• L1f3
    So I have been using my Ghost MV1 for a solid month now. The most bothering thing about it is, that I got messed up with my crucibles all the time.
    To encounter that problem, I have developed a small managing app with basic statistic functionality.
    It really helps me managing my crucibles that are stored in my dispenser.

    Because I am pretty sure that a lot of people have the same problem, I uploaded it on Google Play for anyone for free.
    I hope I can help you guys, if you have the same struggles.

    Ghost MV1 Crucible Manager
  • BestBuds
    Are you talking about remembering what crucibles you have used and not used in the crucible dispenser? :rofl:
    I just flip it upside down after it's used. So if you look at the back of the dispenser you will see the Ghost logo, that shows you what side is up. Or just pick what feels best for you (door opens to the left or to the right) and just stack the crucibles upwards and when used flip it upside down and put it back in the dispenser. You must be a programmer or an engineer. :grin: :up:
  • Vapedude
    My problem with all of the crucibles, is that I load them up, each, with one specific strain.

    Then, I sometimes loose track, which strain I vaped, and this can really F me up, if I accidentally choose the wrong strain, at the wrong time :grin:
  • SirCrackKillaH
    Somebody on here done made a editable numbered sticky note that they used on their android. I saw another picture of someone on a laptop and same deal...little sticky note with strains listed. That looked to be the solution. I generally have them all faced one way. As I vape I will flip. As I vape em’ 1 and 2 will face each other, 3 stays in place, 4 and 5 face same direction. Makes it easy to keep track of 12345. Works for me :D
    Would be nice though having a little lcd flex display that could be editable either on the crucible holder or through an app connected through Bluetooth. Might add $20-40 to cost of crucible holder maybe more because of the R&D involved but shoot man, that’d be sick. Able to list strain, mark vaped or unvaped. 300 foot Bluetooth connectivity like a tile pro. Little speaker built in so you can ping it so it’ll never get misplaced or lost. Maybe toss Alexa in that. Little flash storage for music .. Yeahhhh.. hells yeahh.. little leds multicolor giving off a lightshow everytime you open it. Mannn.. yeahhh.. gimme one of them

    I want fireworks everytime I open it :D
  • 52
    Blue tape on the crushable case. Mark individual locations with sharpie. When done peal off tape and start over.
  • Lucic and Chong
    Somebody on here done made a editable numbered sticky note that they used on their android.SirCrackKillaH

    That would be me, and it works great. I always have a variety of flower around, often around 6 different strains at a time. I just love prepping up both of my dispensers with a variety of strains and different combos. And then for the rest of the day it's just as easy as scrolling through the menu, pick a flavor, and go.
  • SirCrackKillaH
    AHA! :D That looks like chewbacca on riding on top of a squirrel fighting nazis yo, there's what i saw too about that list, triple hells yeah!
  • Ooziah

    Man dude you crack me up —love your posts. Your a forum treasure.
  • egoblasta
    Not trying to be rude, but that looks like a revamped todo-list app. It's like over-engineered but in an under-engineered way. The only way it could be 'useful', would be to integrate it with the existing Ghostvapes app, and directly track the number of draws, as a standalone app the use case seems pretty narrowed.
  • TommyBwell
    If I load different strains I go top to bottom in strength and flip the used ones upside down. My analog solution in a digital age.
  • tacit0ne
    I'm totally gonna use it, wanted this as an app from the start.

    Thanks OP
  • rft360
    completely agree...im way to high to use this app and at the same time mess with my mv1 to do my hit O_O lol
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