• artv4nd3l4y
    I decided to go with VapeXhale EVO recently, and so far it's been great. As a device it's very simple, and is able to do both flower and concentrates with equal performance in my opinion.

    Another big contender is the FlowerPot which I considered, but personally it wasn't the right choice at this time. Simplicity is important, and the Flower Pot has quite a few pieces. In smaller places the EVO only has limited pieces, and is simply more compact. Overall it seems much more likely to break your glass with a Flower Pot (although dropping the EVO is almost certain death as well and needs a lot of care), of course I don't mean to talk bad about Flower Pots, as I actually still want one. I'm also not a fan of needing to stir flower, but it's understandable from the design. These were the main reasons I went with the EVO over the Flower Pot.

    For flower the EVO is very efficient, the small amount of herb in the chamber really goes a long way. A big reason I wanted the EVO was the glass nail, and it was worth it. After using it I'm glad to not have gone with any kind of dab rig, I am just amazed by how the EVO does super low temp dabbing... I barely need to go above 12 which is under 400F, and the clouds are incredible relative to the dab size. I was starting out a lot higher, but realized there wasn't much reason to, but it depends on the effects you want, obviously hotter will be more intense.

    The EVO barely needs to be cleaned, I'm still using the same water from when I got it and can't see any change. Dab rigs get disgusting quickly, so this is a huge advantage to me that you only need to clean a small amount of glass overall. I couldn't be more pleased with this desktop vape, and can see exactly why people rave over this thing so much.

    Not much else to say. The design is simply amazing, all glass vapor path, and a vape that can use flower and concentrates equally. The glass nail really makes the liquid pad look like shit, I'll be even more disgruntled using one ever again. The only thing that can compete with this IMO is the Flower Pot, but for my use currently the EVO made a lot more sense.

    The Flower Pot would be easier to do mass dabbing, but that's not something I'm into atm. It would be difficult to use one EVO glass nail for dabbing repeatedly, because after it's hot you would have to take it out to load it again (it would melt quickly as you loaded it). An easy option is to get multiple glass nails which I will be doing (also allows you to pre load multiple dabs), of course the price tag will go up then with a vape that's not cheap to begin with. For users that are more concentrate friendly, this may be a good reason to go with the Flower Pot, it's very much like a dab rig.

    Overall I feel like comparing the Flower Pot and EVO is like comparing a Ferrari with a Lamborghini, you really want them both at the end of the day. The question is which one will you get first?


    Added by @VapeCritic - Check out my VapeXhale EVO review page and watch my full review video below. If you end up ordering one use my promo code STAYUP10 to get 10% off :ok:

  • Cannabliss420
    @artv4nd3l4y I use flowerpot for flower and evo for my rosin. Flowerpot vapes the pucks after pressing. Just made tincture out of 2 oz of saved avb from vaping pucks. Theirs still cbd in it.c0xo9v1ry5f2ttqs.jpg
  • VapeCritic
    Let's use this thread for a little while to discuss the EVO! :100:
  • Bruce
    I got an email RE:Selected products 30% -70% off some products at VapeXHale. It's high (no pun intended) on the Vape Critics review site and has received much praise from Bud and other contributors to this forum. (The Vape Critic Review Site - For Vape X Hale.

    if you go to their website Vape X Hale's Official website

    The coupon codes are listed.

    The Sale Ends Wednesday, January 9th, 2019 at midnight.

    Peace, Love & Vape.

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Baron23
    Love my EVO...truly do. I have an OG Turbine HT and a Calyx. I mostly use the Turbine HT with a bit of water...I do like the water in it.

    The Calyx is an interesting glass piece....sort of turns the EVO into a bit more of a sipper than a ripper to my mind.

    I had an issue with my unit in the first month or so...can't remember exactly...and warranty service experience was just fine (except for the wait time of shipping to/from CA/MD.

    I do not use it for concentrates. I have boro nails, just don't use them for that.

    I DO, however, like to put in some flower, drop in a bit of keif, then bit more flower and hit it. Lovely.

    I vape almost exclusively at night prior to bed for pain/sedation. I don't want to fuck around and I'm not looking for a life style alternative. I want to get high, get very high, get very high very fast. The EVO really fits for this use case, IMO.

