• okla68m
    IMO, if you just want to Decarb, Without causing THC to Crack Off, KEEP YOUR TEMP BELOW 250°F! THC Volitilizes/Vaporizes at approximately 313°F. Cooking it to 366°F will cause Too Many Cannabinoids to Vaporize off even if Not Drawing on it, IMO ! You can either enjoy the THC while Vaping and Eat the Used/ABV or enjoy a Stronger effect by just Decarbing, Then consuming.
    Don't think you can Have your cake and eat it Also.
    Strong One Way or the Other.
    I've found anything made from ABV, to be Very Sedating, Not Suitable for Daytime use !
  • DatDus
    Hey, yesterday I made salted fudge from my AVBv7f60ahmtpygb5ie.jpg
    I used 60 grams of AVB and 120 grams of butter .
    Lost a bit of butter and used 100 grams of butter in the mix
    I took 10 grams today and it's awesome :blush:
    So now I have about 45 portions of fudge :halo:

    I smoke about a gram a day, so I wonder what the potency is.. When it just kicked in it felt a bit heavy, but now an hour later I'm very chilled out.
    Edibles are unavailable here, unless it's homemade..
  • VapeCritic
    Super cool how does it taste??
  • DatDus

    I think the taste is fine, it's actually butter(100g), sugar(150g)and condensed milk(400g)..
    Not too much weed taste..
  • 52
    I have tried vaping MV1 abv in my DaVinci IQ at 430° through glass and got great vape for a few hits.
  • tripertronic
    I love the hot chocolate with avb. Great taste. But only with my volcano avb. That isn't so dark.
  • okla68m
    I've been saving my MV1 ABV and using it in my XS. It's a Nighttime thing, too heavy for any Function during the day. 190°C for a 5 minute session will usually produce Large volumes of vapor for the first 3 minutes then trails off. Haven't tried consuming any from the MV1....The ABV from using the XS has THAT TASTE even After a 5 day Wash...tried several times....Tincture, Concentrate and Eating....Hit and Miss, 'cept for the COUGH, LOL !
  • 52

    Cool! After I run my mv1 abv through my iqs conduction oven it comes out like dark dark brown dry crumbs
  • Vapeur Rogue
    With my last batch of ABV, I mixed runs of coconut oil and homemade dairy ghee-in other words, I re-ran ABV until I could not get any more result from it and then blended these- like Mr. White- my result was the strongest butter I've ever had ( I have never used everclear -so can not speak to that) . My result was a concentrate- in order to get the effect I prefer, I use a minimal amount of the butter- diluted with nonmedicated ingredients, usually, once it also will help accentuate the experience. Butter, cream, coconut, etc. -I don't mind, it mellows the flavor considerably.

    Can mix into Honey,Nut butters, Carmel, chocolates, Maple butter/Fudge/Ducle de Leche idea is fantastic!- ( both homemade harder chocolates and used it with drinking chocolate) use as steak butter, use in Butter Ramen, over roast corn, just to name a few ideas

    I hope to put up a batch of ABV honey, and at some point do an all medicated Honey+ Butter blend.My favorite edible is infused herbal teas- a tea concentrate with herb along with the other botanicals- like a lemon ginger with orange peel.

    .@ZRN - I found an amber jar for my abv jar due to this and -privacy- both of my finds were great ( my first was an old coffee mate creamer jar I found on ebay, but when I recently got my vape spittoon lid, I upgraded to a vintage amber mason.

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  • BobCat
    Hi @Vapeur Rogue! Nice to have you on the forum. If you want to tag someone you need to use the '@' symbol above the text box. If you use the '@' on your keyboard, it will not work. :victory:
  • MrGreen
    I vape exclusively at 338f so my abv is pretty potent.
    I water wash for a week.
    Dry thoughtly
    Soak in 70% absinthe
    Evaporate in a water bath till a resin
    Add mct oil and enjoy
  • bum karacho
    at the moment i make a ethanol 96% extract . i let it reduce,when they are only 20ml left i fill it in a small bottle.than i give 25 drops in nonalcoholic drink 2h before i go to bed.than i sleep like a baby.
  • ZRN
    @Vapeur Rogue - Are you water treating the AVB and how are you filtering the final product?

    I've been using a fine filter from Magical Butter suspended from a wire with clothes pins. The filter drains into a housing for cone type coffee filter broken away from an old coffee maker balanced on two Kleenex boxes (just the right height) and into a plastic graduated pitcher. It has occurred to me that this might not be the best way for an increasingly clumsy individual. There has to be a better way to filter butter and oil?

  • slamcmy
    I save my AVB in mason jars, and i only use it to make canna butter for cup cakes or cookies .. Its super convenient :love: :love:
  • zancru
    ABV before....


    ABV treatment....


    ABV after mixing with coconut oil....


    Stay vaped...
  • Vapeur Rogue

    I wash my ABV a few times- can't recall right off how many (has been about a year since my last batch) but otherwise, no treatment- I strained with cheesecloth and a funnel last time.
  • bum karacho

    tHx My FrIeNd !
    nice pics !
  • zancru

    I don't water rinse or wash my ABV with water.... I just collect enough.... mix it with coconut oil.... heat in glass open container in a water bath.... water will boil.... coconut oil will just melt and release/absorb the leftovers on the ABV..... strain as needed for purity.... extra strain for cooking.... using fine micron cloths or raw double/triple coffee filters as needed....
    If extra potency is needed.... use more ABV.... either way there's a physical/chemical ratio where coconut oil, will absorb CBDs and CBNs.... don't really remember the numbers now... they exist.... jajajjajaja
    I use it for cooking..... or like butter on toast.... or externally, for sex... massage.... muscular pains.... and everything else.....
    Stay vaped.
  • Vapeur Rogue
    @zancru I use my blend (ghee and coconut oil) for many things too- in cooking in things/or on toast, r steak, or with cheeses. I have other ideas posted above.
  • ZRN
    double/triple coffee filters as needed....zancru

    Could you explain how you do that? The method I've been using desperately needs improvement, it is messy and wasteful but I have not imagined a better way yet.

  • Futurevapors
    Lately I'm extracting around 90/95% THC so i'm still throwing my AVB away, I've come to realize it's a bit of a waste to keep AVB as it has 5% life in it and IMO you are better of trying to squeeze everything out of it in your vape.
  • bum karacho
    i did a ethanol extraction 96% with a lot of avb(750ml char avb). i filterd it and reduced it to 25ml......
    one hour ago i took 5ml in icetea...it hits soooo hard :starstruck: :starstruck: :starstruck:
    some people would call it to much...
  • Morman Preacher
    I just throw mine out :monkey:
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