• lazylathe
    The Diamond Cut Grinder

    Disclaimer: I found this company on InstaGram a while ago and thought the grinder was very innovative. It has not been seen by anyone on FC, so I took the initiative to contact the manufacturer about the grinder. We chatted on IG and I shared my thoughts on available grinders and what I thought was missing from grinders.
    The grinders were provided free of charge and a review with pictures was the price! And to keep using them and see how they fair with a lot of grinding.
    Okay, now that is out of the way we can talk about the Diamond Cut Grinder!!!

    This is a fairly new company from British Columbia and they are just entering the grinder game!
    To start with, they will be offering two different types of grinders, both 3 piece:
    A medium grind and a fine grind.
    A 4 piece is in the works as well due to the fact that some people love collecting kief.

    Materials used are:
    7075 T651 Aluminum
    This is an expensive AL alloy that has strength comparable to many steels.
    Mostly used in the aircraft industry.

    From the outside both grinders are identical, they both have 3 parts and the top and bottom of the grinders have a very nice milled pattern. There is no Knurling around the outside but I do not find that they require this.
    Their action is extremely smooth and I have had no issues with grinding any type of bud.
    The grinder utilizes 3 different styles of teeth!! Never sen this variety in one grinder!
    4 sided teeth, 5 sided and 6 sided teeth!
    There is even a very sharp cutting tooth located in the middle, so even if you get some herb where the magnet is, it will slice it up without any issue!

    I have owned the two grinders for just over a week and they have taken the place of my all time favorite grinder, the KannaStor Vape GR8TR.
    The holes are big enough for all the material to fall through without blocking them and the grind is still fine enough for my liking. It is somewhere between the New Vape Fine Grinder and the Vape GR8TR.

    The grinders weigh in at around 150 to 155g and look a lot heavier than they actually are.
    The top part has a lot of weight to it, the middle section is feather light and the bottom section is slightly heavier than the middle part. The lower herb chamber is beautifully milled with a rounded bottom for easy emptying.

    the locking mechanism is very unique and I have never seen it used on a grinder before. It reminds me of how some blenders connect for a secure high torque coupling!

    Loading the grinder requires the bud to be broken into smaller bits to fit between the teeth.
    The lid slides into the herb with ease and grinding is very easy. You can easily tell when you are done when all the friction disappears!
    You can use the old trick of grinding upside down for a finer grind on both grinders as well.
    The grind is nice and fluffy and does not stick together as my GR8TR grind does.
    This also means better airflow through the load and less restriction from the herb compacting during an inhale.

    So far I have had no issues at all when using this grinder. It has ground any type of herb that I have on hand, rock hard nugs to softer, sticky nugs all ground with ease.

    The Beautiful 3 piece Diamond Cut Grinders!

    Opening the grinders for the first time. Fine grind on the left, medium on the right.
    Look at those teeth!!! Note center pin tooth as well.

    In all their glory! Note the fantastic finish, bevels on the bottom of the middle plates holes and the unique locking mechanism!

    Close up of the different tooth designs. The spacer ring is also visible and it provides a silky smooth grind.

    Close up of the amazingly light center section. The teeth are designed to cut everywhere! Around the center post, where the magnet is and even around the sides of the grinder!

    The underside of the middle section is another work of art! 3 solid pins lock onto the bottom section can be seen. The bevels aid in the herb falling straight through. Very nice engraving and amazing surface finish!

    The lower section with rounded sides and the other part of the locking mechanism. Extremely easy to engage and does not move at all during grinding.

    And now for some usage shots! I do not grind a lot at a time, so this is a true test for a 3 piece grinder!
    The more you load the easier it is to grind and force through to the collection chamber. Grinding small amount really tests the whole system imo.

    First up is the Diamond Cut Grinder Fine:
    Loaded up with 0,5g

    +-10 easy 1/4 turns

    And the bountiful harvest!

    The Diamond Cut Grinder Medium:
    Again a small load of little nugs.

    A nice medium grind!
    You can still see the glands on the herb and not a pile of kief!

    Available Soon!!

    The website is still being worked on but I was told it should be ready very soon!

