• Vapify
    So I’ve seen both sides here, you either love it and really have no problems with it or there’s something about it that you’re just not completely sold on. Personally, i love it and don’t have too many complaints about it and i consider it one of my go to’s. Where does everybody else stand on it?
  • Startedat52
    Love it but I only have one other vape to compare it to, an IQ that I also love. Vapcap m kit on the way.
  • Ooziah
    If you have 400 bucks and want the best convection vape get it. Simple.

    Notice I said 400 because you’ll want the package.
  • Pakalolo2
    I have 2 MV1’s and love ‘em....only other vape I’m looking to add is Bud’s project A.
  • acstorfer
    I bought one used, it was an original model and went kaput a couple days ago. That being said, as soon as finances allow me I’m buying a new one. When all things align, it’s insane.
  • Baron23
    I have two and they work perfectly. Love them...eh, for some times and situations. My MV1s really do delivery and delivery consistently.

    I'm just not a fan of the crucibles and find them a bit fiddly (as in I'm a lazy fuck and find loading them and waiting for them to cool down to be a bit tedious) but many, many others don't share this view (and yes, I'm a demanding and fussy a-hole so please take that in to account! LOL).

    My MV1s are efficient extractors with very nice vapor quality and quantity.

    Now, and this is an important consideration, I do LOVE the company's people...their CS exceeds anything else I have seen in this industry. I think they are sincere and committed smart folks and I would bet on their long term success.
  • Vapify

    I’m right there with you about the crucibles. That’s probably my biggest complaint with the portability, having to take a whole separate piece out and then make sure it fits perfectly so it doesn’t leak. Just adds another step to the process.

    Yes their CS team definitely makes me exited for their future plans and whatever they roll out next!
  • EasyToSlip
    Love MV1. Not on the fence.
    It is fiddly, but not crazy. I like the crucibles. Popping in a loaded crucible out in public is not a big deal. Better than loading ground up weed.
    Also everything you need to clean is removable which is nice.

    It is not a party vape. Works great for solitary vaping... and even one hit at a time.
    Very flexible – blow your head off with huge rips or microdose with little sips at low temps...

    It is definitely my go to vape. But as @VapeCritic says, everyone needs more than one vape.
  • SirCrackKillaH
    I like the crucible system. I guess the reason why is because I’m always on the go. It’s extremely discreet in that I don’t have to dump or stir and dump the bud out once it’s used. I just pop the crucible out, pop a new one in. While I’m walking in public or at a park or pretty much anywhere, I can take a pull or three and it’ll do me righteous ez. Ghost is my daily.Easy is right, busting out crucibles in public is no big deal man.
  • tripertronic
    F&*k, I need one!
  • John Cocktostone
    Just got mine and am diddling it while the battery charges. Definitely a premium product. Right when I opened the flap and saw it lying there I knew it would be nice.
    Thing has some weight to it.

    Beat way to get the lower silicone out for a prewash?
  • BestBuds
    it doesn't come out I think. I use a qtip to get down there but I didn't think that could come out. Now I gotta go look........
  • John Cocktostone

    Let me know if you find any info
  • Baron23
    do not take the lower silicone out. Just do what @BestBuds recommended. A swipe w an ISO wipe or qtip.

    :up: :smile:
  • John Cocktostone

    I didn't take it out and just did an Iso wipe... should be about 20 mins away from first hit.

    Skywalker Og, SuperGlue or Do-si-do.....what should be my first strain of kale I try??
  • Baron23
    Personally, I like Do-si-do.

    Is your flower real damp or has it been ground and is in fairly good condition for vaping?

    If the later, might want to put it on a piece of printer paper for 30 minutes...will really help dry it out a bit. That seems to work for many folks.
  • Zep4
    So....? How was it? And all your kale strains sound inviting:)
  • John Cocktostone
    Went with Skywalker. I very amatuerly video taped my first 2 hits. Very noticable effects. Loading was easy. I watched a million vids so the battery lights were easy to remember.

    Hits were very smooth and tasty. The hype is real there. I'm in awe over the build quality. It feels like a premium device as it should.

    Now, I'm going to swap out crucibles and take another hit of a different brand of kale. That function I know I'll love as I generally have 3 to 5 strains on hand. #devilslettuce
  • John Cocktostone

    First 5 draws on level 3. Had visible vapor on all. I need to pack just a tad more next time. No other portable has made me feel this medicated with similar amounts.

