• Baron23
    I bought the @VapeCritic NV Micro-20 press. I have no idea where the micro comes from as this sucker weight a TON! The frame is solid as hell and the unit really is a brick of a build. Very nice.

    Part of the deal was I do a review and once I get it set up (in a few days or weeks...leaving for WA state trip next week so....) I will start squishing, taking pics and putting a review together.

    So, I started this thread as a place holder for that later review.

    Here is the press and hydros next to my hydro operated Spolar shotshell reloading press.


    @Gman - you know I'm going to be hitting you up for advise, yeah! haha
    Rosin Press #1 (67K)
  • Gman
    Awesome!! I wish I has that beauty! Enjoy it for me
  • Bud
    Woooooooo! :cool:
  • Baron23
    Awesome!! I wish I has that beauty! Enjoy it for meGman

    Dude, I'm going to have to fly you in as a consultant to show me how to use this thing! LOL Where do you live? haha

    Actually, Bud and I did some squishes. This was with well maintained (for humidity) nugs and it was a humid and hot day in the garage. The GSC came out a beautiful peanut butter color and was very easy to get off of the parchment and make a patty out of it.

    We didn't do any weighing so no idea of yeild, but it was very pretty. 210 F on the plates, 30 second warm up time, ramp up to 8k psi over the next two minutes. Seemed to work very well.

    @VapeCritic - I think I herniated myself lifting that bastard up onto the bench! LOL So such a small sucker, it sure it heavy.

    I need more bench space in my garage. haha

  • Gman
    lol I'm in Ontario, so probably not that far from you guys if you are in NY. You guys seem to know what you are doing, I like to hit below 200 myself to get that cake batter when possible.
  • Baron23
    Nope, I'm in MD...I don't have the heart to live in NY...they would eat me alive!

    I'm in the Washington, DC area so if you are ever here in the swamp site seeing or whatever, it would be grand to meet up.

    Yes, @VapeCritic and I talked about lower temps..I think he was getting more of a crumble than a cake batter but I expect to experiment and see what works. But strain/quality, temp, humidity....it will probably take me a while to figure out how to handle changes in those factors.

    Take care and if you don't mind, if I have questions or need advise, may I PM you?
  • Gman
    same goes to anyone traveling up here. I love a good BBQ.
  • Baron23

    Well, this is my first solo squish. Its actually a bit more tan than shown in this pic taken under florescent lights.

    Now, I have only witnessed one other squish and this was at Bud's house when I wen to buy the press. That rosin came off of the paper a bit easier while this press was a bit more sticky and moist. It was a different strain, in the garage in the heat and humidity, etc.

    I should have cooled it in the fridge for a few before scraping (but didn't). I did put it in the fridge after and it solidified a bit. Still only pull....no snap to my intended snap/pull! haha

    This was a one big nug squish, mostly just to try out working the press and technique, so I didn't weight before/after but I don't think I'm getting mid-20's percent yeild...but, I will start weighing and calculating. I also plan to view some vids on bottle tech and try a 1/8th squish with bag.

    I ran as described above, 30 seconds with just enough pressure on the nug to feel the feedback in the hydro handle, then boost over the next two minutes to 8k psi.

    As for temp, I left the controllers where they were at Bud's. 240 on the set point. I left the plates lightly closed so aid in heating (remove all of that radiant surface area) With the thermo supplied by NV, I was in the 203 F range. With my Thermoworks pen thermometer, I was getting 223 F! With most of these cooking thermos, the thermocouple is in the pointy tip but when held by parallel flat plates, its only the sides of the thermo that are in contact with the hot plates. I will calibrate the two, perhaps look around for other thermos that might be better suited, and go from there. Worst comes to worst, I just use set point as a relative temp as I do with my enails.

    I did try a second squish of the puck. Folded it over a couple of times, new parchments, and a complete waste of time...got maybe a have of a dab of really dirty rosin.

    I do note that, as expected, the rosin in my Liger banger is way more dirty on the clean up (q-tipping) than the commercial live resins and shatter I can buy locally. This is for obvious reasons, yeah. But the effect of the rosin was very flower like qualitatively, and that's something I really like as I find flower to be more well rounded and comfortable then highly refined extract.

    So, Gman....think I should go down lower on temp? What about pressure and time...ok for now?

  • Gman
    With more power you can press more flower at lower Temps. And the lower you go the better end quality. This is if you like it crumble or cake batter like. For more snap and pull keep the higher temp. I like it between 190-200 in the middle of the plates. This is the best line between yield taste and consistency. The key here is the hotter you go the more wax and lipids your squish out. Which also means more dirty.
  • Baron23
    HI Gman - thanks....I appreciate the input. Yeah, I got lots of pressure and yeah, I think I ran just a bit too hot. Not a fan of crumble per se, but cake batter is cool. I'll just walk the temps down, hold the same pressure profile, and see what I get.