    They also have an IG account:
  • bum karacho
    nice one....... fits good to the full titan dynavap
  • LabPong
    Lazy......were you comparing the finer grind one's grinds....and are between the newvape and the gr8tr fine grinders?

    Looks like a really nice grinder, I like the bottom section shape and size. Interesting teeth design....it looks like they would just mash instead of cut.
  • bum karacho
    maybe also good if you us the sb capsulas.....with a fine grinder the herb always cames out of the holes and my crafty coolinghead gets dirty.....
  • bum karacho
    lazylathe you have to clean your table
  • lazylathe

    Sorry about the mess... that's an old table cover that has many vape scars. I need to replace it one day.

    I would say between those two grinds.
    The GR8TR is very fine and the NVFG is slightly coarser than the Diamond Cut. For my use it is a perfect grind and starting it upside down gives an even finer grind.
  • LabPong
    I would say between those two grinds.
    The GR8TR is very fine and the NVFG is slightly coarser than the Diamond Cut. For my use it is a perfect grind and starting it upside down gives an even finer grind.

    Good deal....sounds perfect for what I am looking for in grind results. Thanks so much for your time and effort on that review post. :up:

    Any word on pricing?
  • lazylathe

    No word on pricing yet.
    Also forgot to mention that they are also looking into anodizing and have a few at one place.
    They are just testing out various companies that offer anodizing to find the best one.
  • nitrobacon
    @lazylathe thanks for sharing this, looks very cool and functional. I really like the 3 piece design. Keep us posted on the release date!
  • lazylathe

    $99 CAD is the price!
  • lazylathe
    Just a few new updates!

    My grinder is a Beta grinder, first one out for testing and seeing what people want.
    So for now, a few changes are being made so that you will be able to buy either a fine/medium grinder and then just purchase the middle section so you can have various grinds! This will also make it a cheaper option instead of requiring 2 grinders.
    Anodizing is still in the works but will be offered, hopefully various colors to build your own custom design.

    An update from my use:
    After a week of grinding and no cleaning, not even brushing the teeth, the action is still silky smooth!
    There is some slight build up on the teeth but not very much.
    I noticed that with upside down grinding I was getting some kief compacted between the spacer ring and the aluminum that seats against it. Very easy to dislodge with a finger nail and back it goes into the mix!
    The lower section is staying very clean so far with just a brush out every now and then.

    My KannaStor had the same bud go through it and it is sticky and squeaky and more kief is stuck to the teeth and sides of the grinder.
  • Futurevapors
    I have to say, I can't understand grinding upside down, all those small particles are then in places we're trying to keep out of them IMO.

    But i'm not saying you shouldn't do it if that's your thing.

    looks lovely! I like the teeth as crumbling dry material between fingers always give a nice flowery grind.

    and I love the magnetic basin and NO pollen catcher is a good idea.
  • lazylathe

    Sometimes I like a finer grind, it's not everyone's cup of tea but it is a nice feature to use occasionally.
    Loving the natural grind it provides and it is very consistent and even.
    Pollen catches will be available as an option as not everyone likes to use them.
    For myself, the 3 piece is grinder perfection!
  • Cl4ud3
    I can't understand grinding upside downFuturevapors

    People grind upside down to get a finer grind. As it doesn't drop through any screen or filter and keeps grinding.
  • Futurevapors
    Yeah done it myself before, I'm just very funny about loosing bits of material as any time I've done it I've ended up with bits everywhere and in the air. :rofl:
  • BobCat
    $99 CAD is the price!lazylathe

    That's entering 3 piece Lift range. We need a 'grind off.'
  • lazylathe

    My Lift grinder is far inferior to the Diamond Cut.
    I like its technology but in my opinion they can still improve it more.
  • Summer
    My Lift grinder is far inferior to the Diamond Cut.
    I like its technology but in my opinion they can still improve it more.

    What grind is your LIft & how can they improve it more?

    BTW, good pics on IG. Per my asking, they intend to come out with a complete coarse grinder. :up:
  • Cl4ud3
    My Lift grinder is far inferior to the Diamond Cut.
    I like its technology but in my opinion they can still improve it more.

    Without going too far off topic here I will say I love my Lift grinder over a tradition one except for 2 things.
    1. Herb often doesn't grind until I move it around a few times to get it gripped by the blade.
    2. I wish there was a finer screen.

