• SirCrackKillaH
    I'm surprised that the screens don't cause it to overheat more or would make it take longer to cool down. I think the materials they use with the crucibles are special somehow and designed to cool down at a much faster rate than other materials. If the screen isn't negatively impacting the vape and allowing for more even heat distribution, why not I guess. I'll rotate the crucibles too which seems to eliminate the need to stir. When I do stir, it's easy to simply lift off the lid with my fingernails and rest it on my arm as I stir. With a screen, I could see that being more of a process that could burn me. Does it cool down as quickly?
  • John Cocktostone

    I'd say it cools down quick. I've only noticed positives with the screen. The only negative, which is barely a negative, is I have to fiddle with a screen but it keeps the main lid cleaner and my draws are more consistent.

    I'm using a finer grind. My medium grind is at a friend's house. When I pick it up I will try no screen with a coarser grind
  • acstorfer
    I want to say that my new Ghost has zero of the old issues my last one did. The door thing was an abhorition so no sense getting into that. Absolutely no overheating. I notice the heat sink gets hotter, but I’m sure it’s supposed to so overheating doesn’t occur. The battery issues I had are moot with the boost mode. I do stir, but that’s because I do probably overpack it, and as long as I can pull a hit I’ll keep on stirring. If I don’t stir I still get at least 95% efficiency. I am absolutely sold.

    As far as upkeep, I soak the heatsink, crucibles and mouthpiece in ipa (properly taken apart) when I go in the shower. Rinse them off when I am done, and rotate crucibles (once used back into ipa). I have 6 so no problem there. I only have one battery so when charging I have my Mighty and Dynavap so it’s all good in the hood.
  • Vapedude
    I concur with the above statement.

    :100: %
  • Baron23
    ipa? You soak vape parts in Indian Pale Ale??
  • acstorfer
    Well sure! After is cleans off the reclaim I can drink it. Yummy!

    * Don’t do it!
  • GhostWhitney
    Unfortunately, there seems to be a miscommunication taking place, and apologies if this has occurred because of any misunderstanding at our end. We offered a video call on September 7 and 20, and both times it was declined by the customer. We started suggesting an evaluation on September 12 so that we could make this as quick of a process as possible, and unfortunately that was also declined. We did receive the video, and have provided our feedback on the issue and believe that an evaluation is necessary, which is in line with our policies. We apologize that this has become a lengthy process, and value your time, but did try to offer these solutions in a timely fashion. We are here to help, and want to get this resolved as quickly and efficiently for you as possible. We have requested some information such as the serial number and order number a few times, so that we can start the process, but we also have not received that information. Please let us know if there is a way we can better assist you, and please respond to our ticket with the information we have requested so we can get this resolved for you.
  • vapium

    Please get your facts straight!

    The initial conversation on Sep 7 your rep had with my husband has nothing to do with the overheat issue at Level 5 and I wasn’t even part of the exchange for God’s sake.

    Contrary to your claim, I was the one who bent over backward and immediately offered to reshoot the video (without the draw delays) and even offer to take time off to do the video chat on Sep 20 and then again on Sep 24. Your rep was the one who declined the video chat offering no explanation. He insisted on an in-office evaluation and stated that he would not be answering any further question (again offering zero explanation) unless I provide the serial no. and other personal information. That was 2 days ago and that’s why I’m here asking for help.

    I can provide the email chain evidences if you have no access to it.

    Also, I never once declined the video chat, I asked if a pre-recorded video was acceptable because it was very difficult to schedule with your limited availability and I didn't want to take time off work. You agreed to that, and after I shot the video, you changed 180 and started nitpicking on the draw delays which would not have made a difference. When confronted about it, your rep did NOT acknowledge it but instead launched the attack on the aforementioned conversation he had with my husband on Sep 7 weeks ago while refusing to answer the most basic questions that I have asked him repeatedly. But I swallowed the abuse and attributed to everyone has a bad day or bad week in your rep’s case.

    I approach this with good faith and would really like the device to work. If I weren’t impressed with the concept of the heatsink and the MV1 at lower temps, I’d have just returned the device. I can deal with his bad attitude, even his off putting insinuation, but lying about the Sep 20 and Sep 24 offers is going too far. I’d like to request to deal with another rep if that’s possible.
  • Vapedude
    No one messez wit vapium.

  • rft360
    .... damn enough said...
  • vapium
    That was my eulogy. Im probably banned for life now, thx to Baron23.
  • ghost-ops
    Hi @vapium

    I’ve looked through the conversation you’ve been having with CS and it’s fair to say - and it’s no one’s fault - that it’s ended up getting tied in knots over number of draws, draw speed, draw length, rig adaptors and the like and I’m going to try not go down that particular rabbit hole. You’re clearly not satisfied and I’d like to think you believe we want to fix that, because we do. So cutting to the chase:

    You think you have a faulty unit. The video you provided doesn’t allow us to determine whether it’s faulty for sure. That’s why we’d like to get your unit back to be checked out. If it fails our assessment for any reason, even if it’s not the one we were looking into specifically, we’ll replace it (with a new device, we don’t recondition). We can send you prepaid labels that will get your current unit back to us in 2 days and get it straight into the process.

