• Startedat52

    I agree with the strain names being mostly bs but why not just name the rosin after the bs strain name you used :lol: Unless it’s from a variety of plant trim and not strain specific.

    I actually like the taste through the dynacoil but it’s much better through my carta at a low setting. Unfortunately the next heat setting is too hot so I’m waiting for the iOS app so I can adjust the temp to my liking. I’m just now starting to enjoy “some” flavors, having not liking any six months ago.
  • Gman
    If you run the lowest heat cycle a second time almost right after the first, it'll run about 50 degrees higher and be just perfect for that second hit where taste isn't the goal anymore. I'll sometimes run it a third time and it's even hotter.
  • Dr green thumb
    street strain names are questionable. But dispensary strain names are something they take pride in as people depend on the benefits of specific strains.
  • EconMan
    why not just name the rosin after the bs strain name you usedStartedat52

    Because human beings like to believe their own bullshit :monkey: :joke:

    This is funny
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    Im having to lay off the flower so I thought I would squish a nug with my hair straightener. Never had good luck with nugs before, but I also didn't have my neighbors bearing press :strong:

    2.3 grams, Dr Who, stored since late 2017 at 62 percent humidity, .9 gram yield. Very nice flavor and effect.
  • EconMan

    Smashing nugs is just fun. You did a good job man. Not much large plant material there!... just a few little particles. Easy to pick out.

    You sure you did your math right though? I've never even come close to a 40% yield on any bud of any quality. So damn! :cool:

    Regardless, when I don't use bags, I've started using this prepress (do NOT prepress hard... just enough to form a highly squishable puck).

  • Pakalolo2
    Out of curiosity, how did you store your herb?
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    @EconMan I will have to check my scale but I did 2 different squishes on the same strain.

    2.3g = .9
    2.5g = .8 (the screw that held the press to the bench slipped so I could not squeeze as hard)

    I first weighed the bud and parchment together then after the squish I removed the puck and reweighed.

    I believe the temp was probably around 230F. Not sure how much pressure the press develops but I put a 3-4 inch piece of wood on top of the hair straightener and it lasts for 4-5 squishes before its broken into pieces.

    @Pakalolo2 Its in zip-lock bags, inside turkey bags with humidipacks then inside Tupperware with more packs. When you open it up all the buds are still flexible.

    Update: @EconMan I just looked at the banger from last night and there seems to be a fair amount of fine particulate matter in the rosin. This might account for the high yields.
  • welshman

    40% is an insane yield and twice the max I’ve ever been able to do on a 2t press. I am pressing around 180 though but even with the extra temp that seems a massive yield!!
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    @welshman wow then that is a crazy yield. I had no expectations or point of reference. Do you think 50% of the weight could be from particulates and plant oils and waxes?. Its pretty runny.

    If I get some time tonight ill try it again and take before and after pics.
  • welshman

    From the picture it doesn’t look like there’d be .45g of plant material in there. It does look darker and a different consistency than pressing at much lower temps but I didn’t think temp would make that big a difference. Maybe you’ve found the ultimate pressing strain/material and that with the higher temp and maybe a little plant material has made it up to 40%

    Most importantly though does it get you where you neeed to be and/or taste good doing it haha?
  • Gman
    there could be a lot of water content as well, or even extra plant fats because it's been sitting so long. If you have any of that strain fresh, try it again. You may have found the holy grail of squish strains. But 40% seems high, like impossibly high for flower. But I've seen 30% so I guess it's possible.
  • EconMan

    Yeah, 40% yield for squishing flower must be a 4-sigma experience. lol
    You mentioned 230F (which I've experimented with) and that is really hot to me generally speaking.... certainly at the upper end of the permissible range. At that temp you can't afford to press very long. Not long at all. If you go too long at too-hot, you WILL release unwanted lipids, waxes, oils, misc "saps", minerals, chlorophyll, tiny carbon particulates, etc.

    In a sense, when I use a bag, I am purposely driving yield down from what it otherwise would be. So yield to me is something I've learned to worry less about. But I've never even hit 30% EVER. I do vaguely remember (and posting about) a 29% yield but it was dirty and nasty and in retrospect was garbage.....
    BUT, BUT, BUT... **at the time** I was proud and happy to vape it.....lol ... if you've never had chinese food, Panda House is awesome. :joke:

    As a rule, if I get 20% I'm fortunate. :party:

    I think the "theoretical maximum" for yield is ~30%.... would require the best flower.... anything more than that would mean unwanted substances polluted the squish (and added to yield) either through heat and/or pressure.

    Most importantly though does it get you where you neeed to be and/or taste good doing it haha?welshman

    Indeed.:cool: An excellent philosophical inquiry and lesson for us all.
    What's more important? The End or the Journey to and through it? If one ponders this existential question we find we can't have one without the other, so like with so many of our contradictions, we optimize between living in reality and clinging desperately to our own bullshit.
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    @EconMan @welshman @Gman thanks for the feedback. I love the scientific method. I just smashed 10 grams and got just under 2 grams. As you guys said, I was totally wrong on my yield. I think I must have forgotten to delete the weight of the paper which I confirmed was around .4 grams per press. That would correct last nights results to be inline with tonight's.

    Econ I'm also just using a straightener that has 15 settings. Setting one is the lowest at around 230 by my not great thermometer.

    I'm completely new to this and did not realize that was a crazy yield. I have a lot of reading to do. Also its easy to make mistakes after a lot of dabs around midnight and I'm totally winging it but that thing puts down some pressure.


    @welshman the most important answer is....Yes. I would say it has better taste and effect than 50% of the BHO I buy in the dispensary. The rosins I have bought I have specifically bought for their flavor so i would not say it compares to those as well.

    I'm looking forward to getting a real press soon and actually being able to control the variables. Everything you guys post looks so good. I would be happy with half the results.
  • UbarDog

    Yeaaaa ! we love some ghetto set ups like that :D :fire: :strong:
  • EconMan
    Econ I'm also just using a straightener that has 15 settings. Setting one is the lowest at around 230 by my not great thermometer.The Rogue Wax Works

    Loving it dude! Oh well, a Rosin press is just a glorified hair straightener in a vise anyway! :cool:

    Just did a 3g squish of GGP and thought I would measure it. Good bud not great. 175f for three minutes at ~500psi. got about 17% yield using a 160u bag. The bag lowers yield but the output is very clean. You can taste the difference in the dab.
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