• denchu
    I was wondering if anyone had experience with both Mini nails and Bee-nails who is willing to provide an opinion on which they prefer. I am new to enails. Have dome torch dabs, and used various portable enails like the Sourcevapes nail but am looking for something a little more robust as I am tired of having to wait on new atomizers to arrive in the mail and it seems like enail coils may last longer than atomizers. Thanks

  • PuffItUp
    The only enail I've liked so far is the ditanium, because if I knock it over it won't burn my place down. I'm one clumsy guy!

    A lot of people like the stuff newvape sells though :)

    To be honest, most controllers are the same, they are rebranded from china. The coils/nails are where I tend to see differences pop up

  • bum karacho
    the ditanium is a beauty,industrial rustic not to expensive. i would be happy to hear more about this vape...the only thing i dont like is concentrat on wood. i think its not easy to clean. do you use it or just try it
  • Baron23
    so, we are talking enails, not pens/mods with atomizers, right?

    If so, then IMO opinion the two best enails are the Liger Banger from CCA710 and the Slim Line with SiC Halo from D-nail.

    Unfortunate part is CCA710's business practices and deliver performance completely and utter suck balls. That, and for reasons no one quite understands, D-nail is out of stock of a bunch of stuff.

    So, I would suggest to you the following for a great enail rig:

    1. 25mm quartz banger with opaque bottom, barrel coil, and coil retention clip kit from 710coils.com . His bangers are China made, but are (by popular opinion) at least equal to Highly Educated, Eternal Quarz, Toro....but at a fraction of the price. P.S. - ask Shane to fit your coil to your banger...he will gladly do it and you will have an example of how tight a coil should be on quartz (and hence what is too tight).


    I have his 25mm banger and coil and they are GREAT quality and Shane is 100% on top of customer service.

    2. Get an Auber RDK-200 or RDK-300 controller. I can recommend these products without reservation for a number of reasons incl that they are an industrial instrument company located in GA and they actually have tech support that answers the phone and speaks English.


    I own an RDK-300

    3. Go to DHGate and pick out the bubbler of your choice. I suggest Popular Glass, Clean Clear Glass, and Sunshine store as trusted DHGate vendors who deliver a decent product. Since you will be using a quartz banger, no need to get a drop down unless you want one.


    4. Get a bubble carb cap...you can find them cheap on DHGate or one just like this will do very finely:

    DHGate: https://www.dhgate.com/product/infinite-universal-super-pure-crystal-quartz/388970242.html?f=edm|auto|order_confirm_2017|browse1|20170122

    USA: https://shop.madhustleinc.com/products/bubble-cap-clear-xl?variant=33826769169

    I have both.

    This all will constitute a top notch enail, IME.

    A relaxing night at the Baron residence:

  • PuffItUp
    We have 3 in the shop, jake owns one, Randy owns one, and then there is the shop one. We rip them all the time, and have gotten pretty baked on live streams :D

    We haven't had any herb or wax get on the wood yet, so I don't know about cleaning that. That being said we've had at least one of the 3 running for over a month and a half without that issue popping up yet

  • denchu
    Thanks for the quick thorough responses. I have some new options to look into now. And you are correct Baron. I already own and use a Source Vapes e-nail thing and I like it a lot but I am impatient and would like to stop having to wait for replacement atomizers to be in stock and shipped from Source. I also have a Vapexhale Cloud Evo. I had it repaired once because on the lowest setting it started combusting herb. The fix worked for a short time but the problem returned and I've veen afraid to try and address it again because this time it got hot enough that it melted the glass nail piece that you put the concentrate into so now one is significantly sgirter than the other that I have. This is why I am hoping to find an enail that is durable and coils that last a while. Thanks again :)
  • juxt

    Totally agree with @Baron23 on CCA and DNail.. I have both of those also (mine is Liger Air though) and love them.

    If you're looking for a little more function, I'd recommend the AugustHaus KubeOne ...I just got one of those and it's app connected and all that. really cool stuff you can do with profiles.
  • Atomize
    Great tips on the product. dhgate can be hard to navigate with the amount of product on there.
    Some of it can be below par.

    Has anyone tried the Dab Bulbs from Kilby Glass.
    $850 for the basic model but looks out there. Very unique.


  • Vapeur Rogue
    I have not made the leap (yet?) but these might be worth considering too.
    Has some choices of style too.
  • Mc69
    if you are looking strictly for an enail, i would follow baron's advice and go for the auber rdk-300. reliable and inexpensive. Then branching off of there, you have tons of options....again like Baron, i rock the CCA Liger 2.0 (when CCA was easy to deal with) with the sic and quartz inserts and the Dnail SIC and Quartz halo.
  • Baron23
    v2.0 was the best one he made, IMO. And they weren’t as difficult todo business with either.

    I have no idea what’s up w D Nail and all of the out of stock stuff.

    That’s why I suggested 710coils’ quartz banger. Great quality, very reasonable price, and it can be gotten today while D Nailgets back in shape and Josh does.....well, whatever he’s going to do!! Haha
  • kpx420
    Just a heads up if you plan to get a Newvape controller/enail coil.. I bought it directly from their source I got the controller & 20mm coil for 63 bucks on dhgate (Vapecode)
  • Zep4
    I have a MiniNail and it’s performed perfectly and SO much nicer than guessing with a torch. Very small and easily stored.
  • juxt

    I literally had to call them and complain. Sent an email to the guys ... lots of BS. He said they were reading FC, and talking to ED from NV, and then Ed did say on FC that they got in touch, but it's troubling. Got my order 4 weeks late from Dnail. CCA everyone knows takes forever ;)

    Yes the KubeOne, that's the one I mentioned above. I bought that one, but with the crystal top and the all green banger that the lights shine up through ;)
  • Baron23Accepted Answer
    you lost me, mate.

