• EconMan

    Of the free tests, human metrics is sound. I think the best free one is:


    Obviously, I don't know you well at all, so any opinion is out of my ass, but you **seem* to me much more "NT'ish" than "SJ'ish" ? ("Rational" vs "Guardian")

    The correlations are fascinating. I have twenty years of data from teaching at university, and from the beginning I gave personality tests on the first day. So I can correlate personality type with performance in economics classes....

    In order from best to worst on average. I think the harshness of economics is too much for many idealists.

    NT - The Rationals
    SJ - The Guardians
    SP - The Artisans
    NF -- The Idealists

    I'm sure, vape choice is correlated as well. Perhaps the Rationals want something they can control, the Guardians want something that works elegantly that isn't ostentatious, the Artisans want it to look good and look good using it, the Idealists want it to produce the perfect experience. lol

    i use the bricks daytime because i need fast on demand vapebum karacho

    I love my SB too. My daily daytimers are my SBj and my FF2. They both are so "instant" convenient.
  • MothChewMoth
    apparently I was looking at the wrong tab when writing the test name. The second set is indeed from the 16 personalities site. What's interesting is I did each test twice, once thinking about each answer, once going with a quick instinctual answer. I got the same results each time, respectively to reach site.

    Agree whole heatedly on the "NT" description; my wife refers to me as "logic man". I did think the borderline introvert/extrovert was interesting and actually pretty accurate depending on the situation and audience.
  • EconMan

    I've found it to be a great life tool that assists me in romance, parenting, friendship, and business. The most important thing I've learned over twenty years of study and pondering, is do not make it a box, It is a model, not reality. A map is a model and it is not very realistic but quite useful. We are all every type, we just have a primary and secondary type we favor most.

    Like all models, sometimes we get readings near each other, like ambiversion when introversion and extroversion are more equal (I am 93-100% E,N, & T, on near everyone I take).

    BTW. The best sales person I've ever known was a massive introvert. Few colleagues would ever suspect he was an introvert, since at work he was always talkative and "up". But that was work. It was his job to do that. But it DRAINED his batteries. The last thing he wanted at night was to have to "chit chat" with yet more annoying people at happy hour, prefering to go home sit next to his introverted wife and say very little while they enjoy the peacefulness of their home together. Likewise, one of the greatest entertainers of our age was Michael Jackson, a massive introvert.

    If generally speaking, "people" charge your batteries, you're an extrovert. If they drain your batteries, you're an introvert. If they do both about equally then you're an ambivert and very annoying to researchers who resent you don't fit into their box. lol
  • MothChewMoth
    I'd say people do both in relatively equal measure. If we're talking about the general public, it's extremely draining. If it's work (generally) or a board game group, I get pretty pumped and you can't shut me up. There I go, being a pain in the ass again...
  • EconMan

    Not a pain in the ass, just a INTJ, sometimes the same thing true. :)

    One of the most rare types. The quintessential "Mastermind". I've had three businesses in my life and all three were partnerships with INTJ's. I know them well. And love them.
    2nd rarest type in the western population. Good thing too because they generally (like most NT's who tend to lack in empathy and excel in judgement) view things and even people as "logical" pieces on a "chessboard". Of all the 16 types, they have the highest correlation with diagnoses of Antisocial Personality Disorder, and they have the highest suicide rate since such "head-cases" can "think" themselves out of existence.
    Yet, their disproportionate influence upon the world and its history is massive -- good and bad -- amazing given their tiny numbers. Jeff Bezos, for example, is the quintessential INTJ. He really does want to own the fucking world :joke:
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