• domiweed
    Noted. I'm referring to the actual device CCell Palm and not the battery. I've gotten 2 devices and after some use, it just stops drawing even after cleaning it.
  • Dr green thumb
    are you refilling a cartridge or it's new and just stops working? Or are you saying the battery isnt working and your cartridge still works on another battery?
  • BestBuds
    I find with my palm the carts get clogged easily because of the auto draw function. Like with a 1 gram cart it will start clogging about a ⅓ of the way through. It seems to darken the carts too telling me that it's still firing for a time after my draw is over. I am researching a new oil vape with a fire button as a replacement. I did buy a small CCell cart and transferred some of the oil from my clogged carts into the CCell cart and it doesn't get clogged anymore. So maybe try a CCell cart in the CCell Palm and it might fix your issue
  • Baron23
    without a fire button, it only heats when you draw. If the air intake gets a little plugged on the cart, its difficult to clear it without a fire button with which to preheat the cart.

    That's my only experience with draw problems with carts and the Palm. I will note that the real CCell carts I have gotten do not exhibit this issue...but CCell-like carts have.
  • Ctipp22
    is the palm better than an indigo pro pen?
  • Ironpeddler
    Just ordered 3 Silos w/extra magnets. Let's see how it goes. Thanks for the code Bud.

    Happy New Year!
  • VapePartsMart
    Thank you for your purchase! We'll get the tracking sent to your email within just a couple hours. I think Saturday delivery is likely!
  • Namekian
    It is awesome. It feels great in your hand and you get a ton of real nice hits of a single charge. Ordered a few from sneaky pete and love them! :)
  • Dr green thumb
    I use a silo I won from bud. I love it, most of the time it sits in the small front pocket of my Jean's loaded and ready to go.
  • Baron23
    HI VPM - what is the difference between the Palm an dthe Silo....just form factor? Otherwise, they seem very similar.
  • VapePartsMart
    Yes, really just form factor. The cartridge is also a bit more exposed on the Palm whereas the Silo just has a small window/cutout. The Silo is advertised at 500mAh and the Palm is advertised at 550mAh.
  • Baron23
    Thanks for the very quick reply!!

    I note on your site for the PCKT it says "works with all 510 cartridges".

    Is this the new PCKT with the wider opening as the carts in my med legal state are all just a tiny bit too wide to fit into the OG PCKT that I have.
  • VapePartsMart
    Here's a link to the new PCKT ONE PLUS. The hole is large enough to fit the wider cartridges so you won't have to use the extended adapter.

    Feel free to put your email address in on that listing to be notified when they are in stock and ready to ship, but I expect to have them by next week.
  • Baron23
    Thanks....put in my email for notification. But wow, they went up a bit from the first edition, no?
  • VapePartsMart
    MSRP of the original is actually $49.95, so just a $10 increase for the new version. We'll adjust our prices soon.
  • EconMan

    I added my addy as well because this seems perfect for my current and anticipated needs.
  • Oilbud
    So this has just recently started happening but whenever I slide my cart in the light turns on and it sounds like it’s preheating then it blinks then turns off then afterwards is really hard to pull from and can barely get a hit. Does anyone have an idea on what this is and how to fix it?
  • EconMan

    What is the SPRK Cartridge ?
  • Trix

    The SPRK cartridge is PCKT exclusive refillable cart for the PCKT one plus. Has the magnet built in which is nice.
    I recently picked one up. Still early for a review but I really enjoy the size and form factor of the PCKT one plus.
    I Will speak more about this little battery soon.
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