• Melissajoy417
    Hey Everyone!
    I have been reading and watching reviews for an entire week trying to decide on my first dry herb vape. I have narrowed it down to wanting portability and wanting on demand heating as I would prefer to take just a few rips every couple of hours while I’m at work or out and about. I have been using an oil vape pen but where I live, the cartridges are hard to come by and i don’t always know what I’m inhaling! I’m ready to invest in a solid dry herb vape. Every time i think I have made a decision I find too many negative comments about the device and then I start my search over again. I just keep ending up in a big loop of not knowing what to do! I will be a newbie at dry herb vaping but I’m willing to throw down the money for a piece that will be worth the investment. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • Cl4ud3Accepted Answer
    Do you mind if it's battery or butane ?
  • MothChewMoth
    @Melissajoy417 this was my EXACT dilemma. I went with the OG sticky brick and could not be happier.
  • SirCrackKillaH
    Ghost has been my daily driver now for months. For people who just want to pop out for two minutes for a few pulls and pop back in, it’s great. When I’m out and about, I palm mine as best I can and have it flipped around so only the black matte backing is visible. Doesn’t attract attention, it looks like a mod. Enables me to grab 2-3 pulls at level 4 and 5 extremely quickly and discreetly. Quick reloading with the little pods is easy. MV1 isn’t a smelly brick the same way some of the other devices are when it’s in my pocket after use.
    For me, it’s replaced my other vapes. I simply don’t have time 90% of the time to sit for a session or hang out and vape. VapCap I like too for that reason but i wouldn’t be caught outside trying to light that thing. Crackpipe type looking nonsense, works real well though.

    Firefly isn’t as discreet. Crafty and mighty take a little bit to heat up but are also wonderful devices. That Haze Square, I like how it looks. No experience with it though.
    I’ve always loved how those wooden vapes look. I’m tempted to buy one of those or that Milaana. Wood vapes are coool.
  • SirCrackKillaH
    Curious to hear what else people are using too..
  • Mark Nix
    Melissajoy417, I have been in the same boat as you for over a year now. I really want and really need a top of the line vape. My problem is just money, I can tell your problem is just wanting to get the best vaporizer for you. I will say that Pax 2 has gotten great reviews. And has been on the market for years, and I know it will last you a while. I also am liking the Davinci IQ it has gotten some of the best reviews. And also the Mighty and Crafty. Crafty is smaller and more sleek, and the Mighty is just that MIGHTY!! I have never used these vapes as I am looking for much cheaper. But I do know what I know from watching reviews a couple hours daily over the past 4 months. I guess I was hoping that somehow I could get a job similar to Bud's. But that is a bad idea as I am in a freaking wheelchair, and I am 53. No one would watch me review how a to chew gum, much less watch me try and tell them how .30 of a gram will give you 5-7 big clouds. Hahaha That is just funny. I hope you find the vape that is right for you Melissajoy417. Have a great day, and you should check out the ones I listed, and you will get a quality vape.
  • BestBuds
    Davinci IQ, Pax, or Vapcap. I didn't have a good source for extracts at first either so I got a IQ. I didn't love it because it smelled a lot and it was hard to only use a little bit of herb. I think if I didn't have access to good oil cartridges I would buy a Vapcap. Mostly because it's small, is has no battery, and it seems to be highly regarded. You can have the vapcap, a torch, and a small metal or ceramic water proof pill holder for your freshly ground herb and your good to go. You might be able to find a nice smell proof pouch to keep it all in too.
  • Baron23
    Guys, she asked for "on demand" so vapes like the Pax, IQ, Mighty, etc don't seem to fit her use case.

    Suggestions for Sticky Bricks (but its butane lighter powered, ), MV1, FF2 (but I wouldn't recommend this POS, personally), Dyna VapCap (also butane powered), and even the Grasshopper (which is perfect for what you want to do but I can't recommend it due to reliability issues) all seem to fit.

    Also might want to look into the Haze Square.

    Enano and log vapes are on-demand but she seems to want portable for out and about so that's out.

    I don't know much about Lil Bud or StemPod....or really any other full convection, box mode for power, vapes....I presume that they can be on-demand, yeah?

    What else is out there for her, guys and gals?
  • Namekian
    A Grasshopper would be perfect if they could get their act together. :/
  • Baron23
    Yeah, brother...you preaching to the choir there...but really, with 24 RMA's, I think you are the world's reigning expert on GH reliability issues.

    Sorry, not the kind of recognition that you would want, I'm sure.
  • Gonzo
    Here's my take on the vapes that I either own or looking as my next purchase:

    Ghost MV1: Awesome on-demand vape that is easy to hit, put down and hit again later. With the crucible dispenser it's even better as you just switch out the crucible and continue on. Not super small so a bit of a stretch to consider portable.

    FF2: Awesome flavor on-demand vape. High draw resistance but I've found, since I lost the screen out of the mouthpiece, that it's not as bad and really dependent on how you grind and pack the bowl. Very portable but has the look of an old school pipe so not as stealthy...also needs to be stirred.