    I appreciate you help and input. :up: :100: :clap:
  • Baron23
    Well, I've now done three squishes, all with the same on sale strain I bought to experiment with, and my results are very tasty, VERY effective, but pretty low in yield which may well be the specific flower I have used so far.

    I did have some questions about pressure gauge readings and what they mean. So, I got with NV and got some clarification and found I was putting WAY more pressure on the pucks that i thought.

    It goes like this, the pressure seen on the gauge is line pressure (in psi) that is being applied to the cylinder of the hydraulic jack that's in there. The area of this jack cylinder is 4.37 square inches.

    So, for example, we pump up to 8k psi on the gauge. The actual force being applied to the plates (or to the load of flower if its in there) is 8 x 4.37 = 34,962 lbs of pressure total.

    Take that and divide it up over the area of your load....let's say its a 2 x 3 rosin bag with 6 square inches of area. 34,962/6 = 5,827 psi on the load. This is WAY high and I don't think i really need anything higher than 2,000 psi. If this were only a single nug, it would be even higher...probably, depending on the size of the nug.

    But, all of this pressure works great if you have a bigger load. Let's say you load up a 4 x 4 bag. That's 16 sq inches and we use the same 8k on the gauge. Now its 34,962/16 = 2,185 which is much more reasonable. Say we are doing large presses with 4 x 6 bags = 24 square inches. Now we are down to 1456 psi on the load using the 8k max psi on the gauge (10k psi hydro but they recommend only running to 80% of capacity, hence 8k psi max)

    This chart is perhaps illustrative:


    All that pressure is great for larger loads but I don't think I need that much for the small amounts that I'm doing.

    This all probably has nothing to do with nothing...but it was interesting and now I know what I'm putting on the load.

    My yields still suck but its all been with the same strain which is now gone so perhaps I will get better results from other herb.

    I did get a super cheapo USB microscope from Amazon and took some pics, of an inside face, of the Virgin OG nugs I was pressing. Inside face is important as the trichomes on the outside get beat up pretty good during trimming and packaging. Below is what I got....not too bad but perhaps a bit immature. Lots seem to be missing the head of the gland.


    To be continued.....haha
  • Baron23
    I have kept a log of my squishes so far....below:


    At the bottom of the columns are notes on tech used...i.e.. raw nug in parchment, bottle tech, pre-pressed and in flat rosin bag.

    Not knowing what I discussed above about pressure, I did blow the hell out of my one attempt to use bottle tech. Need to try it again.

    Also, in the last squish...flat bag and pre-press....I have difficulty keeping the pressed puck together and get it into the bag (ain't as easy as it looks on youtube! LOL) so there were voids in the load. After the first press, I found a lot of the rosin was trapped in the bag so I folded it over a couple of times and pressed again.

    The rosin I'm getting is outstanding...kind of pull and snap but perhaps more pull and stretch. Its still a bit taffy like but I LOVE the effect of rosin. Full flower effect (vice from solvent extracted trates) and powerful.

    Below are pics of the last squish. I still have a LOT of tech to master but I'm sticking with it and will get this done...with practice....with a lot of money spent....with a lot of rosin consumed! LOL.

    First squish

    Resulting rosin

    2nd squish

    Total result


    @Gman , et al - any input or suggestions would be warmly welcomed.

  • Bud
    Oh man looks great nicely done!! :ok: You'll get there with the yields believe me, it took me a little while to get good at it, but eventually you get a feel for it.

    Could be as simple as a different strain!
  • Bud
    Lots seem to be missing the head of the gland.Baron23

    You're right and it might explain the low yield!
  • Bud
    Nice macros btw
  • Gman
    ya man, perfect that bottle tech. I do 6 grams with only 2T... getting over 20% returns. So you are just going to hard if you are blowing the bag. Or pre-pressing it too tight. There is no need to pre-press much at all, just hand pressure. You want room in the bag a bit for the initial expansion. Also, more pre-heat time at low pressure. Get that wax melting before you attempt to squish it through other plant matter. This is why pre-pressing is horrible for quality.

    Eitherway, welcome to the wonderful world of rosin, you may never go back to flower full time :)
  • gzomb

    @Gman - with the amount of knowledge you have, you should consider starting a youtube chan. I'm sure there are people who'd love to help you. And just think of how fun it would be to yell :fire: all the time.
  • Gman
    LOL sounds like fun to me :)
  • Mc69
    curious: why did vapecritic get rid of the press? did he upgrade?

    sorry, been out of the game for a bit
  • Baron23
    You would have to ask @VapeCritic but I think it was something about @Hazel wanting the damn thing out of her garage! hahaha

    No, just joking around.

