• Alexis
    Good evening/afternoon far and wide. Today I finally managed to set up and use my new Dabpress for the first time. I posted my experience and results in the Dabpress thread on FC so I hope it is cool for me to just copy and paste it here:

    Guys I did it! A cold caller woke me up at 9 am after only a few hours sleep after I vaped into a psychedelic wonderlandsome hours previous.

    My mum has gone out for the day. I needed to go straight back to bed after a wee, but I thought- hell, I am going to at least transfer everything upstairs into its place.

    I really wanted to try and do a press today. I will be pressed for time later so took this opportunity to make something happen and as I was doing so I decided I would have to set it up and have a go. 
    I was initially going to do a whole nug without a filter with the brown If You Care parchment paper. But when I looked in the jars from last year's harvest I could see that the buds are just to open and airy and stalky to really count as nuggets.

    So I used the pre-press mold. I weighed exactlt 3.5 grams of quite leafy Think Different. It seems pretty dry and has not been in a jar with a humidity pack so this was not ideal but was all a bit spontaneous.
    I made the park and I followed Rogers video and cut the bag in half with the seam removed, and wrapped it around my 3.5 gram puk as Roger does in the video.
    I did find this a little bit fiddly especially trying to put it into the press with the parchment already in there in the end I found it easier to put the bag between the sheets and then put it between the plates.

    220 set. I just dived in. Aluminium clipboard in the freezer nearby. I did time just over 2 mins I think from when the plates were quite firmly together, but I really wasn't fussing about the time seeing how you guys can be quite flexible and can run over quite a bit.

    No big river oozing but I did see rosin and bubbles.
    After just over 2 minutes I released the pressure and removed the sheet but in the final 10 seconds I could really hear bubbling and fizzing I wasn't sure if that meant to leave it a bit longer or if possibly the rosin was over cooking from the heat?

    This was the result:
    It looks proper anyway. Not terrible. I did find collection to be very tricky I put it straight on top of the aluminium clipboard from the freezer but with the paper folded it wasn't exactly making contact in a flat manner. When I tried scraping it up with the larger collection tool it was SATA consistency and flicking and pinging around. I did my best to keep it all together andcollect it on the tool. The biggest problem I had after this was getting it off of the tool on to the oil slick paper which I have to say has been very easy to work with for collection and also I did not have any problems removing the rosin from the paper I pressed it on which was the oil slick paper just one sheet.

    I will def try this paper without a bag as well. This year's harvest has lots of proper big and solid nuggets to use without bags.
  • Alexis
    I was convinced there was more in the puk so I did do a second press. I'm sure the first time I could have increased the pressure and maybe this is why it was bubbling and fizzing still at the end of the 2 minutes the first time so the second time I increase the pressure much more until it was tricky to take it any further and hold the press upright with my spare hand.

    I did get a little more, but I had the DAB tools in and out of the freezer trying to collect the rest at the same time and I forgot to get a photograph of the second press.

    Final yield was as expected pitifully low at 0.25 G from the 3.5 I started with. But this is far from prime material and was not humidified properly. More than 5% anyway but much less than 10
    Okay not sure what else to say except Im beat. Only a couple hours sleep. I'm sure I only went about this at this time because I got so wonderfully high before going to sleep and found myself suddenly getting impulsively active.

    Very disappointing yield of course but not a great surprise and I'm hopeful to improve from here but all in all and I think you would agree for my pictures I would say I did a pretty reasonable job for my first ever attempt, in the condition I am in.

    I think I qualify for some sort of medal of honour would you say? 
    Im proud of my effort anyway. Just hoping to get better Returns because at that rate I think I would have to keep rosin for a weekend treat only lol!

    Thoughts and critique are welcome. Not sure what to do with my day now. Its 11.30 am. I'm too fatigued by far to stay up now I would not be able to do my steam inhalation like this so I will need some more sleep but my plan is to have a go on some of this rosin in the Elevator now with these ceramic flavour disc. Not confident about handling and transferring it onto the disc though I will put it in the fridge for a moment and see if that helps.

