• Green
    Hi all,
    I am currently in the market for a high end portable unit after being in love with my Arizer for several years. I am leaning towards the Crafty over the Firefly 2 due to my hate for draw resistance. The only part of this that worries me (besides reliability) is that I feel as if I will purchase a unit just for Storz & Bickel to release a new vape in time for christmas. Any feedback and insight you guys have would be great!
  • Flipz
    Not that I heard of but they are a sneaky company and did just put out the crafty & mighty vape with no prior press. If you hate having to worry about draw resistance I'd def go with the crafty. There is tons of info on the forum with "crafty vs firefly 2" if you haven't got a chance to look at yet.

    Even if they actually did release a new portable vaporizer the crafty would still get the job done I'm sure. Welcome to the forum by the way!
  • Green
    Thanks mate, I appreciate the swift reply!
  • Joey
    I'm in tune with on this: even if they release a new vape this christmas, the crafty will still be a beast! You can't be disappointed in this vape. The taste, the use, the cleaning, really are on point.
  • VapeCritic
    I haven't heard anything but then again S&B is like the only company that doesn't give me a heads up, but since they just came out with those dosing capsules and chamber reducers I would guesstimate early next year as the soonest a new vape would be released
  • Green
    I think ill go ahead and pull the trigger on it then, thanks for the help! I noticed online there are many variations in price.. ranging from about 290-340. Any word on if fakes are going around?
  • VapeCritic
    great choice, it's always a good idea to pay MSRP and buy from an authorized dealer with high end vapes to ensure your warranty is valid
  • Baron23
    To add some completely redundant comments...LOL....as far as I can tell, S&B requires their authorized retailers to sell at MSRP...what we used to call 'fair trade pricing'.

    So, if somebody is offering it for less....look closely cause I don't believe they can be an authorized dealer.
  • Green
    I emailed the website and they claim warranty is still offered directly through s&b. seemed a little weird to me too tho so ive emailed S&b asking them if the company is legit in its statements. Site in question is "Vaporseller" Ill keep you guys posted!!
  • Green
    Hey guys just to let you know I received an email back from Storz & Bickel stating that they have no information on the authenticity of the site, however so long as it is not a counterfeit unit they will uphold the warranty. Id feel much safer getting from something like planet of the vapes tho, does anyone know if they offer price matches?
  • Flipz
    Take a look here or click the BUY link on top of the forum. It has a list of authorized trusted stores for S&B and all other vapes.
  • Green
    Idk guys, I checked them all and they all seem to have the $340+ price tag. Don't get me wrong, Id love to fork over the extra bucks to help out @VapeCritic but Im a broke college student and thats 4 grams less to break in the new vape XD
  • Flipz
    Just saying that will be the price if getting from a authorized dealer. I am sure you can find for cheaper else wear just beware it might not be covered under warranty. I've always bought from places I know won't give me warranty problems/counterfeit items so my experience is null purchasing from somewhere else.

    Take a look at the boundless CF vape, it's much cheaper and is the closest looking thing to a crafty out I've seen. 8-)
  • Chaotix
    Hey there I just saw this....

    I flat out wrote them and asked them (oct 16)
    I live in Germany so I am not far away.

    Well they said we can't tell you BUT "we always work to improve our products and we also want to implement our customer ideas into new products"

    I know that does not say anything but check this out: S&B are moving into a massive (thousands of square feet) new company building!!!!!
    "The largest vaporizer plant in the world"

    The picture is of them with high ranking government officials celebrating the start and on top of the huge place.
    They will move in mid December 2016 so it can't only be the volcano paying for it
    831A2598-F812-4724-853E-C6935580EEEF-677-0000009388D2BBCC_tmp (350K)
  • Chaotix
    Now look at that they even had a nice "rooftop welcome"
    I wonder if they illegally lit up during this.

    Just noticed the silver box... what is that? Volcano medicinal edition?
  • Saeed
    Truth is if it has a valid serial number how's to know what you paid for it. Forcing someone into paying retail for affiliate benefit isn't 1/2 as honest as the individuals who seem to be selling below MSRP. Although I get it; it's frowned upon..
  • Bruce
    The FF2 is a major disaster. Check customer reviews before thinking about it. I wouldn't buy a FF2 for 99 cents. I hope this helps.
  • ShowTime
    @Chaotix This photo means Kosher approved! >:O (Y)
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