    Oh and all I have on me is my fine grinder...
  • Startedat52
    Awesome, glad your liking it.
  • John Cocktostone
    Crucible #2 was more even. I packed it full.
  • Pakalolo2
    Well done and welcome aboard the Ghost Train!
  • evolve
    "The best convection vape" will be a desktop and not a portable. The Ghost may be good but it is not better then the most premium desktop vapes. I am sure the Vape Critic would agree with me on that.

    For example the Glass Symphony or the Flowerpot are definitely considered better then the Ghost lol!
  • justjustin
    Love the GHOST MV1! Best flavor and most potent, satisfying hits, unlike any other vaporizer I own or have used. This is a daily driver of mine and it hasn't let me down once!
  • mikehack
    Owned 2. When working it works amazing. Best taste, temperature of vapor, efficient. Had them all ask and ill probably recommend this one.
  • Morongroover
    I have one since January 2018 and I love it.

    Weak points:
    - The finish on the back button is going away.
    - Take a few minutes to explain how it works. Some people lose patience.
    - Results depends on draw technique
    - Not great to share because of small crucible (0.1 - 0.15)

    Strong points:
    - On demand
    - Extremely good flavor
    - Extremely efficient (less bud used in the long term)
    - Works for very well for concentrates as well
    - App is good

    All in all it's an amazing vape that is now my daily driver.
  • SirCrackKillaH
    The bud is definitely more tasty with the MV1. When I went to Vegas, it was the first time I ever had a selection in front of me. Being able to have several strains, all deliciously legit from dispensaries vs the streets so I knew what I got made the experience awesome. Blueberries tasted like blueberries, strawberries strawberries. Tangie like tangerines. The taste is more pronounced vs the mighty or crafty. Those were my daily prior. I was totally into the ease of the dosing capsule system. Crucible system isn’t much different at all. They cool down much faster than the dosing capsules.
    If I’m out and about, packed a little more than usual and can’t stir because it’ll blow me up, I'll pop out the crucible and rotate it 180 degrees, if the crucible is hot which it usually is, I'll wet my thumb and middle finger which cools it down enough to touch, then rotate. It'll get me more pulls and finish off the crucible.
  • acstorfer
    Speaking of taste...

    This is just a quick aside. A month or two ago I stepped into an unfamiliar headshop and I was having a conversation with one of the workers and a customer. We were discussing vaporizers and he made a comment to me about how he prefers smoking out of his water pipe. We backed and forthed a bit until I mentioned now that I can get the good medicinal stuff (still difficult in Florida even with the card because they are always running out) and it has such wonderful taste it’s criminal not to revel in it’s deliciousness. A water pipe can make even the tastiest of tasty taste nasty. A good vape is flavor country! Anyway that was the death blow. Not only did that shut him up, but I might have seen a little tear drop form.
  • Vapedude
    The best convection vape" will be a desktop and not a portable. The Ghost may be good but it is not better then the most premium desktop vapes. I am sure the Vape Critic would agree with me on that.

    For example the Glass Symphony or the FlowerPot are definitely considered better then the Ghost lol!

    Logically, on size limitations alone, that is correct.

    But I will put this to you. Why is it, that no desktop convection vape, can produce vape that is cool when entering your mouth and lungs, as well as a teeny tiny lil portable MV1 vape???

    Hold on a sec boys, before you kneejerk your response to my above statement, lol! YES, a Volcano also can provide cool vape, because it cools off as it sits in the bag...but I find it gets dry, and a tad stale, the longer you keep it suspended in the bag.

    Others resort to water attachments to their desktops, others attach 2-3 foot long hoses lol, that helps cool it off for sure :ok: lollllll ; )

    I mean I’m nit picking here, but so are my lungs ;).

    If Ghost can come up with a desktop using their same type of thinking as they did with their portable unit going into it, I think they will virtually blow everything away literally. :strong:

    Perhaps I’m dreaming, but I’m sure some of you catch my drift :sparkle: .
  • SirCrackKillaH
    I'd agree with that. If they could do that with a desktop or with a portable the size of a miqro, that'd be sick. The cooling unit on the mv1 is pretty genius with how simply yet effective it is. The ease of cleaning without having to worry about little o-rings has been awesome too.
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