    PAX3: Not on-demand but is very portable and if you use the half-oven lid can be used sort of on-demand because it heats quickly and produces good vapor. I've seen a couple options lately (pax press or bud cups) that may make it easier to quickly load and go. One BIG issue with this vape is that is smells.....won't be too stealthy with this one unless you put on a cap to hide the smell (or use smell proof container). I actually take a couple hits off this, turn it off, and come back later to finish it up.

    Dynavap: Probably one of the best reviewed vapes that seems to have very few bad reviews. I guess this can be considered on-demand but seems to me as more of a session vape (IMO). Easy to hide but will require an external heat source.

    Crafty/Mighty: Probably the gold standard in vapes. Not on demand per say, but I guess I see it as a hybrid (convection/conduction) that can probably fit what you're looking for. With the dosing capsules, you can quickly load and go (vape). Crafty is probably small enough to be stealthy but mighty is probably not going to be stealthy enough if you are trying to hide.

    So the MV1, FF2 and PAX3 are the ones that I use regularly depending on my mood. I'm sort of a newbie myself (less than a year) but you came to the right forum to get information to make a good decision. May want to take a look at the reviews that Bud has done to see how the different vapes work and see if they will fit what you are looking for.
  • Cl4ud3
    What else is out there for her, guys and gals?Baron23

    Milaana, Mistvape Touch, Firewood 5, Tubo Evic, Elevape, Nomad :)

    To help cut the list you can eliminate the Haze square if you don't have Windows 10.
  • Melissajoy417
    I wouldn’t be opposed to butane for home but I’d prefer battery for now as it seems more discreet for public consumption
  • Cl4ud3
    You would prefer something more discrete so that will eliminate some vapes.

    The Ghost being self contained I would recommend but not for a first time herb vape, the quality of the vapour is excellent though.

    As mentioned elsewhere the Firefly2 is now better than it was due a good firmware update but it doesn't fix the terrible draw resistance.

    The Milaana, and I would guess the Splinter, can be a little harsh for some people so I'm not sure on those for you.

    The Firewood 5 might be a good option but I haven't used one so would be relying on @justjustin for info there.

    Maybe if you say a couple you think you like we can help find which one would be the better option.
  • MothChewMoth
    How important is discreetness for you? It might be helpful for you to rank the following: On Demand (conduction vs convection), Discreetness (sight and smell), Portability (desktop, home portable, true portable), Ease of Use (usage, cleaning, etc), and Performance (efficiency, vapor quality, etc). For me, performance and ease of use were the most important factors. I wanted a home portable with the option of taking it other places, and didn't really care about discreetness. I thought on-demand convection was the next most important, but it turns out I really like the availability of some session vapes.

    TL;DR If you can rank these five things in order, (On-demand, Discreetness, Portability, Ease of Use, and Performance) I think it would help folks give you the best recommendation.

    @Baron23 we should make those a sticky thread to have folks post those rankings when asking for help picking something out!
  • Baron23
    Baron23 we should make those a sticky thread to have folks post those rankings when asking for help picking something out!MothChewMoth

    You would have to ask Bud ( @VapeCritic ) about that....he's the admin...I just hang around and annoy people from time to time :-)
  • Melissajoy417
    Priority rank:
    1. On demand
    2. Portable
    3. Discreetness
    4. Ease of use
    5. Performance

    As of now this is what seems to be most important to me. Not to say that this list won’t change in the future once I get some experience.

    I definitely have almost purchased the FF2 (had it in he shopping cart!) but it seems no one really loves it and for the price maybe it’s not worth taking the chance? I also almost purchased the grasshopper until I read through all the horror stories! The MV1 looks super cool but I am slightly concerned about the size. I was hoping for something I could keep tucked in my purse.

    The PAX, IQ, Dynavap and other mentions on here I think i will keep on my list as potential 2nd vape options but for now quick public consumption is my first priority

    I really appreciate everyone’s feedback, thoughts, and advice!
  • Gonzo
    Check out To The Cloud Vape Store . They have the option to try out a vape for a low price to see how you like it. They have FF2, Mighty, Crafty, PAX, etc.

    @To the Cloud
  • Futurevapors
    This is how I Roll
    100% Butane Power Baby

    But seriously, from what you mentioned I would defiantly suggest 1, any style of the Sticky Brick Labs line up anything from Dynavap range.

    I absolutely love ondemand, it's fun putting a little work in to a get a nice hit out of a vape, Pure Manul mode.

    I just had a my first Dynavap bowl of the day and it blew my head off so hard it had me saying to myself that I wished I hadn't done the hit. Totally scared of the sound of the wind style high :starstruck:

    Don't think about too much, You'll know when you know what you like.

