• Pud
    Wonder if that is how they tell if anyone is shipping into states where it isn't legal? Definitely good to know it's there! Have to do some research. Good lookin' out... Thanks!

    ** found some info https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.civilized.life/articles/tracking-chip-marijuana/amp.html
  • Cl4ud3
    Interesting article, so an RF tab to keep track of the flower from seed to store.
  • Pud
    and I am curious how they handle plants that die... lol!... I mean you grow 500 and something strikes and you have 87 die... what do they do? I guess you would have to call someone to come and verify... all this is why the costs are so high that's for sure. Because nobody is just going to believe you... "the Man" wants his cut!!
  • bulllee
    Silverback / Confidential badder, very sweet tropical flavors. Incredibly strong night time stuff, great for pain.
  • zancru
    I helped at Oregon, at a friend of a friend legal farm for a while.
    At the time, the OLCC, made mandatory for this farm, cameras everywhere.
    No blind spots.
    No alcohol nor drugs of any kind, including weed (for consumption) inside the premises. NO consumption of booze or weed.
    Coozies for can beers
    Tall fenced premises.
    Mandatory people registering at entrance, with legal valid 21+ ID, and a “contract to work there”,
    or as guest with lots of limitations.
    I can’t remember or knew the rules about taking weed outside the premises.
    Or how they distribute it to the dispensaries.
    That was their thing.
    I was allowed as a “guest volunteer” for helping during cut and trimming.
    They measure everything.
    I believe I have pictures of tagged plants too.
    They weight “leftovers”.
    They weight “trim”.
    They weight “everything”.
    They weight the rot, bad plants, everything that comes from the plant.
    They weight all the leftovers “natural compostable garbage”, and they register it too.
    They “record everything on paper and camera”.
    It might be one of the most controlled plant in the world.

    I hope they learned something after these years.
    They sucked when they just opened.
    These photos are from their first harvest I believe.
    They are “TrustAfarians”, trust fund kids that inherited land or money, never saw them partake in weed consumption.

    So so many TrustAfarians, lawyers, and people that dedicated their entire lives to suppress, and snitch, TO BE A PIG, or belong to armed forces, and go around the world, and suppress people growing weed, or coca leaves, or poppy seeds/flowers, but NOW they are all about THE PROFITS and JUMPED into the “green fever rush” of the united states.
    The grossest most disgusting thing that happened since legalization.
    PIGS and ARMED FORCES people getting their hands into the weed business.

    You can see the tag in the plant.


    You can see more tags here.
    They weight everything.
    I believe this was compost leftovers.
    Registered on paper and photo.

    Inside warning signs.
    I can’t remember outside warning signs, (I believe they told me they don’t put outside signs/warnings, to protect privacy and unwanted visitors), but I remember the cameras everywhere, at every corner and inside every indoor growing warehouse, and directed at every posible angle.
    Many more pointed to the outside premises surroundings too.

    Things might have changed now, perhaps even stricter rules and laws.
    The more legal, the more technicalities, and more walls those TrustAfarians, and lawyers, and PIGS and armed forces people set the bar higher, so low income or small investors like us can do anything about it to get into the business.
    Just to start asking for a license, you’ll a good lawyer to walk you through.
    That’s why these pos mofos are the ones that are taking control on weed, the same ones that used to put people in jail.

    Stay vaped!
    Mantente de la mente!!!
  • Bud

    Wow, very interesting, and cool pics :ok:

    I believe I have pictures of tagged plants too.
    They weight “leftovers”.
    They weight “trim”.
    They weight “everything”.
    They weight the rot, bad plants, everything that comes from the plant.
    They weight all the leftovers “natural compostable garbage”, and they register it too.
    They “record everything on paper and camera”.

    I agree this is the stupidest thing ever, all of this for a WEED :rofl:

    They are “TrustAfarians”, trust fund kids that inherited land or money, never saw them partake in weed consumption.zancru

    Lots of people like this in the vape biz too, well the greedy non-smoking type anyway :eyes:
  • chaos191
    Trip to the Dispo... Lot of selection here in Illinois but I am finding there just getting crazy with these hybrids and I prefer a straight sativa Or something so to 6040 indicativa like GG4, So this is What I settled on.