    Thanks guys, wishing you all a great start to the day. 

    That was my FC post which I followed up afterwards with a few thoughts and a report of my first ever proper Dab although it wasn't completely proper, using the Elev8r with no knowledge or experience about torching times and loading technique etc.

    I can say I absolutely loved the experience of the rosin though really wonderful flavour and so smooth and gentle On My sensitive respiratory system plus the effects were absolutely superb I got so much higher and more happy but in a real stable way with more longevity and flower before the high plateaued or changed into a more stoned effect.

    And as far as the equipment goes I am a complete novice with extremely limited capabilities and handicaps. I genuinely struggle to cook a bowl of porridge properly without cooking it up so that I end up with indigestion from too much or not enough water. I have zero confidence in practically all tasks these days due to various injuries and mental disability.

    But I set this press up and dived right in and I have to say operating the equipment itself was an absolute breeze and I didn't struggle with it one bit. Out of the box it just worked perfectly straight away and was so easy and also fun.
    So my first experience with pressing and vaporizing rosin I can say if you have never tried rosin and are thinking about it definitely give it a go, and likewise if you are looking for a decent rosin press for a very affordable price my initial experience lives entirely up to my expectations from the reputation already established for these models.

    Bud's RosinPressNY looks the absolute bomb but for international customers such as UK residents like myself please consider that it will cost twice as much to ship that press to the UK and pay Customs on top coming in at well over $12,00 or $1,300.

    My Dabpress unit only cost me $469 shipped here with a load of free accessories like well over $100 worth, and Customs was only £26 on top. There are some more expensive models as well which also come with free shipping such as the stainless steel 10 ton model.
    I do agree with Bud on the units not being so compact as his all in one Newyork press, but for overseas buyers I dont think you would get a rosin press of this high quality for anywhere near this price currently.

    I leave you with those sentiments. More to come on this. Hope everybody is okay, thanks guys/girls. :up:
  • Baron23
    Hi Alexis - keep using low quality flower...if you still have some...to work on your technique. Use the same flower and try to improve yield with time, temp, or pressure variation and see if you can hone in on where it is you want to be and the resulting yield and consistency.

    Then squish your high end stuff.

    Well...not to sound like a know it all, but I found it helpful to stick to a single strain and batch of flower and eliminate that as a variable as I learned some in's and outs of operating my machine.

    Best of luck and keep on squishing.
  • Gman
    When you pre-press so hard and then smash it down before it has time to heat up you will affect yield and quality. Try to pre-press less and don't go full pressure right away. Try 50% for 30 seconds, then 75% for 30, then max for 1 - 1.5 min. This will help give the cellulose and THC time to melt before you smash the crap out of it.

    Also, old bud/hash will often be very difficult to work with. Either way too glassy and shatter all over the place (mostly your face and arms) or it'll be super sappy and almost stick to the paper even after cooling. It's ok to practice with though but maybe consider making dry sift or bubble hash with it and then press that.
  • Alexis
    thanks Baron. I actually really enjoyed the process as much as I thought I would, except for the awkward collection process. I wasnt expecting anything better from this herb though. This particular Think Different plant from 2017 has always been very light on vapor production and effects. And very leafy and open. It is actually mostly calyxes as well, you know how you get some plants that just are like that, no normal buds.

    I needed to use more pressure the first press too Im sure. The Oil Slick paper workwd very well I think. No problems that I was aware of. Its supreme non-stickiness made it so much easier to collect the rosin off the paper, and easy to transfer onto a piece for storage.

    Getting it off of the collection tools was the real tricky part of the process in the end. I juat about kept losses to a minimum but at one stage it looked like I was going to lose a fair bit on the tools.

