• juxt

    Agreed ... generally displeasing.
  • Baron23
    not really displeased w the vape. As I have said, there is certainly a place and market for a good, standard conduction portable.

    But that’s what it is, IMO.
  • juxt

    Duly noted sir! Not displeased, just MEH...
  • Baron23
    pretty much w a small dose of resentment for the big marketing spin.
  • Startedat52
    I’ll stay with my iq. Probably the only and last new conduction vape I buy. Might get a pax 2 someday because of how small and stealthy it is. The iq is pretty stealthy with the regular mouthpiece already though.
  • mamaSAID
    what’s the marketing spin? I’ve only seen reviews
  • Cl4ud3
    Don't Tvape own Zeus ? I've not seen one review so far for it only what looks like paid advertisements from product showcase channels.
  • Baron23
    what’s the marketing spin? I’ve only seen reviewsmamaSAID

    Engineered in "Germany" (sigh). Its a Chinese manf conduction vape. Nothing wrong with that, but please....really?

    Gold plating of a couple of small parts as some sort of heat sink. There isn't enough gold there to absorb even a fraction of a BTU.

    The review posted on their site is like most reviews on their site....no byline and they make it appear as if it was an independent review when its nothing of the sort. Its TV's review of TV's vape.

    As I may have mentioned, my very first vape was a TV Zeus which was a straight up Flowermate rebrand and I did so based on a review posted on TV before I understood that this was TV posting their own review of their own vape....exact same as a FM, but a bit more $$.

    Then there is this"Zeus Arc and refers to the temperature settings as temperature cycles.....(sic)...you should be able to have a session on each cycle with the same chamber of herbs, effectively stretching the amount of herbs you are consuming over 3 different sessions."
    This to me is complete spin on the fact that this vape has a limited number of preset temps and not degree precision temp setting....but they try to spin this as its some sort of advantage when its nothing of the sort.

    If someone bought one, I'm sure it would work fine....just like any straight up conduction vape with the oven right under the MP. But, it its nothing more than that.

    Now, this is just my view and I'm nobody. I'm not emulating Bud's view or posting this in support of anyone else's view. Just my take so judge its value accordingly.
  • EasyToSlip
    Your comments are spot on. I like the form factor of the Zeus and was curious. However, TVape marketing of this is complete bullshit and is offensive. I will not purchase anything from them.
    "German engineering", "gold vapor path" ??? Come on!
  • Summer
    It's available for pre-order for $229 & the ss version is $199.
  • 420V
    Another misleading marketing point, is their three sessions all day farcical claim. You will never get there without cleaning, stirring, and starving for more than one decent pull.
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