• vapeQ17
    So I've had my ghost for about 9 months now and all of a sudden it seems to be malfunctioning. I went to use it today and I did not hear the usual buzzing sound like I usually do while drawing. No vapor was produced and the unit did not seem to heat up at all. I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this issue and help me get a fix. I'm disappointed as I have enjoyed my MV1 thus far and would hate to see it break so randomly.
  • Vapedude
    How many LED lights is the battery indicator showing you? Just curious.
  • nowayout
    I second what Vapedude asked.
    I remember one time it would vibrate, but no sound, it would just stop. Turns out I only had one battery light and as soon as I switched the battery to a fresh one, it worked normally.
    It worried me at first because it had never done that, but I don't know if that would be the case for you as well, depending on your answer/troubleshoot.
  • Baron23
    tagging @ghost-ops in case they can help.
  • ghost-ops
    Thanks @Baron23

    Tagging @GHOSTTEAM in turn so he can see to this asap. @vapeQ17 we'll have some quick checks to do and we'll figure out a resolution and get you back up and running quick as we can.


    Thanks for the tag @ghost-ops

    Hi @vapeQ17

    Virgil here with GHOST CS. Happy to help. If you don't mind, I'm going to move our discussion to a direct message and then eventually to a formal support request through our official support channel, as we will need some information such as your ship-to address and such. Please look out for my message!
  • ployeext
    @vapeQ17 @ghost-ops

    I can confirm that i also have recently sent mine back to the UK dealer due to the device no longer heating up or making the high-pitched sound.

    I did the following:

    Resat the battery (The first time this fixed the device for x1 pull, after that despite multiple battery re-sitting it does not work)
    Deleted firmware and re-installed firmware
    Attempted to change temperature setting via the device and APP.
    Cleaned the device
    To the best of my ability checked to ensure nothing had fallen through to heating element.
    Checked battery had sufficient charge (Fully charged)

    I don't have another device or battery to do other tests. I'm confident it isn't the battery as the device starts up and enables me to navigate the small menu. It also shows the normal lights i would expect when supposedly heating up and hitting the 'time to vape' button.

    The device in terms of the lights show no error/alerts.

    Really disappointed. Got mine for my 30th in April. 4 months later my £265 device is now on it's way to hopefully get fixed.
  • ghost-ops
    Hi @ployeext

    Believe me we're as disappointed as you are to hear that you're having problems like this so soon after your purchase, and our sincere apologies for this. We currently only have one authorised UK retailer, and assuming you purchased from them I know that they will get this turned around as quickly as they can, they're good guys.

    I speak to them fairly regularly so I'll drop you a PM now, get a couple of details and see if there's anything we can do to speed the process up.


  • ployeext
    Hi Mark.

    Thanks for the response. As per your request I have reached out to you via PM.
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