• okla68m
    1st Real Indoor Grow
    Had 5 of my 11 beans Pop...One actually Blew the Root Tip Off Itself....Really wanted OUT I guess. Unfortunately, I think it's Toast.
    Looking Forward to having Home Grown Free (yea, right) Eucalyptus to vape.
    Lots of Responsibility comes with that, I seem to feel. Almost like getting a "Pet" !
  • AnVom
    Hope to be at that stage by the end of the year, same boat you're in (money wise).

    Cali Green, Uptown Grow Lab and School of Hard Nugs are pretty good channels on youtube for references on different aspects of indoor cultivation
  • Kakarot
    Keep a eye for pistols or balls if your not trying to pollinate get the males out AS SOON AS YOU SEE THE BALLS.. if not it will ruin your females and all it takes is literally 1 sand grain of pollen to pollinate the fems.. also be prepared to devote time to your babies.
    It is literally like taking care of children... You have to live/breathe it at first and always look for ways to learn.
  • okla68m
    Yea, I understand the pitfalls of popping Unknown seeds....But, it's what I had and being from a Non Compliance state, take what you can get. Hopefully in Near future can get some Feminized seeds, or I can get a Clone from my neighbors plant just into flower...re-veg it !
  • bum karacho
    i´m happy for you, good luck, send pics or nudes... :clap:
  • okla68m
    10 of the 11 Popped....the 11th Literally Popped...it was First and Blew the Entire Root Tip off....Nothing else from the seed, but, the Root Tip has gone from 1.5mm to 3.0mm...unreal !
    My HGL Needs to get here !!!! YESTERDAY !!!
  • okla68m
    Lost the thread....did you comment with appropriate Nutes for my neighbors plant that this week started showing and I'm seeing it as looking Overall PALE ?
    Someone gave me #'s like 10-20-10...I KNOW THIS IS FOR LAWNS...just using for example of what I'm asking....
    Thought I Saved it, But..........."my thinking got me where I am" !
  • Wallace
    Two things I think might need to be said and it's
    1. Home grown is not free as everyone seems to think (some times you put in some $ and get nothing or almost nothing) and it is very very time consuming at first and later on just time consuming
    So if you add up the time and multiply by how much you get paid an hour at your day job ... Well it can be a bit $ worth of labor.
    It can still be better than buying (when you get it right) but one must like to take care of ones babys or it might not be worth it.
    P.S. I love it and can spend hours taking care of my babys but no every one does.
    Good luck and be patient
  • Kakarot
    For veg.. 16-16-16 or close to it is a good NPK ratio, for flowering something like 4-26-26, for like a end stage flower booster something around 5-50-17. Be careful with the last one my buddy never uses the one with super high Phosphorus because I have seen 1 TSP completely burn up a mater that easily had about 6-Oz & was about 4 and 1/2 ft tall.. The first 2 will do you good as well as some Cal-Mag or Blackstrap Molasses.
  • Kakarot
    I would start the pale chick on a 16x3 feed then after 2 weeks switch to the flowering nutes. It is also important that you do DO NOT switch to flowering nutes when you go to 12/12. Wait until she has nuggies about the size of a big BlackBerry then make the switch.
  • okla68m
    I'll save the above info for My Beans that have sprouted. ..got my Hnv31awsy9muehjmm.jpg
    HGLQB100 as I was walking out I f house to look at this baby.
  • Gonzo
    Nice, makes me want to do another grow (if I can talk the wife into doing another one).
  • okla68m
    Now...comes the HARD PART FOR ME.....Waiting to see what I've got....got 9 sprouts in 7 pots....Females to Males. ...ratio ? If Any...SIGH !
    18/6.....HGL QB100 3000K & 4' 2 bulb T12 Flourecent 4500K.....Temp 74°F measured at plant level (from HVAC Vent)....Temporary 5"X 5" pots, 3 gal. smart pots to arrive tomorrow(will transplant sprouts when Sex is known (Sex Unkown, Random seeds from product over last 4 years....(11)All Popped, one blew root tip off, one sprouted and croaked.....)
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