    If we leave you with a device that’s not working as it ought to then we all lose out so we do want to find a solution.

    We just need the device serial number and your order number (if you purchased direct from Ghost) or confirmation of place of purchase and current shipping address details (obviously not here in the public forum) and we can get this going and it won’t cost you a cent (or whatever your local currency might be).

    Let me know if you’d like to proceed.


  • SirCrackKillaH
    Hells yeah, ninja turtling it up with platters in NYC. Yeahhhhhhhh!!!
  • juxt

    I still like the one with you coming up out of the sewer better ;)
  • SirCrackKillaH
    hells yeah! lol
    What’s amazing to me is that I can vape this thing while walking down the street.. in front of the NYPD standing on the corner.. further down the street onto the center island, just standing there waiting for the crosswalk sign, and not a second look. No nothing yo. Everyone completely oblivious to the Ghost man. F’in incredible lol
    I finished up in midtown with what I was doing and even earlier, I was strolling along vaping away. I can have this in my pocket in an elevator and not get blown up after vaping it. I can’t do that with the IQ, firefly, Mighty, crafty. This thing is a good travel companion. Ghost’n all the way yo
  • SirCrackKillaH
    Since they’ve pretty much decriminalized it in NYC, there’s always this faint smell of weed depending on where your at. Central Park, Times Square, that area a block east of Penn Station that has those outdoor bars. I’m sure if it was a visible blunt or spliff or something burning with a greater volume of smoke or vapor, I’d get nailed with a ticket. Ghost looks like a mechanical mod.
  • Spog
    Vapium, send it off to ghost! They will work with you and make sure youre happy and you get what you paid for.. A BAD ASS VAPE!..
  • Vapedude
    No one messez wit ghost-ops.


    But seriously, vapium, just give your units info, or just send the bloody thing in, ghost C.S is world class, and if you knew me, you’d know I rarely say that about anybody or thing hardly.
  • vapium
    Thx Mark! I've been conversing with Whitney offline. So, it's all been taken care of. Once again, thx for reaching out to me! :smile:
  • vapium
    I missed Mark's post. It's all been taken care of, I've been conversing with Whitney offline. Frankly, I was going to send in the device after you guys have convinced me that there's something wrong, but Baron got ahead of me and tagged Ghost CS forcing us out in the open creating some unnecessary drama.
  • Baron23
    but Baron got ahead of me and tagged Ghost CS forcing us out in the open creating some unnecessary drama.vapium

    Get over it, the drama was all yours
  • vapium
    Not denying that at all, people have to take the bait after all.
  • rossfrid
    I love my new MV1!

    It's convection method of vaporization is far superior to the conduction method of the IQ or Pax.
    It lets you vape as much as you want, when you want it; the definition of on-demand vaping.
    Try setting aside a conduction vape for a minute for a phone call and your oven is cooked.

    Not with the MV1!

    Try one and you'll see for yourself!

    Thanks to Bud and Sneaky Pete for their informative reviews on YouTube!

    Stay up!
  • Vapify

    Glad you’re digging it! Yeah the on-demand style is super convenient and isn’t wasteful of your herb. Of course the MV1 can be a bit finicky but hits it out of the park when it’s at its peak performance.
  • ChlorophyllMan
    I'm really sold now on the performance/appearance of the improved MV1, going by posts on forums at least! But I don't know man, £55 for a replacement battery kills me. I'm rolling in 18650s and dislike proprietary batteries in vapes so that's the only reason I still don't go for the MV1. Yeah yeah I know I'm missing out etc etc :yum: :lol:
  • EconMan
    I don't have that many vapes -- volcano, plenty, SBJ, Firefly2.

    I *almost* bought an MV1 but instead got the FF2 because I found a good deal on one. At the time, I was on the fence between the two so the price reduction pushed me over to the FF side. As a consumer at that time, I remember liking that the FF2 kit came with everything I needed related to it.... extra battery, docking station, etc.

    If I redid the choice today, I would have chosen the MV1. The price differential is gone and today I have the thoughts and comments of @VapeCritic to draw from.

    I will still probably get one. Lately, I've been into dabbing rosin pressings, and I hear the MV1 (like the FF2), is pretty smooth and tasty with concentrates?
  • BestBuds
    I would love to see a smaller version with one 18650 powering it. Man that would be great!
  • ChlorophyllMan
    let's mainly hope they don't do a Storz & Bickel and release no new models for years on end! :sweat:
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