    Orange Heriwana

    Grape Stampers

    Mr. Clean

    Orange Chameleon

    King Crasher
  • bulllee
    This bud is a very nice strain for pain. G-13 Genius. It was liberated by an ex- CIA operative :wink: :rofl:

  • Rockytdogg
    Went back here before the holidays...:

    1/4 Bahama Mama (this could be it):
    1/4 MAC (probably the same, too):

    I live in MA and have held an MMJ card for over 3 years now, and while it's great to have more and more shops opening (rec too!), and so close by, I'm still forced to do the 3.5 hour round trip drive (including stopping for the $20 in gas and tolls and other tax-free goodies in NH) necessary to get quality meds at a reasonable cost.

    Case in point, was posted here: I mean, it's not terrible bud and did give me a nice happy buzz for at least a little while, but it most certainly is not worth 48 fuckin' dollars an 1/8th! Not when the product from ME above cost $110...!!

    And then there's the concentrates... instead of only costing 2x as much, and being at best a 1/4 the quality, it's 3-4x as much, and the quality of product doesn't even exist in MA... ugh!! So, I take a short day trip to ME (and tax-free NH!) once a month, could be worse problems, I suppose...

    I also got an 1/8th each of Cherry Pie and Lava Cake live resin and Animal Face and GMO x I95 "loud" resin (+$340), whatever the fuck "loud" is..? Just seems wetter w/xtra terps... but whatever, Maine has a very old med scene, so they have all kinds of wacky names for stuff. I'd post pics but it's the exact same shit as his pics and his are better. The flower I got is a bit more compressed than his pics from the packaging etc and therefore "cakier" looking, but it's still the same bud. I should be good for the month, HOPEFULLY....!

    FUCK MA CANNABIS IN ALL IT'S FORMS! (minus the "legal" one... I can live with that!!)
  • bulllee
    I had never heard of "Loud" resin before.
    The loud resin is created by extracting plants that are at the highest point of resin production. Similar to the live resin process but with a different blend of solvents to get the “loudest” terpene profiles. possible.Jan 16, 2018
  • Lucic and Chong
    I haven't really been impressed with our legal, gov't, weed (Canada) since legalization. It's overpriced, way too dry, and for the most part it's been subpar quality. All of the grey market storefront dispensaries have also been closed.

    But luckily the grey market has moved online. And I'm also lucky to have a friend that works for one of them. Way better price and product.

    My go to lately has been their "smalls". This is just small popcorn buds of their house brands that don't look as marketable, fell off during trimming... but are just as good. And really, it all looks the same after it's been through the grinder, plus less stem with the smalls. I picked up this oz of Tahoe OG "smalls" for $110.

    This was another great deal ($6 a gram, but not smalls) of a strain that I always love the flavor of- Nuken. It's a cross of Shishkaberry and God Bud.

    I thought I deserved a treat, so I got a gram of Gelato bubble hash,

    And a gram of CBD isolate.
  • Bruce
    Motor Breath - 70/30 - 23.3 THC.
    Very smooth and relaxing with a bit of uplifting effect.

    I found this herb in a local medical dispensary.

  • bulllee
    Banana OG, very well 50/50 with incredible taste. If the angle is right it glistens in the light :starstruck:

  • BestBuds
    I wanted to do a little experiment in case these are those with the same question I have about medical dispensary bud.
    Here's the situation. When I was picking out what I wanted this month for bud one of my favorites blueberry cheesecake was back on the list. For an eighth ounce they had blueberry cheesecake and blueberry cheesecake second cut they both had the same amount of THC in fact they were from the same lot and even the same plant. The premium flower was the first time they went over the plant getting the best buds :wink: The second cut is exactly that they went over the plant the second time and got the smaller more spindly buds. The second cut was a full $10 less expensive for an eighth of an ounce than the premium flower. $32 vs $42 for an 1/8th!

