• KennyBosem

    Hi Bud, please post a vape temp video similar to the one below...

    I feel vape accuracy is an important tool mmj patients should use when determining a proper device for medical purposes.

    I found the following review very interesting:

    Battle of the Bowls - Vaporizer Temperature Accuracy - YouTube

    If you do decide to include the temp reviews, please consider comparing a Boundless CFX to a S&B Mighty; since, i would like to know for sure if these vapes perform very similar in temp accuracy.

    Thank you @VapeCritic!
  • Dr green thumb

    Not to beat a dead horse but battery charge levels and even two of the same vapes can have differing temperature output. Also factors such as humidity, atmospheric pressure, ambient temperature and altitude could play into this.

    You would need a sealed lab not affected by outdoor conditions. (Controlled enviornment) to get accurate answers.
  • 415vapor

    I'm really surprised that the electronics for the heater do not account for voltage drop in the battery! It's very annoying. Now that said, I don't recall my Crafty performing worse on a weaker battery, perhaps due to the conduction effect, so that is something to be said about it's build. But I still say for pure convection vapes I notice a dip in performance as the voltage drops and I would think on $250+ vapes the manufacturers should use electronics to account for this!

    I didn't realize this but did you bump your own thread?? :lol:

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  • VapeCritic

    Thanks for your request Kenny :strong:

    I will definitely think about how I could do something like this, but like others have said this is actually a very difficult test to do accurately.

    We would need probes that could go inside the herb chambers while I use the vapes, which unfortunately I don't currently have.

    I'll see what I can do!

  • Baron23
    Not only do the probes need to be in the air path, unless you spend some pretty big bucks, most k-type thermocouples take minutes to settle fully on temps. Too long to show what is happening in the 10 seconds or so that we are actually drawing air through it.

    And air temp and heater temp are not the same, right?

    Not easy to do at all.
  • juxt

    New thermocouples, settle quicker, better overall. I agree on the main point, hard to measure all vapes on temps
  • EconMan
    In Econometrica a few years ago was an article on errors in statistical procedures across the major stat packages..... the differing ways each program "did math" was astonishing.

    The plates on my Press are not even close to their stated temp. Inside the thermal coupling, but not the plates themselves..... Measurement is probably the single hardest thing in science.
  • iamcanadian
    disclaimer: I am posting this after a bowl of God's Green Crack. I expect to return to this post later to edit it for coherence and grammar :)

    I've been using a laser-sighted digital thermometer to assess my vaporizers:


    These are the flower devices that I'm running at home:
    (and like KennyBosem, I believe that no single vape will meet all my needs)

    • Arizer Extreme Q convection desktop
    • Vapir Rise 2.0 convection desktop
    • Firefly 2 portable <-- temp display is via mobile phone app
    • DaVinci Ascent portable <-- the most accurate temp display of all my kit
    • Black Mamba portable (no on-board temp display)
    • Magic-Flight Launch box portable (no on-board temp display)

    Finding 1: Every single one of my digital-temp vapes is off by 5F to 35F delta (the vaporizer temp displayed vs. the actual chamber temp). My DaVinci Ascent is my most accurate vape. My Firefly 2 is my worst.

    Finding 2: as Baron23 describes further above, convection vape chambers are tricky to measure, as the air is doing the heating work, not the chamber surface. When you measure your own convection bowl temps, I recommend the following: half fill and medium-tamp the bowl, run the convection heating for at least 90 seconds after the display reaches the target temp, and then aim your laser at the herb instead of the chamber walls to get your reading.

    My Workaround: For my convection vapes, I choose to set the device temp to +30F above the target herb temp to allow for imperfect heat transfer between the air and the plant matter. So, for my Jack Herer grind to reach 365F, I will set the Arizer Extreme Q and the Vapir Rise 2.0 to 395F. For my particularly-inaccurate Firefly 2 portable convection vape, I use a 400F setting to achieve 365F herb.

    Working Conclusion 1: as Dr. green thumb describes, there will always be a delta between device-displayed temperature and the actual plant matter temperature. This delta will spike dramatically with each draw on the device.

    Working Conclusion 2: resigning myself to accept the physics reality of temperature display deltas, I have come to care less about actual temp, and more about two key microdosing needs: the vape's heatup/re-heat speed and its ease of draw. If the herb reheats quickly after each pull, and the airflow is easy, then I successfully get my medical needs met.

    Working Conclusion 3: By these two microdosing criteria, the Magic-Flight Launch Box and the Arizer Extreme Q are my two favorite vaporizers for my medical needs. I use the MFLB for daily microdosing. I use the Extreme Q for balloon bags and group sessions.


    Anyway, towards KennyBosem's original post:

    As a longtime medical user, I agree that precise temp control is desirable for medical objectives, particularly for exploring terpene benefits. I'd like to see more serious consumer testing on vape heating performance like the video you posted above.

    Steering this conversation towards medical microdosing: I'm uncertain what device(s) you run for your medical needs. If you haven't yet looked into them, I recommend looking at the Magic-Flight Launch Box for flower microdosing, and the Arizer Extreme Q for balloon bags and group sessions. I acquired these for $170 CAD and $115 CAD respectively. I'm very pleased with the performance and value of these two devices.
  • KennyBosem
    I'll see what I can do!VapeCritic

    @VapeCritic - dank you very much!
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