• Dino
    affordable dry herb vaporizer without combustion
  • Flipz
    What's affordable for you?
  • JohnnyK
    Just added the Magic Flight Launch box to my arsenal. Wanted something to back up my Crafty, which failed and left me vape-less for almost two weeks...ughhh!

    I started looking for a vape that could replace the Crafty if needed, but would also complement it for short sessions (sometimes I just want a "touch-up" and find the Crafty a little over-kill). The second vape needed to be relatively cheap, effective, reliable, fast and was good with both medium and small amounts of herb.

    I considered the Grasshopper which seemed to deliver on all that I was looking for. On paper it looks great, but has no proven track record and not readily available with vague promises of a Feb 2016 delivery. I have a pre-order for one but not holding my breath...

    In the end, all roads led to the MFLB. I've had it for only a short while and still learning, but I have to say the damn little thing works! It's a simple design with no moving parts, replaceable batteries, a less than 5 sec heat up time giving almost instant true vapor and comes with a lifetime warranty. It ticked all my boxes - cheap, effective, reliable, fast - and added one more...funky chic. When you eventually upgrade to something more sophisticated downstream, you'll always hold on to it - it's a classic that has a place in every collection.

    Granted the MFLB needs a little more care and effort to get the best performance from it, but that's part of its charm - you too can become a MFLB Master and amaze your family and friends! No need to panic though, as there's a ton of videos out there to help you along the way. Suggest you pick up a couple of extra batteries, an extra glass stem and consider splurging on their wooden finishing grinder. It's ridiculously tiny for the price but perfect for the task - fits in the MFLB opening to finish the herb to a very fine grind for best results. Also looks very cute!

    Good luck with your choice...
  • Bud
    Couldn't have said it better myself!!!!!
  • Flipz
    excellent review @JohnnyK

    Keep it up 8-)
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