    First up: Second Cut

    Next is: Premium flower

    Tiny might @ 6

    Second cut:
    Flavor- not as sweet and cheesy as I expected.
    Vapor-I got a sharp sting in the back of my throat that made me cut my draw short and struggle not to cough on exhale. I don't think it was harsh it just vapes quick. I got two big hits
    High- I got plenty high. I feels like vaping .11 of 28%thc bud. No surprises.

    Notes: I feel like I blasted through the herb. I wanted to enjoy it more but couldn't because it was exhausted in two hits, dark for two hits too. I wonder if I need to let this one come up to humidity longer than regular flower.

    Premium flower:
    Flavor- there is the sweet blueberry cheesecake taste!
    Nott as good as last spring. Comparing it to the second cut,
    Vapor- no sharp sting, nice smooth flavorful vapor.
    High- se as second cut. I don't feel that there is much of a difference in high.

    Notes: I highly suspect that the second cut needs to cure or rehydrate for another day or two It seemed very dry. If I find anything different I'll report back
  • SirSixPence
    I get the same here in Chicago, The call them smalls or Popcorn Buds.
    I buy that as the flower prices are insane here. and its about 15 to 20% cheaper.
  • chaos191
    I'm definitely usually disappointed even with the "premium" bud here in Chicago It all seems under developed generally I never get 1/8s that are like 2 nice buds how I used to
  • bulllee
    The medical scene here in Arizona sure has changed since it's inception back in 2012. It started out with some incredible bud, huge big ass, dank buds. Quality, served deli style out of big glass jars. Now it seems 98% of the weed I see is pre-packed, and nowhere near the quality it seems there use to be. Popcorn's a great option for me as is buying by the ounce. Black market has become another option as pricing has shot up due to new recreational pricing :yikes: . I'm paying between $130 to $150 an ounce for decent mid range. Top shelf is $250 on up. The glass jar 1/8's use to be $35 now start out at $60 !
    These are some buds from Arizona Natural Remedies, G-13 genius cut. LOL I didn't ask what a genius cut was :razz: It's pretty good :lol:
  • Deleted User
    This user has been deleted and all their posts removed.
  • SirSixPence
    @chaos191Since legalization prices have skyrocketed, And medical patients take a second seat to consumer sales.
    Without us they wouldn't exist and our medicine prices climb every 6 months now.
    In illinois we dont pay tax, but the product prices have gotten so high i may have to go back to taking pills again as they are covered by my insurance.
  • chaos191
    I SECOND That Just picked up 5 1/8's of strains I wasn't that intraested in nbecause the stuff I really wanted sold out before I could reserve it... price $315 I'm going back to my old conect lol
  • Tdog420
    My bruce banner i just chopped. My fav strain and 1st time growing it. She came out frosty!!!!
  • Alexis
    that's a fair bit more than UK. £180-200 is the standard ballpark, can be even less.
  • BestBuds
    I can't wait till my state allows home grow. I'm going to save so much money.....
  • bulllee
    Good job, looks like a blizzard has hit.
    We can have 6 plants per adult person capped at 12 per household. I never would have thought in my wildest dreams that marijuana would be legal (I'm in my 60's) :wink: We broke ground for our Victory garden a nice plot for weed, tomatoes, and chilies ! I can't wait.
  • Tdog420
    All my bruce nugs drying! I love this new drying rack i got for like 16 dollars on amazon. It even came w a ton of extra clips.
  • Bruce
    Motor Breath -70 I / 30 S - 23.3 THC - Really relaxing.
    Davinci IQ2 - With Glass Half Spacer.


    "Peace, Love & Vape"

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • froglefrog
    Motor Breath -70 I / 30 S - 23.3 THC - Really relaxing.Bruce

    niiiice :ok:

    dluv to try it!

    eyem puffin on sum Meat Breath lol...relaxing indica dom 2 :ok: but the Motor looks n sounds real.
  • bulllee
    Lotta love for the Meat Breath.
  • BestBuds
    Check out those thc levels mah dudes! :scream:
  • Alexis
    I was gonna say- is that not approaching some kind of record? From my subconscious, if I was on a live quiz show, I would say 36% may be the highest I might have ever heard reported in flower.

    Hope you’re doing alright anyway man.
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