• John Cocktostone

    Now that I have learned to use the MV1 more effectively I no longer use a top screen.
  • Morongroover
    I received a brand new model after sending mine that had a defective heating hum and I think the updated version is pretty much a killer
    With fruity/lemony/sweet buds:
    - 2 draws at level 1
    - 2 draws at level 2
    - 3 draws at level 3
    - 1 draws at level 4
    With diesel/ammonia/earthy type of buds:
    - 0/1 draw at level 1
    - 2 draws at level 2
    - 2 draws at level 3
    - 2 draws at level 4

    I DO stir halfway through. I know it's not recommended by Ghost but I manage to get the last bit of flavor doing so.

    I only use a crucible once or twice without cleaning and then put all my 6 used crucibles in iso when needed.

    The crucible dispenser rocks!

    In term of flavor consistency this is the best vaporiser I have ever used. I ALWAYS get the flavor I am supposed to get from the buds when even my Elev8r is not that consistent.

    As mentioned in another post the customer Service of Ghost is one of the best I have dealt with.

  • martinstraka8282
    I'm loving mine so far as well, but I've only had it about a week and I'm still getting used to what it needs to operate at its best.

    I've found that I'm burning through my battery a lot quicker than consensus seems to be, but I'm sure its gotta be something I'm doing. I'd say I have to swap after maybe 2-3 crucibles which means a fresh battery is needed basically every day. Both batteries give the same performance, so it's not like it would be because of a dud battery.

    Could the battery be getting used faster because my bud is too moist? I'd left it out to dry on paper for about 24 hours, but it still seems moist and I do seem to have to do a stir or two to get good extraction. I primarily use heat levels 2,3,4 & 5, so I know that can burn through batteries it a little quicker as well.
  • Tdog420
    Have 2 mv1s and am on the fence. I use once in awhile but not impressed overall
  • Dose
    @Morongroover - I have an identical dosing practice, the first two rips on Level One are insanely flavorful and produce great vape. I'll admit I was a little surprised since most videos I've watched say you get light vapor on the first rip, maybe it's the result of the new heatsink?

    I was also really impressed with the potency, as someone who mainly used CCELL carts, I assumed that the carts were more potent and that I'd have a higher tolerance going from oil to flower, but boy was I wrong. The MV1 gets me heavily medicated in 4 hits something the carts haven't done for me in a long time. I get way more flower for my money and it seems to go further since I'm getting 2 sessions per crucible.

    For anyone on the fence about the bundle, spend the extra money, the dispenser, fast charger and extra battery are well worth it specially if you need to dose daily.
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