• Dr green thumb
    Todays bud is "Brownie Scouts"



    BSC is a hybrid cannabis strain that follows in the footsteps of its Girl Scout Cookies parent, but named for the youthful scouting group's male equivalant. With potent effects that hug the mind and body in tranquil euphoria BSC introduces deep, heavy relaxation throughout the body, but not before making your head reel with calm and happy thoughts. The cerebral buzz tapers down into a foggy daze that helps you abandon worries and slide into a low-key afternoon or a restful night’s sleep. Putting your nose in a jar of BSC isn’t altogether unlike stealing a smell from the cookie jar in your kitchen as sweet, earthy aromas burst forth with subtle notes of woody pine.
  • BestBuds
    I really love this thread.
  • Vapster707
    Some nice Bruce Banner

    And J-1
  • Alexis
    Introducing- this summer's Auto Night Queen by Dutch Passion.
    Really fantastic autoflower strain this one. An indica dom that is delightfully sweet and creamy to vape, and especially smooth. The aroma is wonderful but Im useless at drscribing these things. Just very nice weed anyhow.
    Good big solid buds too. Curing for a few months already.
    If you want a top heavy but not debilitating indica autoflowering strain with high potency and THC potential, I can recommend this one.

  • DatDus

    So, after one week of drying, the score is not too bad, had 120 grams from the healthy plants..
    The one with aphids.. I threw half of it out and dried the rest that was 35 grams..
    So not too bad..
    Just wondering if I can still use it for making oil..
    Don't feel like smoking it.his7ytl9gxnci379.jpg
  • Alexis
    so not too bad then? More than a salvage I say. I'm not sure I can advise you on whether you can make oil with the contaminated stuff I really have no experience with all of this myself. It may be ok but I'm only guessing hopefully some other members with more knowledge here on processing plants into various forms will have a better idea.
  • juxt

    Can you guarantee there are no bugs/bug parts in those jars? If you can't then whatever you make might have bug in it. If you know that they're bug free, then feel good about it and forget it(unless you used some chemical bug killer then I'd chuck it all). You should probably do some kind of high filtration Buchner funnel on any concentrate made with it though, and provide full disclosure to any consumers :)
  • Alexis
    just to say, obviously we try to avoid it, but a bug here and there may not be such a terrible thing.
    With any outdoor harvest it is a virtual guarantee there will be some insects in there, often so small to the eye and hidden.
    I have no doubt we have ALL vaped/smoked bug parts many times without knowing it. We spend a lot of time and energy during our grows removing bugs and stuck flies one by one, culling hotspots before they send out the signal (we're over here guys, come and join us the more the merrier).

    But it's impossible to get them all even when there is no visible problem.
    And all of our food is full of ground up insect parts as well like porridge oats rice you name it practically everything like that.

    So to make oil from this jeopardised plant can't really be much worse than eating a bowl of porridge?
  • AnVom
    Are you going to use solvent or do you have the stuff for bubble?
  • Dr green thumb

    If you ever get aphids or any bugs try diatomaceous earth it's a natural product that is extremely effective in killing bugs without pesticides. It's also something that is safe to consume and has many health benefits.

    You can get it at hardware stores and online.
  • Alexis
    neither myself as it isnt my harvest in question, but that of @DatDus
  • Alexis
    yes this is good stuff you are right it has multiple health benefits. But you are supposed to avoid inhaling it though as a dust so just would want to make sure you arent vaping flowers with the powder residue.
  • Dr green thumb
    water renders diatomaceous earth useless so you would use it before you either watered your plants or rinsed your material. If you are growing outside you would use it well before harvest and any rain would eliminate the problem.
  • Alexis
    that makes sense. However we cant let our autos get wet at all during flower here in UK and with our Northwest facing garden. Unless bright sun follows rain at least the next day, we would be trimming like mad to rescue from bud rot left, right, centre.
    We typically get spells of damp and cold for several days at a time, some whole weeks are a wash and quite cold during August. If we let rain get on them we would need warm sun the following day for sure or big losses.

    So in such a case it is less ideal to have to apply anything for bug control. In most cases I would be allergic to the product as well so extra need to leave no traces.
  • Dr green thumb
    ok, thank you

    It may not work for you but it may save someone's prized flowers.

