturated my chemistry is compared to the other with little to no build up in their system.

    But the part about me being able to handle and absorb the same amount of THC compared to the other person and not be under the same amount of "influence/distortion" of mental and physical abilities.

    That's my point......not that a swab/chemical test would not show "some" results. Just that the results are skewed to actual amount levels of "being under the influence".
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