• grizzlybear
    Hi I'm against the whole collection thing and need funds for the Nomad. So I am selling my trusted Elevape Smart 2.0. I got it a year and a half ago and it is still as sturdy as ever. I am including many spare parts and extra bits. I will list that below. Price right now is at $170 USD. I'll cover shipping if your in the US. Take a look at the pictures, they should explain what your getting very well. A note on quality. Fully functional, minor cosmetic damage as you can see in the photographs. The chamber lid magnets fell of but it works just the same, also there is a brand new on in the spare parts I've included. The coil still works as good as ever but there are 2 more new ones as spares. You can mess with it if you like but I would recommend you tweak the temperatures on the app before opening it up for coil manipulation.

    Photos: https://imgur.com/a/4Qblq39


    Extra chamber lid with concentrate pad
    Extra screens and spare parts
    Stir lid attachment w/washer
    2 never used extra coils
    Elevape smart 2.0 unit
    Power brick
    Allen key

    Not Included that was originally:

    Charging cable (it's micro USB so I'm sure you've got 20)
    Manual & Box. I'm bummed about the manual, I think I will email someone and see if I can get a digital copy for you.

    Lastly you should note the company who made this IPuffUSA is gone, the elevape is discontinued, so the lifetime warranty does you no good, and there is no company for support.

    That will turn some folks off but it's a neat collectors item for vape heads. and also It still works great, and you've got spare parts to last you a long time. When the battery craps out you can open up the unit a step further than you do for regular cleaning (opening this voids your warranty, but there is none) and swap it out. If your decent with electrics that is. The 2 ESV pages on fuckcombustion have more than enough info should you ever have questions search there. And here is a link to the website where you can download the App. http://www.elevapesmart.eu/download
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