• withoutbliss
    I recently received my Cloud Evo. Unboxed her with no problems at all. Went to load up an ELB from my jar of pre-ground herb. My fingers wouldn't fit inside the jar while holding the ELB . . I proceeded by loading it with my fingers and went about my sesh.

    I could have found another containter but I recently started dabbling in the 3D printing life, my creater mind kicked in and I thought "it might be easier if the easy load bowl was scoopable." Jumped on Fusion 360, designed a handle that the ELB could slide into and printed it out. Gave it a test run and found it to be much easier than scooping the ELB with my fingers.


    Here's a link to the STL file on thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3007541 . Lemme know if you have any suggestions for the design or need 1 printed out.
  • LabPong
    Or just get a Pax scoop tool .....


  • Gonzo
    Nice job....looks like it works great.
  • Baron23
    Or just get a PAX scoop tool .....


    THIS ^^

    Best and most tool in my inventory, right now. It fits into an ELB perfectly. It fits into a Nano stem or GonG perfectly. It fits into a GH oven perfectly. With resonable fine grind, a level scoop is about .1 g and a rounded one is .15 g more or less. Very handy and once I weighed out loads and got a feel for volume vs weight I just estimate using the scoop (poor scale is collecting dust but soon to be used to measure rosin yield...maybe LOL).
  • Karec
    Yeah the Pax tool works great on the ELB, but the feel is so cheap.....the price also :lol: :rofl: :lol: got one of those Delta 3D studios scoop tool they look and feel great but not so ergonomic like the Pax tool

    cheers :cool:
  • Baron23
    cheap? Because it’s aluminum perhaps?

    I find it to be a near perfect tool. I love Mike and Delta 3D but IMO the NV machined scoop is a superior design.

    But we each have our preferences.
  • Karec
    All my pick tools have weight and look better than the Pax tool, for me aluminium looks cheap compared with other metals but it is just an opinion, in fact the Pax tool design is superior for the ELB and the IQ, for the crafty both work great due to the size of the chamber

    Cheers :cool:
  • withoutbliss
    Thanks for the suggestion =, . I like to macgyver my problems away. I never thought of looking for a vape tool online but thats definitely a good idea . . There goes my gear acquisition syndrome, now I'm gona have to have all the dope vape tools ;)

    <3 it's working pretty damn well. Plus, it only took 2 tries to get the right dimensions.
  • juxt

    NewVape makes the same one in Ti, but it's like $20 and has a carb cap screw on the end.
  • LabPong
    Thanks for the suggestion ↪LabPong
    =, ↪Baron23
    . I like to macgyver my problems away.

    Me too....I make lots of little tools and hacks for stuff....I'm a backyard/garage MacGyver.... :nerd:

    But after using a few different scoops I made out of different things.....I broke down and splurged one day on a Pax tool. Damn glad I did....the tool is nice because it is machined nice and thin in the scoup. The Delta ones.....fat clunky thinness.....which is no thinness.....lol Though it has a nice pointed entry for poking into corners/edges if needed. But just looking at it I could tell it would not scoop up small stuff well.

    NewVape makes the same one in Ti, but it's like $20 and has a carb cap screw on the end.juxt

    Actually, it's stainless not Ti.

    I really like the fact that the pax tool is aluminum.....I like light weight tools when there is no need for any strength. The main aspect of this tool is ease of loading....and this tool is the best at it for me.

    But if I am working on my SUV......I luv strong heavy-duty tools.....like this weekend when I will be ripping off half my exhaust and replacing it. "sawzall.....I'm looking at you buddy" :strong: lol
  • withoutbliss
    I'll probly have to splurge one day on a Pax tool after seeing all the praise it gets here at VapeLife. I'm still on my first 30 days of owning my Evo. 50/50 chance of keeping it at this point.
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