    So I'm interested also what faults you found with it.
  • lazylathe

    I have the fine and medium plate and both give inconsistent grinds for me. They are very mixed and the fine plate is way too coarse still!
    In my opinion they need to redesign the blade and the 3 chambers you can load bud into.
    Herb is always left in the top section and requires extra effoart to get it into the herb chamber.
    Still needs a lot of refinement.
    Great for smokers!

    Uneven grinds, fine screen is more like med/coarse grind, bud stays in the top section.
    The bud is not processed in a consistent manner.
    Grinding upside down does not help at all.

    In my opinion they could vastly improve the Lift by decreasing the height of the loading chambers, improving the blade and correct sized holes for various grinds. There is not enough contact time between the blades and the herb.
  • Cl4ud3
    Some of the same issues then, that whole bit where you turn for 30 seconds and find it hasn't gripped the bud is annoying, still I do like the grind it gives and not sure I would go back to a standard grinder except for when I want a finer grind.
    I am following this on IG so will be interested in your thoughts when it's a final product.
  • juxt

    I agree on the Lift.
  • welshman
    I totally agree on the grinding and finding the buds stuck above the blades and perhaps the screen is too medium/coarse but uneven grind really surprised me, I don’t think I’ve ever owned a more consistent grinder (have had a Scs, ti spacecase, newvape fine grind and one I bought from Amsterdam that had a button to vibrate the kief screen which was really good until the police confiscated it). I don’t think I could ever go back to teeth grinders and to be honest haven’t even found I need a finer grind but then I haven’t really got any conduction heavy vapes
  • lazylathe

    I was asked to perform a test the other day for a member on another forum.
    They asked to test the magnet strength from a table fall.

    Here are the results:
    4 foot to 8 foot drop, straight down, sideways and spinning the grinder stayed together.
    A toss on carpet did nothing.
    I had to throw it at the carpet as if I was throwing a ball at a wall to bounce it, so quite some force.
    This finally separated the top from the bottom!

    So no worries about every losing your herb unless you get mad with the grinder and throw it hard!

    I only use a med/fine grind for my convection vaporizers.
    Turning to science for the lager surface area for thorough extraction in one hit.
    If it is too coarse goodies can be protected by the material above.
    Try a finer grind and see if you like it.

    There is the new version on it's way to a few testers soon!
    A LOT of updates and refinements have been made!!
    Watch this space!
  • Vapedude
    I think I might be down for one of these puppies.

    My daily grinder is a Space Case non-stick black one, that I have NEVER brushed in over a year.

    This makes me feel a bit nervous to try a straight up aluminum one, without a non-stick coating.

    But that blade design sure looks tasty.
  • BobCat
    Have you checked out this thread in the forum Stainless Steel Grinder? It's called the HerbRipper. The forum feedback has been excellent, it is stainless steel, AND there is a coupon code from Bud.

    I bought a NewVape fine grinder during 4/20 sales so I am set for a while. I don't own an HerbRipper, but it may be worthwhile reading. :victory:
  • Vapedude
    Thank you for that :up:

    I just finished reading it, very convincing feedback.

    I will hold off buying anything for now, and see how this Diamond Cut grinder performs in the comparison tests with the top dogs, including the Ripper one you recommended.

    The pics of this Diamond Cut do look :starstruck: lol. Not sure if it’s illusion or functionally real if you catch my drift.
  • BobCat
    I only want to purchase 1 more grinder which I expect to last 10 years.

    Fortunately, like you, I can wait for more feedback. My trusted few peeps, @Rockytdogg being one (where are you brother? ?), love the Lift, but from the comments here there is room for improvement.

    I believe I know @lazylathe from another forum. Stand up person all the way!!!! :strong: Excited as the Diamond Cut process moves along.
  • Futurevapors
    Cool, I must say she's a beautiful looking grinder.

    Does anyone know the Cost of this grinder €£$
  • bum karacho
    $99 CAD is the price! my friend
  • Futurevapors
    Grinders got expensive with the Stainless Steel Herb Ripper at a similar price.

    BUT i feel it's totally worth it if you are in the market for a grinder for life and with the Lifetime Warranty, that 100% helps customers make that decision.
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