• Jory
    Yeah, I was just on their site and was thinking how cool it was and started thinking about ordering one instead of a RDK-300 until I read that you had to use your phone to controll it. For $300-$400 you should get a small touch screen or the like if you ask me.
    I think I finally figured out what I'm going to order for a setup;
    I'm going to go with the RDK-300 controller, a Quartz banger and coil kit from 710 coils, and either the d-cup with obsidian or six or the Liger air with obsidian insert. I saw last night that there's cca710 Hassan complete bundle pack for $315. It comes with the liger air, obsidian insert and I think a dab tool. I think I'm probably still going to go with d-cup though; I really like how you can take it apart and scrape out reclaim before you clean it with Iso.
    @Baron; Hey brother, should I order my flat coil from 710coils or get it from New Vape. Thanks a lot man.
  • Baron23
    sigh....I hate to say this because Josh did right by me, but his CS communications and order fulfillment suck balls. Check out Liger thread on FC.

    So, personally I would go Dcup and NV for the win.

    As for flat coil, check them out. If they both have the same number of coils (and w flat, I think they do ) then I really like 710s coils. Nice subtle cable.

    You are going to have a total top shelf dab setup, my friend.
  • Jory
    I know it's a little out of the box and all guys, but has anyone ever tried the Ditanium? It looks pretty cool and I've read some killer reviews on it. I wouldn't want it as my main unit, but I think it'd be really cool to have on your nightstand or end table or the like. The only thing I dont like about them are that they lack a digital temp control.
  • Jory
    Thanks Baron, and everyone who chimed in; I really appreciate all the help in picking it out. Between the price and the fact that it'll basically last me about forever and that I use about 1-1.5g/day of concentrates it was a pretty difficult decision for me.
    I can't wait for it all to get here!
    THANKS AGAIN! ...stay elevated.
  • Baron23
    wow! What have you been using to suck that up with?
  • Chandler
    If so, then IMO opinion the two best enails are the Liger Banger from CCA710 and the Slim Line with SiC Halo from D-nail.

    Unfortunate part is CCA710's business practices and deliver performance completely and utter suck balls. That, and for reasons no one quite understands, D-nail is out of stock of a bunch of stuff.

    So, I would suggest to you the following for a great enail rig:

    1. 25mm quartz banger with opaque bottom, barrel coil, and coil retention clip kit from 710coils.com . His bangers are China made, but are (by popular opinion) at least equal to Highly Educated, Eternal Quarz, Toro....but at a fraction of the price. P.S. - ask Shane to fit your coil to your banger...he will gladly do it and you will have an example of how tight a coil should be on quartz (and hence what is too tight).


    I have his 25mm banger and coil and they are GREAT quality and Shane is 100% on top of customer service.

    2. Get an Auber RDK-200 or RDK-300 controller. I can recommend these products without reservation for a number of reasons incl that they are an industrial instrument company located in GA and they actually have tech support that answers the phone and speaks English.


    I own an RDK-300

    3. Go to DHGate and pick out the bubbler of your choice. I suggest Popular Glass, Clean Clear Glass, and Sunshine store as trusted DHGate vendors who deliver a decent product. Since you will be using a quartz banger, no need to get a drop down unless you want one.


    4. Get a bubble carb cap...you can find them cheap on DHGate or one just like this will do very finely:

    DHGate: https://www.dhgate.com/product/infinite-universal-super-pure-crystal-quartz/388970242.html?f=edm|auto|order_confirm_2017|browse1|20170122

    USA: https://shop.madhustleinc.com/products/bubble-cap-clear-xl?variant=33826769169

    I have both.

    This all will constitute a top notch enail, IME.

    A relaxing night at the Baron residence:

    I am so lost in the world of enails and bangers I could not follow along with this post. I couldn't define not one of the parts mentioned. :confused: @Baron23 I'll definitely consult you when I decide to go full enail n banger!
  • MothChewMoth
    Just chiming in as another very happy customer from 710coils.com . @Baron23 recommended this same setup to me and I love it.
  • Baron23
    So glad its working out for you! Shane at 710coils is a very good guy to deal with.
  • EconMan

    I love you dude!

    You're incredibly consistent :cool:
  • Baron23
    well, ok. Thats good.....I guess :yikes:
  • EconMan

    By my values, generally good indeed!

    You've been consistent on the e-nail question since I've known you. I tend to have "moods" in my recommendations, you have thought out policies! :cool:
  • Jory
    Thanks Chandler.
    I took into consideration. Everyone advice and ordered an RDK-300, flat coil, and D Cup with Obsidian dish. I'm also going to order an Axiam coil (or however they're spelled, lol) and a 25 or 30mm Quartz banger soon as I get a chance tomorrow.
    I already have a few dab rigs, but I'm looking on DB gate and a few other places at a couple new ones. I plan on getting a different coil for each nail I buy and letting them live on their own daily driver rigs. ...plus I'm kinda a gear n glass whore. Hahahaha!!!!!!
  • Jory
    Right now I have a Yocan Evolve and Evolve plus load n go pens for when I'm out n about. (Actually I do t really like the evolve plus. I much prefer the og one), a Vivant Incendio tank, HVT Sequoia w taf and reg caps, and misc carts. I use those on either a Voopoo drag, istick power 80w, or Rincoe Manta as well as 510 vv n reg batt's. I have two Longmada Cpenail portable Enails; which I LOVE!!! ...especially for only 45$ For whole kit w batt, 3 nails, and a nice recycler bubbler. Beats up to 710 3/4*i. Like 20 sec. And I also have a G9 TC Port erig with adjustable temp cont from 300-800f w 15-30sec preheat and then a 45 sec sesh n comes w/ ti,Quartz, ceramic, and SIC nail!!!! Amd has a replaceable 18650. They're bath great portable erigs in their own right and I like all of them, but w/ my medical condition/pain n how much I go through a day I needed something g better w no waste and that would be dependable for a pond time to come.
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