• Baron23
    I find sun grown to be darker than indoor. Perhaps that or just a good dark strain.

    Glad you got great stuff for holiday.
  • ssaucyc515
    just a couple of strains the last few weeks :D

    garlic bread

    jambha juice
    wine breathe on the left chiquita banana on the right
    head stash g6
    god father OG
    headbanger haze
    C394B02F-D0B4-42D5-AF5F-9D0F7D3705A4 (227K)
  • spider
    Durban poison, evertime I grab this from my dispensories, it always comes in one big pungent, dense nug, always weighs over, 1.12 for a gram.
  • Magicman
    I have no-name bud I got on nickle street.

  • EconMan

    The Godfather and Headbanger looks a lot like this Key Lime Pie I have that has so impressed me.

    I have no-name bud I got on nickle street.Magicman

    MagicMan be hanging out in Little 5 lately :joke:

    Seriously, looks good.:cool:
    The prices some morons in John's Creek pay is criminal. I'd be too embarrassed to sell any to anyone if I was a dealer with a straight face.... Like fish in a barrel. :gasp:
  • zancru
    I’d bore everyone, if I detail all the flower and oil I have.
    Living at legal medical & recreational states since 2009.
    I believe I got my first medical card in 2011.
    Menus at dispensaries are like 5 pages books.
    Every bag or container, has a different strain.
    I’m really enjoying concentrates lately.
    Giving the body a break from flower this last month, meaning vaping less flower, not totally quit.


  • AnVom
    That is bonkers mang
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    Here is a picture. :100: A rare treat for me -- truly GREAT weed.EconMan

    @EconMan purples are my favorite. Does your weed have a name?
  • Alexis
    @@zancru hey therre dude. Wowman, no words for that but no surprise either. But what a soemdud variety. We all you know you have had access to the highest quality and broadest range of top shelf ganja since ever I known you.

    So .i can totally unferstand why you enoy abd usec so many diffetent top tier vapes. I mean you might as well enjoy what you enjoy one of the many things you enjoy most in life to the maximum right and fair credit to you you for recognising that and making it at the minute without any feelings of guilt or hesitation.

    I used to find it hard not to be jealous, but not neatively. Always genuinely happy for you getting on that excellent action the more the merrier is my book.

    But I have long let go and accepted things in all aspects of my life.

    And our Meohisto Outdoodoor Autoflower is really strong, clean, uplifting stuff. I really can't complain as much as a wider variety is is a really nice thing but we have quite some variety along with subsequent annual harvest which are primarily been used for edibles since the new more enticing and Potent crop has arrived this summer.

    One thing @Zancru , as great as at your collection is, I was a lot more enticede by the sight of your muliitiple kilner jars stash when younwere reloading from your organic reowerfpr friend -(Durban, and was it "Tahoe' apart fro others.)

    So it's a great site man and thanks for sharing. Im sure're you aill enjoy? Amd no dott mnybhere would
    Kill for such a collection.
  • BestBuds
    I have a question for the dispensary people. My new dispensary has "select grind" bud. What is this? Is it shwag garbage that has been sifted? Is it Ok for vaping? $35 for 7 grams isn't a bad price around me.
  • Microvaper
    $35 for 7 gramsBestBuds

    That's crazy cheap!! Is it like shake
  • Lucic and Chong
    My old dispensary used to have "bottom of the bag" specials that were unreal cheap like that. Maybe it's something similar? The dust and tiny buds that aren't really nice looking and marketable, but still can be good?

    Best to ask them though, I could be WAY off.
  • BestBuds
    It's so cheap even if I don't like the vapor I'll decarb it and make edible caps or something. Maybe I'll mix it with CBD bud. I figure it's probably still better than the turds I used to get from the dude down the road.
  • Baron23
    I would bet it’s shake but shake can vape good and can make great edibles and infusions.

    For that price, ask the test percentage, hard to go wrong.
  • BestBuds
    25% not bad...
  • Baron23
    f it. I’d go for it.

    It’s usually just the small stuff w no shelf appeal.

    Take a look, though. If it looks like it been thru a kief tumbler, well....depends how it looks.
  • Alexis
    Yes my thoughts too Baron. I mean, there is just so much really decent flower around now, gounf by all your guys shots and accounts. So just because something is significantly cheaper, no reaspn why it can't be very nice weed still hey?

    And exactly the way it should be.

    And actually, not the same I lnow, but until 2005 when I smoked all street gear, and there was plenty of really good skunk around in Bedford anyway much more than Swansea, Wales, when I returned home here at the time in 2003....

    It was typically £35 per 1/4, 7 grams.

    £20 for an 1/8th.

    Even 1.7gr for £10.

