• Tdog420
    I now have this w medium plate as well as the herb ripper w all 3 plates. I will do more testing before my final thoughts but 1 oz in and i really like it.
  • UbarDog
    Well I crumbled to peer pressure and made a purchase, I can't wait to get rid of my $6 grinder now!!
    My BCG shipped yesterday and I went with cheap Small Packet International Air Shipping.

    @Terpenetime @Nicholas May

    What type of shipping did you guys get and how long did it take to get to UK??
  • Terpenetime
    @UbarDog I'm afraid that you may have to wait a little while longer before you chuck your old grinder! I queried the delivery time on mine two weeks after I received the shipping notification and got this reply...

    “I believe the average shipping time is 2-3 weeks. It takes some time to work through customs. If it doesn't show up within a week or so, let me know”

    Having said that, I’m a firm believer that if it’s worth having it’s worth waiting for* so I invariably opt for the cheapest shipping option. It’s possible that you may have paid more for a faster service?

    *I’m delighted to confirm that a BCG is worth having so it definitely was worth waiting for! Enjoy!! :ok:
  • Nicholas May
    yeah I had same delivery small air international $9.99 I think but it took forever to arrive. I ordered it on the 13th of September but I don't receive the brilliant cut grinder until the the 29th of October so just about 6 later 1/2 Weeks from when I ordered 2 1/2 weeks later.
  • Nicholas May
    It still says 3=4 weeks just I've just looked
  • UbarDog
    Thanks for your replies.

    Just to confirm Shipping time
    @Terpenetime 3 weeks ?
    @Nicholas May 4 week?
    The reason why I asked is...... I checked this today

    Priority Worldwide pak International: $85.31
    Priority Worldwide parcel International: $87.11
    Small Packet International Air: $10.89
    Small Packet International Surface: $9.03
    International Tracked Packet: $43.04
    Est delivery: February 22, 2019 - March 15, 2019
    Xpresspost International: $70.92
    Est delivery: February 19, 2019 - March 12, 2019

    Shipping to United Kingdom (UK).

    The mid priced shipping- Xpresspost International - $70 is estimated about about 15-18weeks

    This can't be right at all.
    I have sent them an E-mail just to ask.
    Was hoping this will get here for chrimbo :D Or my wife will not be giving me a gift this year (ONE BCG)
  • Terpenetime
    @UbarDog I’ve just checked and I also opted for $10.89 USD via Small Packet International Air option and it did take just under three weeks to arrive from the date of shipping. You may be aware that tracking is not available with this shipping option.

    Never mind Crimbo, it should arrive before the end of the month! Whether your wife will allow you to open your gift before Xmas day is possibly more questionable :rofl:
  • UbarDog

    Thanks man :D
    All is good in the world now

    She already knows it's a cheeky Chrimbo Eve re-box and wrap :D So Ima good to grind!
  • Nicholas May
    I payed the same shipping but I paid $9.96 CAD got all the 3 grinding plates was $165.00 CAD so $174.96 in total.
    I made my order on the 13th of September 6 weeks 2 days later on the 27th October I got a e-mail from the post office saying I had to pay import and handling fees of £27.93 payed it and received my grinder 2 days later on the 29th of October so it was about six and a half weeks after ordering it.
  • Magicman
    Psst @Nicholas May....
    Never admit to paying $174.96 for a grinder. You could have bought a Simrell Vortex stem for that.
  • Nicholas May
    and £27.93 GBP for import fees + handling charges thats about $35 USD and about $47 CAD yeah but it is the best grinder I've ever used let alone owned it's my GRINDER FOR LIFE.
    I have got to say I've had my eye on one of those Vortex stems for sometime now it's just seeing something that will get me to pull the trigger on one.
  • LabPong
    Psst Nicholas May....
    Never admit to paying $174.96 for a grinder. You could have bought a Simrell Vortex stem for that.


    or you can buy a simple piece of boro on ebay for a $2 pure glass stem and go through a rig.....and get the best vapor possible out of a vapcap instead of sucking on a metal cooler....save the $170+ for food and electricity. :cool:
  • Sebastian
    Does anyone know where to find this in Europe?

    Would definitely need this expensive shit
  • Terpenetime
    Does anyone know where to find this in Europe?Sebastian

    You have to order it direct from https://grindersforlife.com/
  • Alexis
    Hello everyone. I also asked this on FC but I'm really interested in what people's experiences and preferences for BCG plates are.

    What did you all go for? Are you satisfied with it?

    Anybody feel fine plate is too fine for your preferences?

    Or who chose medium and feels the fine plate might suit eveb better?

    Although I'm sure I expect most of you I just perfectly happy with whatever plate you chose.