    I run mine always at right around 1:15 on the temp dial.

    I load my ELBs with .15 - .2 g generally. Sometimes fill to a third of the ELB....more often lately to half. I do NOT try to fill it entirely.

    The darn thing is a work horse and my four desktops are Volcano, E-nano, FP SH, and the EVO (not sure...I would guess the G43 fits in this category also....sort of?)

    I have heard people complaining about a whistling sound coming from their bamboo (this the glass tube that runs from top to bottom and which is heated and, in turn, heats the air for full convection vaping). After years of flying, riding motorcycles, and shotgunning....I def don't hear a thing from my EVO! hahaha

    If you do have this issue and it bothers you, you may want to try to put a bit of cotton or hemp fiber in the bottom air entrance to change the airflow slightly and see if that will help. Others have said that after a bit of use....and I suppose a bit of reclaim accumulation...it stops.

    I have had mine for a good while....month shy of two years....use it often, clean the ELBs and the HTs, but I have never had to clean the bamboo at all. Its still good.

    Also, I rather like Seibo and VXH vibe. Not a fan boy, just kind of like what I have seen of the guy.

    The short story is that the EVO is a true convection power house and is dead easy to use with no learning curve.
  • ChlorophyllMan
    I bought the Evo because I wanted a desktop that was easy to get out and put away again as we don't have much space in our flat.

    I'm very pleased with its extraction abilities given the compromise in overall set-up size (compared to the FP for example). I remove the ELB and shake between draws instead of stirring and get wonderfully even AVB.

    But I think the full retail price of even the basic kit is very expensive. I got a great 50% off deal during a flash sale but I don't think I'd pay full price for a replacement.
  • Cuckfumbustion
    Glad that others have found a solution for the whistle. For me however, The whistle means SUCCESS when I'm testing out my glass setups!

    The Sale Ends Wednesday, January 9th, 2019 at midnight.Bruce
    They offer a grinder that is on sale for $9. FWIW.

    Own 2 EVO's and had one sent out to be re-calibrated at one point by their 'vape doctor'.
    So glad I had a backup and that it also arrived GTG with a free ELB inside!

    Just don't procrastinate on registering a new one or having the serial and registered code on an older model. :nerd:

    And fake EVO's exist.... So if it's too good of a deal to be true, Well......
  • Bruce
    Thanks for the heads up.

    Everyone who buys's vapes should know. Buy from the manufacturer or Bud's Links (Best discounts) and sometimes extra's (on the bottom of his reviews.

    E-bay Fake City - don't buy the accredited authentic BS. eBay can sue me but there are more fakes than real. Craig's list - Fake city.

    Most of the shops I go to are fun just to check out the Vapes. Many dishonest ones will give you parts and shrink wrap it, to make it look never opened.

    Trust me... the manufacturer or Bud's Link on bottom of his reviews.

    It's a horrible feeling to know you got some foreign replica on the outside and probably not safe to use.

    Peace, Love & Vape.

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • ChlorophyllMan
    @Cuckfumbustion @Bruce I've never seen a fake Evo but am now curious about them - do you have any links to these known fakes?

    I've just emailed my S/N to VapeXhale to verify authenticity.
    I paid £180 for mine which came with the Precision Turbine. It was on offer at everyonedoesit.co.uk for £224 In May last year but I had a 20% discount voucher which I applied to that.
    Yeah I know it's "too good to be true" but there you have it :smile:
  • Cuckfumbustion
    @ChlorophyllMan Not finding the links now. Which is a blessing. I and a few did post about this topic in the FC thread,

    Well some Ebay sellers, or I should say Ebay accounts with say a 0 seller rating is one example. So they disappear and re-appear. There is one I remember that had no open screen on the top. Just a flat plastic surface.:lol:

    VXL has been going after that and Ebay might have stepped up since then. But old head shops might have a dusty fake around to sell.

    I bought both of mine used from regular folks with all the info for VXL. Because...Glass.
    The warranty and piece of mind is worth the investment. Only buy from an authorized dealer. I'm sympathetic to those abroad who need to seek one in their corner of the globe.