    This is my current go to and it is 100% right up my street, basically a bong vape.
    Check it out, also an amazing amazing review.
    IMG_7520 (259K)
    IMG_7520 (259K)
  • Microvaper
    I just had a my first Dynavap bowl of the day and it blew my head off so hard it had me saying to myself that I wished I hadn't done the hitFuturevapors

  • Futurevapors
    i've never been so high in my life, Butane all day, all night :starstruck: :fire:
  • Baron23

    I wouldn’t be opposed to butane for home but I’d prefer battery for now as it seems more discreet for public consumptionMelissajoy417

    Just saying, mate...the lady said she doesn't want a butane vape, yeah?
  • Vapster707
    Why not some cartridge base pen vape or something ???
  • Baron23
    Why not some cartridge base pen vape or something ???Vapster707

    I have been using an oil vape pen but where I live,the cartridges are hard to come by and i don’t always know what I’m inhaling! I’m ready to invest in a solid dry herb vape.Melissajoy417
  • BestBuds
    Forgive me if I missed this but what do we think about the ArGo? Is that a possible contender?
  • justjustin
    On demand convection are the only vape s I want to use anymore. Absolutely love my MV1, Grasshopper and FW5. The Square is ok. Best taste and vApor go to mv1. Most compact, heavy hitter goes to grasshopper and the FW5 has been my go-to day use vape for quick, tasty micro doses. I've been using the FW5 more than anything lately. If I leave the house, the GH comes with me and I always forget I have it, it's so small but so powerful and effective. If your a camper, backpacker the GH is the way to go. The MV1 is more for home use and when I want the best flavor and most satisfying hits, the vapor is really different with this one. RE and GH are more on the go vape s for me.

    I've had an elevape which tasted great but vapor was weak and inconsistent results. The MistTouch didn't hit the spot for me, don't like the glass stems and vApor was hot. Haven't tried Firefly.
  • MothChewMoth
    if portable and on demand are your top priorities, I totally agree with @Futurevapors; either a Dynavap or Sticky Brick Jr are the way to go. I was also hesitant about having to use a torch, but it really pays off.

    I too came within seconds of buying the Firefly 2 but am SO happy I didn't. I had occasion to try it out and it's extremely hard to use correctly. On top of that it's CRAZY expensive and apparently doesn't have great support. It's also apparently a bitch to clean properly once it gums up.

    Grasshopper has always sounded cool aside from the crazy hot vapor, but their failure rate is pretty absurd and the turnaround on repairs is months long. I personally will probably never buy anything from them without seeing some serious mea culpas to their existing customers.

    The Ghost MV1 is really the only other option that offers true on demand convection. I personally think it's less discrete/portable than the Dynavap and SB JR due to its size. Plus you need to deal with the batteries if you're camping or whatever. While their customer support seems AMAZING, both proponents and critics say it's a finicky device and can be hard to get right for a first timer. This was another device I came extremely close to buying, but am waiting to see if their next product improves upon the design. It's also REALLY expensive.

    That's about all I have! Good luck with your decision!
  • Futurevapors
    No she said she wasn't opposed to Butane for home?

    I was showing her how I Roll with Butane.

    And I strongly suggest anyone entering the vape game own one or both products from Sticky Brick Labs and Dynavape as they are just professional level

    Both 100%
    Lifetime warranties
    Built to last
    Simple to use
    No charging or time limits

    And you will never see a thread on technical issues with Butane because there's no Tech, they just work all day all night :fire:
  • Cl4ud3
    I've just deleted a couple of posts here, you were asked politely a few times here to stay on topic.

    This user has asked for advice over a vape as she has been having a hard time deciding and what she doesn't need is being pushed down avenues she stated she wasn't looking for.

    As she stated she is looking for a discrete battery on demand so stop advising butane vapes and session units.
  • Futurevapors

    Sorry guys, I actually didn't see this

    "I wouldn’t be opposed to butane for home but I’d prefer battery for now as it seems more discreet for public consumption"

    No excuse from me lads I didn't read the whole thread before sharing how I Roll, and I did genuinely think Butane was included with on demand but as she clearly stated, she's looking for portable battery.

    Slap on the hand received :point: :monkey:
  • Cl4ud3
    I have given this some thought and you do have a bit of a predicament.

    If you're a light user the Firefly 2 might suit you but you need to know a couple of things.
    There is one way of holding and using it, you have to keep it flat and in front of your face.
    It needs stirring and when you do that herb will get stuck to any resins on the lid.
    The draw resistance is very high.

    If you can live with those things and you were a light user then it might be suitable but it does have a learning curve and you haven't used a herb vape before. As you said though a lot here don't like them but that can be said for a few vapes, you will either love them or you won't. It's expensive for a 2 year old vape.

    Closest to the Firefly 2 would probably be the Ghost MV1, it's similar in a lot of ways but imo the better unit. You have said the size has put you off and while it isn't that big it does have some weight to it.

    Personally I would take a look at a regulated vape maybe a Tubo Evic or Firewood 5, maybe they aren't the style for you but worth looking as it's another option.

    I would recommend one of the on demand unregulated vapes like the Milaana but I don't know if you would enjoy the warmth of the vapour so I'm sort of stumped as what else to recommend here.

    Maybe have a look and see what you think, ask some more questions and then decide.
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