• Baron23
    Just wondering if anybody owns or has used a Vapcap.

    I love my Volcano, really love my pens and mods/attys, for wax, I'm actually fairly pleased at the present with my Flowermate Pro.

    But I'm still looking for that "quick couple of hits" vape and until I see a new product, or more maturity and availability in some existing products, I was thinking about trying a Vapcap (actually, for $30 I went ahead and ordered an OG Vapcap).

    Any one have any experience to share on this little item?
  • Sue
    i don't even know what that is ..... will google it
  • Baron23
    Thanks Sue...bit of help:

  • Sue
    that's pretty stealth. never saw one b4. how do you know how long to torch it for tho?
  • Baron23
    If you watch the video, it shows you that the cap makes a metallic "click" when temp is right....bet there is some sort of bi-metal clicker in there.

    Then after taking a draw if you leave it sit it will click again when its cool enough to reheat.

    For $30 I thought I would try the OG but I understand the Ti Glassy and Ti wood are the trick...I gather the Ti end is a better heat sink than the glass stem alone. If I like the OG, may step up to Ti.

    Simple, easy to use, and if you google Vapcap reviews you will see some nice videos of it at work. Of course, I never expect to see clouds like they show in review videos but if this dang thing will work for 1-3 draws real quick, then it will fit my use case.

    They also make a dugout box for it! LOL That's what it really is...a dugout vaporizer hahaha.
  • Sue
    that is so neat!! I really like the idea! super stealthy too! The titanium looks nice. my fave is the titanium and wood!
  • Baron23
    Nice isn't it...the Ti Woody? I thought I would throw a little bit of money on the OG and see...then upgrade if I like it.

    Have a great wknd.
  • Sue
    it's a beauty. U2!
  • Flipz
    I have actually not heard/used it before so afraid I can't throw some input at ya buddy :’( Looks pretty neat but can't say it's on my top 5 list on what to get next lol.
  • Baron23
    hahaha...no, I wouldn't expect it to be on your wish list. LOL

    I just want to screw around with it...and if its a decent 1 - 3 hitter, all the better :D
  • Aj85
    hey mate, I've not heard of or used a vapcap but I do have a Vaponics vaporizer pipe which seems to be quite similar and it's a similar price (around $40) and it actually works very well. It's all glass and it's convection more than conduction so the vapor is very pure and tasty!


    The pen case and rubber end are heat proof so you can store the hot vaporizer inside the case without worrying about burning anything. It's also got a special screen you can use to vaporize hashes and waxes though I've only used it with hash. It's best not to grind as it provides better flavour vapor and it's much harder to combust.

    Here's a short demonstration video.

    I'm very interested to hear your thoughts on the Vapcap but doubt I'll be buying one when this works so well and it's very stealthy in its pen case, but if you decide you don't like the Vapcap then the Vaponics might just be what your looking for.

    All the best mate,

  • Flipz
    At first I thought the case was the actual vaporizer and just started laughing only because the GH was made to look like a pen so I thought someone stepped it up making it look like a magic marker LOL. The Vaponic actually looks really cool and something I might possibly have to consider!!! Damn you!!! 8-)
  • Baron23
    Hi Aj, hope you and yours are thriving, mate.

    YES, very similar to the Vapcap! Main difference is that the Vapcap has the cap with the bi-metal clicker that makes a noise when at right temp and again when it cools down. Also, while I spent a whopping $30 on the vapcap original, it would appear that the Ti units are their improved design as it would appear from some posts on other boards that the Ti is just a better heat sink than the glass.

    If I like my OG, then I might get a Ti Glassy or Ti Woody.

    I will keep this Euro unit in my back pocket as an alternative. Thank you!

    I've really been looking for that almost "vape on demand" 1-3 hitter in an electronic vape but not at all sure the state of the art is quite there yet. I think a vape that worked for this use case would be the perfect companion to my Volcano. So, while I contemplate buying a FF2 or a GH, I will give the Vapcap a whirl and see what I think. I will post about it after I get and use it.