    Stay medicated
  • DatDus
    well, the main consumer is me myself and I.. hihi
    I don't feel like smoking the contaminated buds ( it's really not that bad) but I am going to put it in alcohol and filtering through a coffee filter will in my opinion also filter the bugs out..
    I can not guarantee that there are no bugs in the rest, but I didn't spot any bugs on the buds..
    Anyhow, it's for my own consumption.. one of my friends said, if i plan to trow out the buds he will smoke it.. so.. his choice.. not mine (to be clear I will not smoke buds with visible bugs)
  • DatDus
    never heard of this and can't find it, I live in the Netherlands..
  • Zep4

    I got this incredible Blue Hawaiian last night. This is one of my favorites now. Fantastic smell and wicked high sativa buzz.
  • zancru

    Hola querida Zep4.... and everyone in this forum.
    I hope you’re already vaped in this beautiful morning.
    Those buds look consistent and dense and big for a Sativa... great pick up indeed. Very nice buds indeed.
    Underground or dispensary???
    Everything with “Hawaiian” in it...needs to smell greatness.... can’t wait to find it on a dispensary and give it a go...my friend has only 8 strains in rotation right now....
    Nice stash by the way...
  • Zep4
    I just became a member of a great local club. She delivers free! and this was from my first order. The great vape cartridges and waxes I got, as well as the flower were all Boomxtract.com products. Needless to say, I am impressed and they have a faithful customer. They’re starting an online delivery service soon, you can prejoin on their site not to be confused with Boomextract.com.
  • zancru

    what are we looking at??? looks dense and frosty.... ;)
  • Spog
    I don’t know what it’s called, but it works pretty damn good!

    <—— no dispensaries in my state
  • zancru
    Hola a todos/as..... hello everyone....
    Yesterday night was a chill one....
    my friend is recovering from a cold... so no Friday night party....
    instead I went to visit my grower friend... I came back loaded...
    and waiting for more stuff that's drying.... like AOTA...
    one of my favorites, Durban Poison....
    he promised me some Chernobyl, Agent Orange and Blue Dream....
    his close friend and partner has another indoor place ;)

    This first photo is just for the sake and giggles.... jajajajajaja I'm just 308miles away from "civilization".....during N winds I can even smell it ;) jajajajajjaja

    "Diamantes en Salsa" el antes..... "Diamonds and Sauce".... before.... the thumb on the right it's my friends.....el pulgar al la derecha es de mi amigo....jajajaja

    Another view....otra vista.... ese es mi pulgar.... there's my thumb....

    We just crack it open.... recien lo descomprimimos....

    Here's how it looks after....asi se ve despues....on the background you can see a kiln....and the torch.... atras se ve el kiln y la antorcha.... glass studio, and everything else.... estudio de vidrio y demas....

    Mr Burns will get you soon....El Se~or Burns te atrapara pronto....
    AC/DC curing/drying....20:1 CBD:THC ratio/proporcion.....AC/DC curando/secando.....
    he only grows this one for making tincture for his friend breast cancer treatment....and friends :)
    solo la cultiva para hacer tintura para su amiga que esta en tratamiento de cancer de mama....
    y amigos :)

    Here you can see those 2 big buds, AC/DC....
    and red container, before D&S....clear container, after D&S....
    Aca se pueden ver esas 2 flores grandes, AC?DC....
    el container rojo, antes del DenS.....container claro, el despues de los DenS....

    Possing and showing off next to a Solo.... posando y pavoneandose al lado de un Solo...

    AC/DC big bud was almost 3/8oz..... la flor grande de AC/DC pesa como 9g...
    still needs some trimming, wasn't for sale, just for tincture....
    todavia necesita algun recorte, no esta a la venta, solo para tintura.....

    I didn't have inches at the moment, but 11cm makes it....
    no tenia pulgadas ahi, pero 11cm bastan....

    Here's the whole lineup restock...I'll detail later...
    Aca esta todo junto lo nuevo....detalles luego....

    Stay vaped...
  • bum karacho
    From Marocco strong One Bubbles a lot! :love:
  • bum karacho
    want it now,they dont want to send it with ups to eu :cry:
    60% thc for 40$ good deal
  • Baron23
    Would you like to come visit Washington, DC? But you need to bring your little friend with you! haha

    Mouth watering pic there, my friend! :up: :100: :party:
  • bum karacho

    i like the hash from marocco but i prefer hand rolled charras from india ,nepal or pakistan, but all of them are hard to get. but sometimes i´m lucky.they all have iceolator at the moment.but the exotic stuff is tastier
  • Baron23
    i like the hash from marocco but i prefer hand rolled charras from india ,nepal or pakistan,bum karacho

    Me too...but I haven't seen that kind of hash since the 70's! haha
  • Dr green thumb
    Today I have some kavalier cookies


    Its across between Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and Pre '98 Bubba Kush. The result is a medium bodied smoke with mild expression of physical euphoria. This is excellent for pain relief and reducing muscle spasms.
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