• zancru
    I don’t know if there’s a thread for this... but here I am...@VapeCritic

    Sometimes I need to tell my grower friend to give me smaller nugs... one of the last times... it took only 4 “nugs” to make an ounce....
    I feel like ripped off... jajajaja but “colas” are so potent....

    This is a large C-Vault and a large BIC as reference...

    Standing next to BIC...dzniny0ooj2c6vgh.jpeg

    And between my thumb and BIC....

    I’ll keep posting more strains soon...
    Stay vaped...
    621C1C47-A58E-49AE-AB4D-738115324FC6 (168K)
  • beezee420
    whats that ball in your flower pot
  • beezee420
    got some Fruity Pebbles today since Bud likes it!

    pretty good!

  • John Cocktostone

    Was fresh out of eucalyptus leaves....
  • zancru

    Good choice my man... Fruity Pebbles is a keeper... but if you can get your hands on some Chernobyl... that’s some flavor there...
    That ball in the FP stand, I believe is one of those Chinese relaxing/soothing balls... when you move it, there are chimes inside that makes like a “zenish” noise, very cool indeed...
    Stay vaped...
  • zancru

    Man... I bet that strain is cheap... jajajaja Walmart’s or....???
    Nice pregrinded dispenser btw jajajaja
    Stay vaped....
  • zancru
    Here's part of my stash... I have some strains vacuum sealed for later...
    Very far left:
    large C-Vault with 3/4 oz of big Indica Blackberry Kush colas...
    Next to the right.... tall mason jar:
    I believe I have 2 1/8 there...
    Stong Sativa Durban Poison...
    Jimi Hendrix jar....
    3/8 of sweet Hybrid Indica dominant White Tahoe Cookies...
    Tall mason jar with Boveda package inside...
    3/8 of Hybrid Indica dominant RudeBoi OG...
    Far right little mason jar... next to VRod...
    last 2g of strong Sativa Trinity...
    Starting to run low in flower... next week resupply...


    Stay vaped my friends....
  • Dr green thumb
    looks like a good night :cool:
  • Lucic and Chong
    Right now I have a mere 11 different strains on hand. On the high CBD end I have- Charlotte's Web, Charlotte's Web 2.0, CBDream, CBD Death Bubba, and Harlequin. For sativas I have Love Potion and Gorilla Glue, for hybrids-Grease Monkey and Triple Sunshine, and for indicas- Comotose and Herijuana.

    I think that I've mentioned on here before that I like variety.

    With the ease of availability here I tend to get smaller amounts of more variety, unless there's a special or a favorite is in. But I do like to stock up on the CBD strains that I enjoy, as they're not quite as easy to find sometimes, or they require a special trip to a specific dispensary. Getting high quality high THC bud on the other hand, is as easy as getting a coffee in Vancouver.
  • juxt

    You're in Canada right? Have you ever tried the CBD Rene from HGG?
  • Futurevapors
    Silver Haze with an earthy taste :smirk:
  • Lucic and Chong
    No, I haven't seen that one yet. I'll keep my eyes open for it though. I usually pick up a gram of every new CBD strain that I find just so I can try it out.

    So far the only one that I didn't really like was Sunday Tsunami. High CBD, but tasted like dirt.
  • Bud
    Nice nugget!! I love those big ones :ok:

    one of the last times... it took only 4 “nugs” to make an ounce....
    I feel like ripped off...

    :rofl: :rofl:
  • Bud
    Man you guys make me jelly with those buds :shade: lol
  • Dr green thumb
    These are headband for your viewing pleasure
  • zancru

    Is that kief from just grinding...??
    Or is kief from growing/shake...??
    Either way... that’s a nice amount... that’s begging to be squished into rosin.... you have vaping for years there jajajaja
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    @zancru I bought it fpr the squishy squishy but it didnt turn out as nice as i would like a I bought a yocan pancake coil lol
  • zancru

    Probably a good portable or desktop will take care too...
    People and Bud are raving about the Sai Ti bucket TAF atomizer by the way... ever heard about it??... it’s on my VAS waiting list now...
    Stay vaped...
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    @zancru im on too much of a budget for that lol ive got the rubi magneto and the torch its a prettty complete set up for my needs
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    One day i will get a mighty!
  • zancru

    It’s been a long time my friend don’t grow Headband. Like it a lot too.
  • withoutbliss
    Thank you for the weed porn :yum:
  • Alexis
    A few buds from this year's "Auto Brooklyn Sunrise No.2" (5 in total- "Sunrise 1", "Sunrise 2", "Sunrise 3", "Sunrise 4", and last but definitely not least, "Small Sunrise" 'cos it was in a smaller 9L pot so it would stay "small". Well that worked- only yielded 90 gr of superb sticky bud. But then it was still the lowest yielder so I guess aptly named haha).