    @Gman thanks man just saw your post. I wasnt going to pre-press at all to begin with but there were no solid nugs from last year, and it was good to immediately get some filter practice under my belt rather than get comfortable without filters for a while and stay in that comfort zone in a hesitant manner.

    I will try that with the pressure ramp ups. I have watched Bud and others do this and did try myself. There is no guage of course. On the second press I used a lot more strength and got it a fair bit tighter by 2 mins. No need for any more pressure I dont think and it was good to see that the single sheet of paper held up to use and my park and bag formation was ok as there was no blow out.

    Overall I think I did quite a professional job and if my material had been capable of Higher yields I think my results would have been pretty acceptable by most people standards.
  • LabPong
    Alexis.......damn....you guys are making me want a squisher so bad....hehehehe

    Time to start selling stuff off for new needed item. :up:
  • Alexis
    do it man, make it happen. See it most of all ascan investment in your health- a necessity the sooner you can swing it together the better in the short and the long run.

    So that's how you justify it. :wink: Now you just need to focus on affording it. But that's the neat thing here, there are some very affordable high quality options now, and you have more ootions over there.
    Dabpress are also bringing out new models very soon, like a mini one which Im sure will perform much better than the Nugsmasher mini.
    I forget the details now from the thread, but I know folks are excited about these upcoming units.

    And of course the RosinPressNY is at your door, no massive ship and customs tag on top like us.
    Hope you are managing better now anyhow. Best to be flexible but disciplined, to draw that line and seek a more balanced easy route.
    Hopefully rosin could be a significant part of it.
  • UbarDog

    still squishing ?
  • ssaucyc515
    I have a bunch of already ground low grade bud. Is there any way I could press it if I bought a press? Or are full buds required
  • Baron23
    you can try to squish it in a filter bag, but low quality = low yields quite often.

    Tagging @Gman as he is much more experienced w it than I.
  • ssaucyc515
    ah ty Uncle Baron. Just wanted to know it was possible !
  • Alexis

    Hey mate good day to you UK amigo! No I only did one single press. I had very high hopes for rosin, but I just can't tolerate it even slightly. It is smooth as hell, no bother vaping it. But I got really severe deep lung congestion. Impossible to live with and absolutely hell for 2 days of major deoxygenation and exhaustion for it to wear off.

    So my $500 dabpress sits idle. I've really no idea what I'm going to do with it because even if I sold it within the UK it would probably cost me £100 to ship. I will focus on selling all of my vapes first and maybe I will be able to find a local buyer for the press. One step at a time, very small steps currently.

    do you have a pre-press mold? I would try and press it hard together, then in a filter. That way you may be able to compress it into a more solid form so that you minimise the chances of a greater amount of plant material than usual ending up in the rosin.

    Nothing to lose anyway but that's what I would do I think. Good luck and please let us know how it went.
  • UbarDog

    A buyer of something like that, will likely want to collect anyways and since your middle of the country. It shouldn't be a major issue. Such a shame dude, I see so much tech fail your needs. $500 is a hefty price for a one time failed experiment.
    N- TBH it really surprises me that rosin would irritate your respiratory system more than a flower. I thought it would have irritated more going down but less internal/after.
  • Alexis
    yeah that's what I hoped. I dont think the rosin is irritating. It just triggers some kind of immune reaction or rejective response, or some other unknown mechanism I won't pretend to have a clue about.

    Vaping the same flower is infinitely easier and better tolerated for me which certainly shouldn't be the case.
    Who knows maybe a miracle lies around the corner and I may be able to use the rosin at some point. I do want to do a little more pressing at some point, I was really looking forward to that side of things.
  • Gman
    IThat's too bad, maybe there was something else wrong.

    Yes the grade is irrelevant. In fact for me this fixes old crappy bud by making it somewhat usable. If there's a lot I'd consider doing an ice water wash first and then press just heads for a much higher quality output than the old flower will provide.
  • juxt

    Only thing I'd add is that it can be hard to wash well. Pressing is relatively easy.
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