• Mtbowls
    I smoked a blunt yesterday.
  • LabPong
    I smoked a blunt yesterday.Mtbowls

    And.... while having an Elev8R...... :scream:
  • Mtbowls
    The horror...the horror.
    @Baron23 That means that one tiny atom in my fingernail could be one tiny little universe.
  • Vapedude
    As long as you didn’t mix it with commercial tobacco, all is forgiven.

    Cuz if you did...
  • deep_meditation
    What's up with the spliffs...

    When I first started vaping I watched a video about people's first experiences with vaping. A guy who I think might have been French said he liked the vaporizer and thought it was nice because he was looking for a tobaccoless way to enjoy weed. At the time it confused me... now I guess I understand.

    "Yes, I'm looking for a nut free way to enjoy a hot fudge sunday. This ice cream concoction with whipped cream, hot fudge and couple of cherries will do the trick."
  • Mtbowls
    I think he said it was hemp fiber skins, pure weed, I'm not a total savage.
  • Mtbowls
    Was coughing a tiny bit this morning,but there is a lot of forest fire smoke in the air. The forest fires this time last year was when I started vaping. Too much coughing, back then.
  • Futurevapors
    it's almost bred into us that tobacco is use to smoke cannabis, it does my head in, a lot of the people in Ireland trying to support legislation of cannabis have admitted they are still addicted to tobacco when I've asked them the big question.

    I was too last yr but I seen the truth and quit overnight thru vaping pure cannabis, it's the heathiest move I've made todate.

    Recently I've been on a crusade talking to people online regarding why people still use tobacco and some people are clearly addiction to cannabis spliffs directly due to the tobacco, it's a huge issue I feel as once you ditch the shit chemical soaked tobacco and pick up any vape, your whole life will around you not having to carry an addiction because cannabis is not addictive IMO
  • Rich
    I quit cigs about 8 years ago..Smoked them for 35 years..I am afraid the damage is done..Also worked building scenery for film and TV in a scene shop. We used all kind of toxic stuff...I use the Source Orb and a dab rig for conc. but I really think that is still combustion..
  • Futurevapors
    I went to my partners nans house last week, we walked into the kitchen and some woman was there smoking a cigarette, and I had my 8month old daughter in my arms, she just carried on puffing away and no body said a word, even my partner because it's her nans house, thankfully she finish it quickly and I didn't get to walk straight out, witch I was fighting the urge to :rage:

    Like how crazy weird is this situation, we're all brain washed to tiny little pieces, as it's clearly 100% not ok to smoke them inside around children, it's beyond selfish.

    Now my partner won't let me touch my vapes until the kids are in bed because she doesn't want them to see what I'm doing with them "inhaling natural cannabis, but she's allowed to smoke cigarettes in the garden at what ever time she feels like one and The kids seeing her dosn't come into play because cigarettes are legal, kill more than the population of USA in the last 40yrs but it's legal so it's totally ok??

    Isn't it so strange I'm the odd one out with my totally healthy vaping but it's totally demonised and no one can ever put their finger on why it's forbidden and still the common theory is that it will mess with your Brain or lazy, when my last yr of vaping pure cannabis has been one of the most educational life studies I've learnt.

    So many sheep out there but the human race is coming out of it's infancy and at a nice strong rate.

    If people still wanna smoke I hope that they can come up with cbd strain with low THC and just make cigarettes out of that because let me let you one thing, the future is all about doing "Clean" things efficiently

    people only smoke because they're addictied, addicted to being addicted then moan that they are addicted to it while liting up, and that's how I seen myself smoking for 15yrs.
  • Karec
    Not for a while and most of the time i feel im push in to it by old time friends that i always combust with before.... but by my own free will not ever again!!!! its like licking an ashtray
    Cheers :cool:
  • bum karacho
    i forget on the click, heat up to much , combustion first smoking in 6 months
  • Lucic and Chong
    I signed up at a new dispensary recently and they gave me a free J for signing up. I thought to myself- "wow, I haven't smoked a J in forever, this is going to be fun"

    I was wrong. Half way through I put it out, went and brushed my teeth and used mouthwash, then had a vape.

    As for the tobacco thing, that used to drive me nuts when people would do that (when I was still a combustor). Especially when I wasn't first warned about it. I don't smoke cigs, never have, and I would feel sick from the tobacco added. I could always tell on the first draw, and then I'd get mad at my friends for not letting me know first.
  • Vapedude
    .....I could always tell on the first draw, and then I'd get mad at my friends for not letting me know first.Lucic and Chong
    Ya, me too, back when I used to do spliffs(combust), and even pass it around..

    When someone else would roll it, that arrogant tobacco trickery, would piss me off to the point of...I never want to see you again dude :rage: , in a quiet sort of way.

    It was more about insulting my intelligence than anything else. Lol

    Ironically, today, those same blokes, are not doing so well health wise :( .

    Glad I pulled out when I did :100: :strong: .
  • juxt
    Glad I pulled out when I didVapedude
    Uhhhhhhhh, yeah ;)
  • AnVom
    I met with my friend relatively recently and he smokes, so we shared a spoon pipe as I gave him a couple dabs. His flower seemed to be better than mine- sometimes you need to combust to know how good your sh!t is.
  • Vapedude
    Uhhhhhhhh, yeah :wink:juxt


    ; )
  • Bud
    Smoking out of a bowl or water pipe is nasty to me now, I can't do it :vomit: but I smoke J's every day, totally addicted :death:

    Oh and I used to smoke cigs for a while and when I quit them my bud use went into overdrive :ok:
  • Bud
    puffpuffpuff (842K)
  • Vapedude
    :naughty: hey combusters!

    Y’all kno u want some ; )

  • Futurevapors
    hahaha I remember the days when we would sit around in a small group, 2 drag passing joints.

    Who ever rolled the spliff obviously had rollers rights so they would smoke it first of course, but they would always put more weed at the top of the joint "for them" hahahaah

    Remember the song called "Dancing in the Mood light" Yeah we use to sing that song while they were putting in the green as a warning Not to Top Load the joint, because the Artist of that song was called "Top Loader" :rofl:

    Memories hey
  • kebcatmorgan

    ...and yeah, I combusted this weekend, but it was a hemp blunt :sweat:
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    my girlfriend met someone claiming to be a grower from alaska. he hooked her up with a nice size nug, but they must not flush there stuff out at all. first bowl tasted so bad out of the vape that I chose to combust the next one, just so I wouldn't have to taste it. I really hope this guy wasn't really a grower, this shit is terrible!
  • Rich
    I too must confess I smoked a joint today and got 1/2 a zip..As an ex cig smoker I am really enjoying a joint for a change..Got me toasted and felt real good. Wont continue flower for to long...
  • BestBuds
    I don't combust at all but if I did, damn would I want the Marley Naturals collection. :heart:

  • juxt

    Yeah, even though I rarely combust I have a lot of those...pretty good stuff.
  • Papic914
    Last time I smoked was two weeks ago and I combusted i slightly combusted in my sticky brick today :sad: .
  • John Cocktostone
    I have been lately. And I've been using conduction vapes. Less harsh on my throat
  • acstorfer
    Welcome to the revolution! Okay, I’m just celebrating my right to combust.

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