    I want to get some good shots of the others it really does look fantastic. Coming soon. It is so nice to at last have some very high quality/potency herb. Ususally I try not to look at all your stashes or think about what heavenly delights y'all vaping on because it has always been such a tease and torment, stuck here in England with my (usually) mediocre Autoflowers, no sight of ever getting close to PROPER ganja.

    Not any more, and about time I say! :smile:

    Give it a zoom and see how crystalised it is for UK outdoor. I think any grower would be happy.
  • zancru

    Well done man... nice cristals indeed... dank...
    Nice yield numbers too...
    Is it a dominant Indica hybrid for such a yield???
    Are those yields... just after cut or after drying/curing???
    Stay vaped...
  • Alexis
    thanks bro. Yeah it turned out amazing really thanks to an astonishing UK summer and sheer hard work and good fortune. This Sunrise is a 50/50 but gained a strong reputation as an excellent wake and bake strain and great for daytime use with an uplifting high followed by a slight body stone which comes on later. But one which can be enjoyed at any time of the day and I find I get on better with these uplifting not overly sedating hybrids, where has with the sativa or indica dominant Autos I feel like I need to keep switching one way and the other four balance a bit like driving a bumper car around off the walls lol!

    The others in 15 L pots all yielded more:
    1=135 gr
    2=140 gr
    3=123 gr
    4=120 gr

    And yes this is dry trim weight in the Jar. Not trimmed so tight to the buds because our Autos are naturally more leafy in ratio than typical because I'm allergic to all fertilizers and certain types of feed chemical and organic result in a higher bud to leaf ratio usually.

    But what that means is ours simply put that energy into trichome development on the sugar leaves tight to the buds so they are frosted and don't really need trimming. We still trim significantly more than we have done in the past I'm only left really good leaves to the point where we couldn't be bothered to trim it anymore basically haha.
    The Auto Night Queens were: 93 gr 9 L pot, and 120 gr 15 L. Indica Dom. About 875 grams total from 8 Autoflowers on only £5 of basic fertliser (the only thing we have trialled found so far that I'm not allergic to), plus the price of compost to fill the pots plus seeds of course.
    And we struck a deal this time- we got the sunshine FREE this year! :rofl:

    The single Durban, the Sativa dom- 72 day harvest, 72 grams. So it was the smallest yielder but we have had Durbans produce over 100g before it would have just been this phenotype and grow nothing to do with the strain I don't think. But the Brooklyn Sunrise are clearly good, consistent producers.

    I'm actually vaping the Durban this evening it's been caring for about 7 weeks and I've hardly touched it. It is probably the most pleasant weed I have ever vaporized it is more like inhaling essential oils than taking in physical vapor, and it tastes like Turkish Delight chocolate candy, simply gorgeous and what a smell in the jar as well. Due to the amazing weather everything was so much higher in all of those precursor compounds which make the good stuff that it needed during more than usual and is taking longer to cure,, but is really beginning to be noticeably more potent now as time passes you know how it is it's amazing and by Christmas time you can't believe how high you are getting.

    Okay, time to get back to my Durban Elev8r load. Have a great evening everybody. :up:
  • zancru

    Funny you brought Durban to the topic...
    I’m running a little flu... so I decided to vape it off with a sativa too...
    I really like Durban Poison... one of my favorites.
    This is the last of 14g...
    Here is an EVO ELB to size them... sativa nugs are tiny compared to the big Indica Blackberry Kush “flower ornament” type jajajaja
    Durban Poison is very tasty and uplifting...
    Good evening to you...
    Stay vaped...
  • Vapedude
    Nice little surprise just now, as I was vacuuming :rofl: .

    I found these two almost identical, trimmed, smallish buds laying around on the floor of my upper cup board :lol: and I have no idea what strain it is, or even how long it was sitting there :sweat:.

    I’m thinking Blueberry, or Tangerine Dream, hmmmm..I’ll have to try it, and let my experienced senses decide, lol :strong:

    Hopefully it’s not a strong zzzz indica or I’m screwed today!!

    Cheers :cheer:

  • zancru

    maybe the weed fairy?? :wink:
  • Vapedude
    lol! :lol:


    When you’re riiiiiiiiiipped anything is possible :rofl:
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