    I think I have mentioned to you almost burning down the house (and certainly burned the couch) using a torch for another substance popular in the 80's (and which I STRONGLY discourage anyone from trying) but I think I can manage this little unit with a little bit of herb and a pocket torch lighter without the fire department having to be called out! LOL

    I always appreciate you input and replies, best to you.
  • Flipz
    It's funny how the most portable ones are the ones I don't want to be seen in public doing. I can only imagine what this would look like to a cop if I was seen using in my car HAHA.

    Officer: Sir, put down the crack pipe and step out of the vehicle please!
    Me: I swear officer... I am only vaping marijuana!
  • Baron23
    Hey, mate....that Pipe's induction heater project thingy?

    I haven't kept up with that thread but it looks very nicely fit and finished. I guess I should drop in and take a look at that thread.

  • duff
    It is Pipes' Skeletor @Baron23 in a tin from the container store.
    Crazy fast and you can see what it does to my concentrate only M.
  • Baron23
    Cool....need to look at that a bit. I see its a push to actuate, I assume that came with the Skeletor and you just needed a can with an opening drilled in it??
  • mrbiggiejones
    you got a link where to buy that skeletor (Y)

    As I'm not into butane vapes but this does interest me game charger
  • duff

    You are correct @Baron23 I only added the container.
    You can pick it up on Pipes' FC thread.

    And @mrbiggiejones if you're avoiding butane vapes you shouldn't.
    I was skeptical before I got my SBJ and was floored... literally and figuratively.
  • Baron23
    Hi guys - renewing an old thread I started on the VapCap.

    Short history: I ended up buying the VC OG which is the glass original unit and loved it. Matter of fact, I have 3 of them (hey, they're cheaper by the dozen LOL).

    I then bought a Ti Woody with the Ti tip and never got it to work well. I went through a few (as in three) slight variations of the tip trying to get some draw in the device (my head almost imploded) and I found that even respecting the click, that the very top layer of herb was often charred. These three Ti tips I tried were all slight variation of the original and were NOT what George and Dynavap are currently selling so successfully.

    But I didn't care, I had my glass OGs and was happy.

    Now, a year later and I'm in a 'caption the picture' contest on another forum and win....yes, a VC Ti but with a stem from PhattPiggie in the UK (and a bunch of other stuff). This tip with the five fins, the notches at the end, and the wider rifling for air. It heats up much faster (and cools much faster) than previous Ti tips I used and the draw is massively improved and acceptable to me now.

    Then we come to Phattpiggie's stem and what can I say, see for yourself:

    What I won:

    And here is a better shot of the stem:

    Phattpiggie is UK based and does some incredible and wonderful work.
  • duff
    Congrats @Baron23.
    Maybe you'll start to get the hype on the VC now!
    Beautiful stem.
  • Baron23
    Thanks Duff. Piggie really does nice stuff.

    VC you mean VapCap or Vape Critic? LOL If the former, I have extolled the virtues of the OG for quite some time but I just couldn't get the Ti tip versions right....but I have it now! X-)
  • LabPong
    I made a gravity water unit today.........tried the V-cap with it...........bamm.....bamm bamm bamm...i got slammed! haaaa it was fun as the hard part of the hit was done by something else......all I had to do was suck it up! >:)
  • Upinsmoke

    I have one (the new "M") and it is great. Perfect for just a few hits, for microdosing. no reliance on batteries and I like the action of heating the tip-- kind of a soothing way of taking a hit.
    Definitely get a vapcap you won't be sorry.
  • Chronic Pain

    Thanks for the info! Looks cool! The name cracks me up >:O
    I have the Omnivap XL Titanium & the "M." I found them easy to use unless I'm too stoned,
    My catch 22.
  • VapeFully
    Yes, I have all models and use them daily. What would you like to know? Feel free to ask, anytime.
  • cottoalvapore
    i've ordered one but i'm in italy, so customs will let me wait for a long time.. my only doubt is the taste quality, how is clear? Can you know what's the real flavor of the herb you're putting into the vapcap?
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