• BSleasy
    Why not improve battery life on the vapes instead of a (whole new design). I only have 5 devices so I’m new to vaping, I’m noticing S.B. Improves instead of replaces.
  • Microvaper
    the oven holds around 0.1 minimum when the ball is extended to its fullest to reduce load size. I believe it holds 0.25 max. This is definitely going to be a microdosers vape and as bud said it will appeal to light weights like myself lol. I can understand it not appealing to more advanced Vapers though especially given the short battery life. I have already written my Christmas list and the miqro is top of the list (assuming there are no issues with the unit reported after its release) :smile:
  • Mark Nix
    I forgot about the pearl on the oven lid, I can see where you can twist the pearl to make the oven bigger or smaller. If you put it on your X-Mas list I would bet by then any major flaws in the unit should have been documented by people who will have reviewed the MIQRO by X-Mas I would imagine!! It may be the micro doser's dream!!!
  • Microvaper
    Yeah for sure dude! I'm always reluctant to be an early adopter of brand new products. Can often end up being stung! :grin:
  • Mark Nix
    I can see where waiting until it has been in the public' hand for several months will be your best move. Just so you will be able to see if it is getting bad reviews or not before you invest. I have always wanted to try the Dynavap 2018 M. Or the ELEV8R, or if I could try out a more expensive vaporizer. I honestly think I would want to try the Ghost MV1. But I am sure I will never be able to own one unless the Ghost company decides to lower the price to make it affordable for someone like me. I bet I am dreaming though!!!
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    DynaVap 2018 M is the best $60 I've spent in a long time. I am still on the hunt for the perfect single flame torch though.. I haven't had a chance to try the ELEV8R yet, but it's definitely on my list to try out.
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