    Ask him to be sure, but something like he had already reviewed it and wanted to move into trying/reviewing units more reasonable (smaller/lower price) for home use.

    That and I blackmailed him with pics of him with.....oh, never mind! hahaha (just jk again).
  • Hazel
    hahaha! How many people did it take to lift the press lol
  • Baron23
    hahaha! How many people did it take to lift the press lolHazel

    Well, three but really just one because Bud and I couldn't lift it and Hazel had to come to our rescue.

    That's right, the Vape Critic and the Baron are both wimps. Hazel, on the other hand, is a complete gym rat.... :up: :strong: :100:
  • techvape
    I love your systematic approach on this and I'm very curious of your proceeding data on this :)
  • Hazel
    muscles had to show up over here :smirk: :strong:
  • Baron23
    you da best, Hazel :up:
  • Baron23
    Well, I made a heck of a mess this time. I squished some old, CA sun grown, Cherry OG that I have had for a couple of years. It was kept always in a mason jar with 62% Boveda in a closed cabinet away from light. It was pretty good (not great but...) vaping flower but it was hell squishing it.

    This herb...as was all of the sun grown that I was getting at that time...was a dark brownish color. No indoor mint green here. I suspect that it was also allowed to mature before harvesting as the rosin was very dark and that was not from over heating it or pressing too long (I think).

    I had an 18th of it left and wanted to try bottle tech again so I figured this old weed was a pretty good candidate for sacrifice in the name of science! haha

    I used a 90 micron, seamless bag and I'm pretty sure that I got the bottle tech right this time.

    I ran at a measured 195, same as before, but the rosin is an oily mess. Reminds me most of the old hash oil we would get in '69 or so (and that stuff was probably deadly from residual solvent!)

    Pre-heated for 30 seconds and squished for 2:30 minutes and went up to about 4k psi on the gauge...gradually. Most of press was at 2k psi.

    I expected a fairly low yield and got one at 6.7% but my real issue is that the stuff was just un-collectable. It didn't stick to itself, it didn't fly off, it just smeared around on the parchment.

    I'll try to dab it, its in the fridge now and I hope it sets up a bit. I have the pressing parchment in the freezer but have little hope that it will help.

    Pictures are below. Any suggestions ( @Gman , @VapeCritic , anybody??).
    Cherry OG 1 (62K)
    Cherry OG 2 (82K)
  • Gman
    the cold will help. You might have to do the press and snap up method to collect. This is just really old flower so you never know what you are going to get. Sometimes it's shattery like glass and useless to work with. Sometimes it's super sappy and tough to work with. Old bud rarely presses "well". This might be where BHO or alcohol extractions would be better.
  • Alexis
    @Baron23 thanks for sharing your experiences and journey of learning so openly for us. I will be in the exact same both myself soon I also have some 2 year old material over an ounce from my 2016 harvest I only had 3 plants to myself that year because we trialled organic fertilizers on the others and I was allergic to the lot and the three plants I did have all got infested with tiny bugs.
    So I was meticulously picking the bugs out of the better buds one by one with tweezers and a jewellers loupe. When 2017 harvest came through I no longer needed this but I have some left which I will use to practice pressing with.

    I will be interested to see what sort of consistency and yields I get compared to yours. Keep at it man, I can see you are having some fun while you learn looking forward to more reports.
  • Baron23

    Yeah, this was another "throw away experiment" to try to hone my bottle tech skills before squishing some more preferred flower. I expected crappy yields and dark rosin, but at 195F I just didn't expect complete liquid oil type result.

    I did try the press and snap....try to get rosin to stick to rosin but to no avail.

    The results I did get have solidifed a bit in the fridge. The parchment pressing paper....tried everything including the freezer with no joy. Will just boil with some tea perhaps.

    Thanks for the reply.

  • Gman
    I would advise against vaping anything you pressed with contaminated flower. All that bug excrement also gets concentrated.
  • Alexis
    thanks man I will keep that in mind. Possibly just see as potential practice fuel if needed. I have a fair bit left of last year's too. Cured and stored around 60-62%. And this harvest is the best we ever achieved and vastly superior stuff. Perfect trich development now FINALLY on 4 Autos coming in tomorrow after 14 weeks. Literally 75- 80% cloudy, a few clear and just enough amber.

    But really well developed trichs, covering the surfaces. So this stuff SHOULD be very suitable to press. So I guess I dont really need to crush those sweet little bugs lol!

    Thanks Gman for snapping me to my senses I have already learnt much from your input here I can see you really know your stuff and I totally open and modest about it I may well be calling on your wisdom someday soon have a good weekend man.
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