• UbarDog

    Lolz Can you not see that !????
    oki oki maybe a Beakless rooster
  • LabPong
    Godzilla maybe.....lol
  • 52

    It’s one of my favorites but probably not the same as from the 70-80’s as it has 7% CBD(14% thc). Although I read something that mentioned that over time since the 60’s lots of strains had the cbd bread out as they bread in higher thc levels, now they are breading the cbd back in. No idea if any of that is true, I just like this batch of CG!
  • Alexis
    thanks Baorn, all clear I see it NOW! Gosh my brain was truly down the drain the last 2 days. I have days like that. Its like I am in a wormhole and cannot make senss of or decipher anything. All down to fatigue levels and breathing and resultant deoxygenation.

    It was really bothering me that I couldn't make sense of what you were saying and gesturing towards.
    I knew it was definitely myself making the error as you are always spot on on the ball and accurate with precisely what you are saying.

    So it was bothering me not being able to make simple sense. Hence my reachong out wih a "help Baron?"

    Haha, thank you kindly for putting my mind at rest and bringing clarity. Sorry you needed to.

    So yeah, okay, amber inside the buds. Well there we go. Despite no actual light and heat ever reaching those surfaces, pretty fully developed.

    So the light energy clearly only needs to hit the outside for the trichs to receive the benefit and fuel inside the buds.

    Our own flowers have always tended to be fairly open, airy and not usually too large or dense. Maybe that is why I never really examined inside.

    Sorry to be such a dumnass nuisance Baron, you do put up with me very well haha have a nice Sunday mate. Not sure what sort of evening lays before me, busy with treatments and symptoms so far maybe a bit of sunshine now following my edible dose a minute ago. No vapor today yet, still feeling it from yesterday and morning back-to-bed Fantasmo Vapcaps. :up:
  • Baron23
    Sorry to be such a dumnass nuisance Baron, you do put up with me very well hahaAlexis

    hahaha...you over think this stuff sometimes, my friend. Really, no worries at all.

    And, I don't grow but my assumption from looking at flowers on plants vs cured flower I buy is that the flowers are much more open when growing, hence interior trichomes would be exposed to sun, etc.

    Also, my understanding of why the plant has them in the first place is to discourage insects from sticky waxes to annoying teprenes. So, to me I would guess that this is why there are so many in what looks like the closed off interior of a cured bud.

    But I'm pulling this out of thin air and have no verified facts.

  • Alexis
    thanks Baron, I have always genuinely valued your open thinking on things, hence my "putting things" to you on the reg, just to see what your feelings are.

    So yeah, the properties of those little lamp posts? Insects surely.

    But also, and actually one of the only facts I have ever really been aware of on this particular matter that apparently THC production is a light protection mechanism which makes full sense when we think about it.

    At various stages of the harvest there is a varyability to the glistening extent of the trichomes and I am yet to figure out exactly how this level of glistening correlates with ideal harvest time and trichome development etc as in in is there more glistening with clear trikes or or is it the THC reflective capacities causing it in which case cloudy trichomes would shine more.

    Our buds were glistening spectacularly this year and it was a real marvel but I didn't quite correlate things with proper examination and taking things on board.

    But then also, I can't help but be convinced that those trichomes have an even greater purpose and all of these other little roles and functions they play are just another miraculous bonus from nature:

    They are to serve US! Supply us with pain relieving, cancer curing, endocanna...regulating, mood uplifting, party enlivening, glorious cannabinoids, terps etc.
    Thanks Baron, have a nice evening bro. Footy highlights coming up soon here.
  • Alexis
    @zancru lovely looking bud there again. Im always drawn to bud with such a light appearance and colour. Harvest time plays a part but is also strain dependant. Our Durbans are akways quite dark in contrast but we have harvested other strange which had exactly that colour and tone.

    Have you vaped it yet? It looks like an uplifting effect, Sativa dom? Looks like my kind of herb, actually I can look it up right now can't I.... Enjoy bro.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    Some close ups froms the garden, phones not that great but they are looking tasty
  • okla68m
    Gorilla Glue #2
    Love having friends that also grow !
  • 52

    So nice! Looks like it’s sugar coated.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    i noticed a few seeds so i took a bud to inspect and the chocolate tones really came thru the joint. Ive never had a chocolate strain before it was pretty intresting, cant wait to cure it. Real sticky!!
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