    You called who? D Nail or CCA710??

    BS about what?

    And who is Ed in NV?

    Sorry, I’m a little slow today
  • juxt

    Sorry I'm being cryptic again ;)

    I ordered from Dnail, no response for more than 2 weeks on an item that showed in stock...they gave me a line of bs, I mentioned it on FC and told them about the FC comments when I talked to them, Ed from NV mentioned on FC that they weren't responding to him either ... after I told them that, I got my nail, Ed said he heard from them, but now the are silent again...weird.
  • Baron23
    It is weird...I have NEVER seen them out of stock on stuff like this and have always thought that D-nail was well respected and successful. I have NO idea what's going on over there.

    The only D-nail product I took exception to was their controller which was VERY expensive...more so than needed for the simple PID function of a controller. But I feel that way about most expensive controllers.

    Thanks for the explanation.
  • Jory
    I was wondering G if those of you who have used a Liger or new vape d-cup banger think of them. I'm considering getting one but I honestly just don't know if they're worth it or not. Are they really that much better than a traditional style Quartz e-banger? I'm new to the desktop enail scene, but have done a lot of research as well as read a ton of threads on here and FC and am ready to take the plunge, e dep't that I'm still having trouble deciding on a banger. I live in debilitating chronic pain and use concentrates as my primary source of pain relief, so I need a really good,'dependable system Right now I only have portable erigs. I have a Cpenail, a g9 TC Port, and a Sequoia on a Voopoo Drag I got off Vic at HVT and while I love them all for certain situations I need something more. Also, I'm probably going to get hhe Auger 300, but I was wondering what do you guys think of 710 enails? Thanks.
  • Baron23
    710coils.com is a GREAT vendor w quartz bangers equal to much higher priced USA glass. And his coils are great also.

    RDK-300 is a great controller for a good price w USA CS. Very good.

    But I do have a Liger v2, 20mm w obsidian insert. Truly a wonderful machine.

    BUT I would suggest NV Dcup w Obsidian insert because NV is a very reliable company. Josh at CCA710, not so much.

    If price is an issue, get a complete banger kit from Shane at 710coils and I believe you will be very happy.

    But, get the coil, carb cap, and coil holder kit from Shane while you are there.

    Hope this is helpful.
  • Baron23
    ooops, forgot to tag you on the above post.
  • Jory
    Thanks a lot brother, that helps out slot man. I've actually been thinking about a RDK-300. I think I'm going to just go with that one. I know New Vape sells the controllers for $110 and coils for $50; that's not bad at all for a good setup if you ask me. As far as a bange, r price is, of course, a factor to some point, but I also don't have a problem paying for something if it's actually worth it. Can you actually fot ice a discernible difference with one of these as opposed to a normal old quart banger? I meal like is the high more intense, more flavorful, or what? Do you like the obsidian more than sic or Quartz? I saw the sapphire ones they have man do they look and sound amazing! If I go with the d cup or liger air I'm thinking of getting one. If I do I'll wait for new vape to get another shipment in, theirs are $125. Josh sells the sapphire inserts for $375!!!!! That's just crazy man. As far as quality and performance would you rate the liger n dup as equall or what??
    Thanks so much brother, I really appreciate it man.
  • Jory
    That KubeOne lol it's sick as hell!!! I'm gonna have to check those out!!!
  • Baron23

    RDK-300 is a very good controller.

    As to Dcup with obsidian vs quartz banger....well, a number of folks seem to think that quartz tastes better but I can't really tell the difference.

    The think I like about obsidian is its pretty damn impervious to be crudded up. Drop of water with the banger at like 200F and it just floats on out and qtips up clean. Yes, I like obsidian better than quartz inserts and SiC but SiC is very close in taste/performance.

    I don't do sapphire. Crazy prices and they are easily subject to thermal shock and cracking based on reports I have seen from those who bought them.

    Also, Ti bangers like the Dcup aren't going to break when you drop them.

    With that said, I have both Liger with obsidian insert and 710coils.com quartz bangers and I like them both very much.

    I don't have a Dcup but wouldn't hesitate to buy one. Great design, simple, easy to assemble/disassemble, easy to clean, shrouded coil....what more do you want? haha
  • silat
    I also cannot tell the difference in flavor between obsidian and SIC. And for the record I have never had an issue with easy cleanup with SIC. I have the sapphire CCA dishes but have never used them.
    I have put my beta thru the last version of the Liger (pre AIR) away as the Dcup is easier to use and clean.
    If a body has the $$'s I highly recommend the Dcup.
  • Baron23
    I totally agree that SiC is a very good surface for taste and performance and also cleans very easily. Obsidian, just one step further on the cleaning front, IME.
  • Gman
    These with the liger option looks pretty nice. Maybe a bit over priced but I guess you are paying for style.

  • Baron23
    As long as you don't mind having to use an app to operate it. Not my cup of tea, personally.
  • Gman
    Ohhh didn't notice that it's app only. Not mine either.
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