    Hey, Y'all. If you know a reputable authorized non-US EVO sellers and to send repairs/calibrations to. Plz share with the group.:100:
  • ChlorophyllMan
    If you know a reputable authorized non-US EVO sellers and to send repairs/calibrations to. Plz share with the group

    Vapefiend sell the Evo in the UK and offer the bamboo replacement service but I don't know if they do other repairs, probably worth asking: https://vapefiend.co.uk/products/bamboo-replacement-servcie
  • John Cocktostone
    Love the evo with a small pack and just one tasty fluffy hit....rinse and repeat.

    Also with the Lynx whip it's even better
  • Bruce
    just the person who mentioned it here.
  • bum karacho
    Turn on your EVO to max temp.
    Grind your herb fine, between fine and very fine.
    Load 1/3 of the ELB.
    After at least 5-10min heat soak, depends on room temp, season, dial back the temp between 12 and 2:30 PM on the dial. PLEASE REMEMBER BETWEEN 2:45-3:00PM ON THE DIAL AND UP YOU'LL COMBUST WITH HERBS. REMEMBER TO BRING BACK THE DIAL AFTER THE HEAT SOAK.
    For concentrates, I'll go with small dabs, really small, because after the first big inhale, any oil or wax imo in the EVO, will taste funny, 2nd hit on an EVO nail is not as pleasant imo. Temperatures around 2:30-3:30pm on the dial will be quick and efficient.
    I have better dabbing rigs.
    For hashish, you're golden, specially the funny european/moroccan kind, that don't melt all the way because it's mixed, crumble it first, do little pieces at a times.
    For moroccan hashish you can use an ELB too.
    Enjoy an amazing heavy hitter

    thx again for this advice @zancru

    Love my evo
  • RollingStoned
    Evo is my daily, after trying Volcano and Enano, this thing milks so white i feel like im combusting. Hits are 10/10, flavor is surreal
    I dont think i will replace it anytime soon
  • MothChewMoth
    Thought this random shot to a friend's turned out pretty cool.

  • notlow
    I'm interested how the EVO compares to something small like the E-nano
  • zancru
    EVO is a faster, less complicated e-Nano on steroids, with the extra ability to better handle concentrates, and easy to pair with any 18mm female rig.
    Stay vaped.
  • RollingStoned

    Enano is for 1 person, evo works great for 2 people.
    The enano has stronger and a little more harsh vapor, evo is like inhaling oxygen.
    I ended up giving the enano to my sister and she absolutey loves it since she cant afford an evo and the ELB might be a little big for her.
    I really like the evo, every single hit is satisfiying and when i use it on 2 oclock abv is very dark
  • bum karacho
    KIEF SANDWICH !!!!!!!!!!!!
    best ever.....in the elb at 1 o´clock
    bomb kush and dry shift kief
    sooooo much steam unbelivable!!!!
    love my EVO every day more!!!!!
    :starstruck: :starstruck: :starstruck: :love: :love: :love: :starstruck: :starstruck: :starstruck:
  • EconMan

    Thanks for this. I've never used nor even in person seen an EVO. Sounds like a powerful option for people.
  • juxt
    I haven't seen @artv4nd3l4y in a while, hoping all is well brother!
  • MothChewMoth
    just ended my T break last night with the EVO and a stacked Helio/Lynx with water and it was pretty phenomenal. Super smooth, super tasty, and hit like a train. I only did a single ELB and needed a break after my second hit. Started at 12 position and ended about 1 position. More experimenting in the next few days!
  • juxt

    Great job man! I don't go much above 1, even with trates on the EVO, so watch yourself there ;)

    Super stoked that you like it brother!
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    does that mean you got the job? Congrats.
  • MothChewMoth
    Unfortunately not. After being in this interview process since NOVEMBER, the company came back with the worst answer, not yes or no. Essentially said the teams can't decide on the final job functions (for a brand new position) and it's going to take another month or two before it's finalized. So all that for a non-answer, and I've been crazy stressed, so just decided to stop waiting.
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    man not knowing is the worst. I'm sorry to hear that. I'll send some good vibes yourway
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