    And those were pretty fair prices in my opinion we used to get some really lovely weed I went to Amsterdam in 2005 and nothing I tried over there for less than 10-year olds program came close to this stunning blueberry psychosis type skunk I was getting in Bedford at the time for £35 per quarter.

    Some of the best weed I've ever had in my life and nothing I came across in Amsterdam coffee shops in those 3 days came close.

    But several years later and suddenly it was £10 per gram all over the UK and that was if you were lucky 0.7 would be a common occurrence and even established price not just an Ode to frequent rip-off.

    Its's £30 or £25 per 1/8th now typically. Fortunately, thank thank God. I have paid for my weed foe YEARS! I hinestly dont see how I could.

    Blessings and Silver Linings they say we failed miserably as mortals to acknowledge and appreciate these in every single situation.

    My allergies have forced my mum and I like to make certain we supply ourselves with the best medicine for possibly can and I never even think about the Financial implications of this which is is bizarre and almost hilarious. But that's alone has to be motivation to continue to practice of self acquired medicine and really not required to process in any way I will keep this in mind.

    So Im loving my kava last few weeks, veery nice pairing with weed now. Kava takes getting used to because it works on the mind and emotions and energy levels and there is a reverse tolerance Factor whereby it can take take some frequent users to experience and appreciate the effects which are much more clear-headed than alcohol and cannabis but a very emotionally euphoric it and and freeing

    So I'm using much less herb but also I can't wait to get set a new vaporizers to try I don't enjoy any of the three currently in my rotation which I tolerate better than the others- Vapcap, WS and Elev8r.

    SSV is coming, gift from Lazylathe. If the SSV us okay- I will get LSV. 2 new vapes.

    I really want a Vriptech too.
  • Alexis
    @Baron23 sorry mate, I didn't even say how I hope your Critsmas was well spent with good company and food, hopefully a chance to slow down, wind donw, relax and recharge a bit.

    My mum and I have had a really peaceful few days. We took on a new dog 4 weeks ago after we lost the second of our truly spiritual special long-term dogs in 2017.

    But this little hyperactive Jack Russell was a huge mistake and was nothing but the chaotic disruption in our household which made us both really ill in the process and so stressful.

    Neither my mum or my self managed to relax at any point the whole 4 week's this dog was here my mum was constantly clearing up after its toilet mass in the kitchen all day and there were so many complications and demands it was like having a baby lol.

    It didn't help me that one of my coping mechanisms for this unpredictable prolonged stressful situation was to take fairly large amounts of LSD on various occasions lol!

    Some good and some bad but on the whole I don't think I have come out any worse and in very high spirits whenever I'm physically comfortable, truly.

    So please excuse my Ott posts on occasion when I'm feeling very high and wanting to spread that love.

    Anyway...Dog finally gone. PEACE at last. Mum and I can really focus on helping each other now and establishing a harmonious home environment conducive towards healing and purely positive thinking and feeling as much as we can now now no matter what.

    Having the nightmare experience of this dog for 4 weeks has shown us so much another silver lining which greatly outweighs the miniature black cloud.
  • Kinick23
    Peanut Butter Breath 50/50 hybrid DoSiDos x Mendo Breath F2

  • UbarDog
    Any one every heard the word "Pot" as a form of measurement???

    Like is its 3.5g or 4g a pot or something?
  • Pud
    no but heard of a lid which was a mayonnaise lid leveled off and probably be about that much... but that was back in the day
  • Baron23
    never heard that jar lid thing. Interesting.

    We used to call a light ounce a lid. $15 rather than $20. Im talking old style brick weed here v
  • Pud
    yep cause nobody had a weight set scale which was about all there was but EVERYBODY has a mayo lid... lol
  • Tdog420
    i had some peanut butter breath not to long ago. Very tasty and unique.
  • okla68m
    A "Lid" was the amount that would fit into the Lid of a Tobacco can ! Usually about 1.25 oz...at least thats the way it was in 1969 Oklahoma....paid $ 8 for my 1st "lid" !
  • EconMan
    purples are my favorite. Does your weed have a name?The Rogue Wax Works

    Key Lime Pie. To me it tastes like a 7-up or Sprite. Clearly, lime and lemon "overtones" in smell and taste to its terps. :love:
  • EconMan
    A "Lid" was the amount that would fit into the Lid of a Tobacco canokla68m

    That's where that word came from? I'm a 70's child not a 60's one, so my "lids" in oklahoma were around $20, and I always thought they were just street jargon for an ounce of premium Oklahoma Dirt Weed. :joke: :nerd:

    Edit: quick search.

    According to some stories it started with the common coffee can of the 1960s and ’70s. Usually the coffee lids had a key like shape at the end and would come off like sardine cans. Folks would use the lid to measure what would be about four fingers worth of pot. In those times there weren’t any scales like we have today, so like many marijuana smokers they were resourceful!
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