    Still I would really love to hear what you went with and how you get on with it it especially if you have have more than one plates to compare.

    Out of medium and fine I mean primarily, but I would be interested to hear any experience.
  • Terpenetime
    @Alexis I went for the medium and fine plates but invariably use the medium. The fine is possibly too fine and I find it clogs the screens too quickly. The medium is spot on with a lovely fluffy grind. Having said that, I do wish I’d have ordered a coarse screen, although how much I’d use it is impossible for me to say.

    So, in order of preference, 1. Medium, 2. Coarse, 3. Fine
  • Alexis
    thanks very much man that's really helpful and actually fits what I was assuming most people would kind of feel and say.

    Also personally I think I would have fine in second place usually find wind is my favourite but I'm not entirely sure how necessary it is when you can get a fairly fluffy and uniform guide with a coarser plate depending on your flower of course.

    Much appreciated bro have an excellent night. :up:
  • fatbiker
    I sold mine and bought a Herb Ripper. I prefer a stainless grinder.
  • trulukkyphrank
    I have all 3 plates, at the beginning I used all regularly, but after some time I use only the medium plate for my MV1 and fw5/6. I think the medium plate has the best balance in vapor production, taste and clogging screens.
  • LabPong
    I got just the fine and med plates at first...then once I used it...the medium plate was like a fine grind to me.....so I had to order a coarse plate and that is medium grind to me.......so that is mostly what I use now.
  • Alexis
    thanks very much for sharing your feelings and experience which actually is exactly what I kind of expected most people to feel.

    Very useful and much appreciated. :up:

    @LabPong easy bro, thanks also. I know your opininon doesn't really count because you're not really a proper vapourist but I still appreciate you chiming in.

    Haha, just kidding bro. Huge respect to you and always appreciate and value your input on things. I'm just a wind-up merchant you know me :smile:
  • EconMan
    I know your opininon doesn't really count because you're not really a proper vapourist but I still appreciate you chiming in.Alexis

    We should have weekly roasts. :nerd:
  • Alexis
    easy man. Yeah would be fun! Hope you doing good my friend. Just about doing alright here atm. I cracked some ribs on my sternum a few weeks ago and was really suffering for a while but it suddenly eased up a few days ago and I can finally breathe and cough again without too much pain.

    I had done a really good job at getting stronger and starting to gain some weight at a decent rate but the injury really knocked me down and made it impossible to sleep and eat properly but I'm on the way up again.

    Somehow I manages to navigate several heavy acid trips while the injury was at its peak. It actually helped too, passes time anyway lol, I was looking back and it seemed each previous week had flown by, in a way where my memories of pain and endurance seemed to have disintegrated.

    It reminds me of that debate we had in school about about a particular anaesthetic or drug used for operations I can't remember which now but it was quite controversial because they could not be certain whether the person feels no pain during the operation or whether they can't remember that they felt the pain afterwards.

    When you think about it it's quite a scary concept and proposition! My acid trips (320ug, 300ug, 650ug), plus smaller mini and microdoses scattered, seem to have replaced my memories of being hurt anyway and have kept me looking forward as well. Great stuff, still feeling wrecked though 3 days later from 650ug Thursday/Friday. Having explored a fairly full range of dosages from 10 ug upwards my favourite at the moment is 50 micrograms combined with my cannabis edibles and supplemented with high quality herbal vapour has been a really magnificent and enjoyable experience so far which hasn't been overwhelming but which has been perfectly enough.

    I'm looking really forward to getting back on that specific dosage as soon as my tolerance has reset a little and my head has come out of the clouds lol think that's going to take some time. :smile:
  • Terpenetime
    If anyone in the UK is ordering a Brilliant Cut Grinder I’d be willing to contribute to their shipping/import costs if they’d also order me a coarse plate. I can’t justify the shipping costs to order it in isolation. I’d be happy to transfer funds up front to anyone that is active on here. :up:

    Please PM me if your can help.
  • henrylefleur
    Any discount codes for the Brilliant Cut?
  • Terpenetime
    @henrylefleur Grinders for Life are struggling to keep up with demand for their Brilliant Cut Grinder. Consequently there are no codes I’m aware of that work all of the time. They did however offer 10% off at 420 and again on Black Friday, so you may want to wait until after Christmas to see if they make the same offer then?
  • henrylefleur
    ok, will do. I had a little extra money at the moment, so I thought I’d splurge, but every dollar counts.
  • henrylefleur
    Just wanted to mention there’s a 10% coupon code for “Boxing week” - boxingweek19. Just bought one, looking forward to using it.
  • BestBuds
    Anyone know of a coupon code for a BCG? I'm ready for a new grinder.
  • Terpenetime
    @BestBuds unfortunately I think you may have to wait until 420 now :groan:
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