• bum karacho
    i thought my evo produce a lot of steam but is not so tasty!
    after 3 months heavy use i cleaned the bamboo the first time......... :lol: :rofl:
    now i know the vapexhale is tasty very tasty :razz:
    now i´ll clean it every week and never use it for concentrates again! (i swear)
  • Karec
    :lol: :rofl: :lol: :rofl: :lol: :rofl: :lol: yeah im done with concentrates on the EVO most of the times gets dirty and mess the flavours up.... only herbs

  • Vapster707

    Bad for concentrates ??? I haven't tried concentrates yet but read tha evo is great with them ...
  • bum karacho

    with quarz or ceramic and torch i´ve better taste....
    but the Evo is great for hash and drysift.
    and one of the best dryherb vapes i know
  • Karec
    :chin: Not bad for concentrates.... bad for cleaning and if you overload a really huge mess that will need a deep clean to use it again with concentrates or dry herb, and a deep clean is not that easy to do
    Wheres an example how nasty if u overload...


    Nasty right?! U will not use for anything if you dont clean this mess the flavour is nasty AF

    Only with a clean nail u get good flavour after u need to clean it properly to use it again, so although works good i rather use my HVT SAI, Puffco Plus or Linx to use concentrates because the flavour is as good and they are easy to load, clean, and portable.
    I dont even use my crafty or mighty to do it because these are great with concentrates and the others with dry herb.

  • bener
    I use my EVO for both concentrates and flowers all the time and have for over a year without having any issues.

    The best explanation I can think of for my experience differing from those of you that complain of nasty flavors is that I always use relatively small loads of concentrates. I will do two or three smaller loads in my glass tubes rather than one large load. Having more than two tubes is key.

    Also, every month or so, I carefully fill the bamboo with fresh ISO, then use the caps that came on the top and bottom of the glass bamboo to seal the bamboo. I let it sit overnight and then empty the ISO. I let the interior dry without heat, and later I will start at the very lowest heat setting to gradually (over an hour or more) bring the temperature to around 12 o’clock position to make sure any traces of ISO are gone.

    I finish this process off by then blowing into the bottom of the bamboo to “push” out air from the bottom through to the top.

    Another added benefit of using smaller loads is that the nails are much,much easier to keep clean.
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