• Hazel
    Is there a correlation between your personality type and the way you vape?

    Let’s think scientifically for a second... have we missed this? Could certain types of personalities and traits have an influence/effect on the type of vape you prefer? The style of vaping you prefer? How you view the perfect vaping experience?? (Oven type, heat setting, form of intake, sips vs sessions, etc)

    Take this test (yes sit still for 50+ ish yes or no questions) and post your 4 letter personality type with your favorite style/way of vaping and why.

    Let’s analyze each other like weirdos ! Whose with me?! :cool: :nerd:

    TEST: http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp
  • Hazel
    I got ESFJ and i like to vape slowly. Sips where I can take small quick hits of vapor. The experience is made for me when it’s easy draws that produce decent amount of vapor. No gross “burnt popcorn” taste or smell, and no long slow draws required. Little lungs want quick easy potent draws.

    Best vapes for this are...
    1) Bud’s project A (baby bird feeding style) :lol:
    2) Crafty
    3) Pax
    4) Micro
    5) Volcano

    But- my absolute fav is always a true flower joint. Plain and simple. Quick satisfaction. No burning smell. No difficulty inhaling. Every puff is smooth and simple. Controlled... planned.. like my “controlling” personality type! :lol:

    Whose next?
  • SouthboundPachyderm

    I mostly use my OG Solo or my DynaVap M. Because its all i really have. My prefered session is the hit til you forget your holding it style session, and when you remember you are holding it, hit it again. The M is certainly better for that since its on demand but with such a small bowl I don't typically forget about it until round 2 or 3.
  • Chronicles22
    INFP here. I typically like fast potent delivery. Have a Haze Square for this and waiting on an MV1. I do also like how fast the Pax 3 heats up and on flavor mode it does taste pretty good and delivers good draws. I’ll use a crafty or IQ when I want to sit for a few minutes, but typically that’s an end of day thing for me.
  • Dr green thumb
    I got ENFP I like my crafty and pax3. I do not usually vape herb for the high but more for the taste as I mix carts, concentrates, edibles, and vaping together to kind of customize my high.
  • EconMan
    I got ESFJ and i like to vape slowly. Sips where I can take small quick hits of vapor.Hazel

    I love it! :love:

    The first thing I ever said to you was that time you barged in on a live chat, and I suggested you "take a .5 gram dab". Hubby grinned
  • Baron23
    No way, Hazel....if they knew what I was really like, they would lock me away! haha (not kidding...well, haha).

    As my attorney advised me many years ago, "son, never take off them sunglasses and never let them see the whites of your eyes" LOL
  • EconMan

    ENTJ "commander/ field marshal" lol
    (fyi. imo, the above 16personalities site has better content and function)

    I like my weed the way I like my women. Red and bitter. If weed had breasts, I would want them big.
    Intensity, I seek intensity. Intensity in everything. Especially in getting high. I can't just have a dab rig, I have to have **the** dab rig. I like dabs because well, they are the most intense.

    I like vapes that have some gadgetry to them... where I have to prepare something, to study something, to figure something out, to theorize something, to do something.

    My vapes and 1-10 rankings within how I want to use them.
    1. Plenty (10) This thing rips AND is very social.
    2. Firefly2 (5) This thing is seriously for OCD introverts. It gives like two good hits per cleaning. An ISTJ would love the thing! lol
    3. StickyBrick Jr. with bubbler (9) This thing rips, is socially easy, and it freaks out my combustion friends via the scary torch and therefore also fuels whatever nascent narcissism still resides within me so ever needing and seeking attention.
    4. Volcano. A perfect average hit one bag at a time :)

    MV1 next. Next after next will be whatever Bud says is the next really cool thing. :cool:
  • EconMan

    I love most iNTP's. Amazing magnificent freaks. Steve Jobs was one btw.

    Now they ***WILL*** figure the damned thing out.... unless... "look, squirrel!" :joke:
  • Hazel
    lmao where were you when @VapeCritic took the sunglasses off!! :rofl: :rofl: :cool: Golden advice!
  • Hazel
    “to customize my high” love it !
  • Hazel
    lol “hit it until you forget it’s in your hand” that is so me! I won’t forget it’s going if I’m not high enough but once I hit the primo zone... I start cruisin... and the fact I have a live vape going in my hand with bud i’ll burn and waste if I don’t hit it, goes completely out the window. Unintentionally lol
  • Dr green thumb
    as I've been dabbling in the art of getting high I have been able to distinguish certain aspects of different strains that compliment each other in getting the effect you desire. In other words if I am high and fell like I am missing something or just need to tone something down I know which strains to mix.
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    :rofl: While there have been many a time where the word freak has been used with my name, Steve Jobs never has.
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    Old habits from spoon pipes. Thats why the M works good. Ya know the snap, crackle, pop pipe:rofl:
  • Cl4ud3
    INFJ I've done the test several times in the past and always get the same result.
  • Hammertime
    ISTJ I like to smoke as much as i can fit into a session
  • henrythebaker
    INTP - took it again to be sure and got the same :up:
    My favourite way to vape would be a convection/mostly convection, session vaporizer.
    Like to chill over a long time and have a constant stream of vapour (Plenty)
  • bocefus
    Normally this type of thing holds no interest to me...not sure why I found it interesting this time.

    ISTP....I have only tried a couple of vapes. However, attracted to manual but hard hitting type vapes (so far). Almost always use vapcaps and occasionally use the elev8r.
  • BestBuds

    I actually love the experience of using my eNano or Extreme Q with a whip. I like sitting and puffing on a whip for hours on end.

  • lazylathe

    Led by my brain, not much I can do about that...LOL!

    Interesting questions for sure!!
  • juxt
    I was INTJ for years, but this test says INFJ ... mebby I got soft in me old age.

    What's with the myers/briggs stuff though, StrengthsFinder 2.0 is the new hotness at our work ;)
  • BobCat
    El Jefe is S.N.A.F.U.
  • juxt

    I thought Jefe was STFU :halo:
  • evolve
    INFJ and my favourite way to vape is ripping the EVO through the Hydratube!
  • Hazel
    def going to check out the other site out. I legit just went to the first and easiest version so I’d get results and not have to worry about putting email etc in lol

    :rofl: “I like my weed like I like my women. Red and bitter. If weed had breasts I’d want them bigger.” This is great. :100: lol

    You’re the only one, other than me, that took the test and has an E in your type!! Everyone that posted has I’s so far. Quite interesting.

    I had my mom do it and she got an ISTP! Waiting on dad to get me results so I can really over analyze myself with you! LOL
  • standingsideways
    I like simple manual vapes, no hi tec gizmos just a heat source and big on demand hits eg Milaana, Da Buddha, Sticky Brick, Project A!
    @Hazel super cool idea for a thread, way to up the intellectual content :grin:
  • EconMan
    We "E's" are both amazing and relatively fragile. We actually care what people think of us (despite our often stated "acting out" nonsense about how we haven't one fuck to give), and within important psychological aspects, actually *need* others (much more than introverts) for our authentic self-esteem.
    For instance, I have high confidence. I'm really god at what I do and I know I know things. I have good self-respect too... I'm good at getting done what I say i'll get done.... But it terms of "self worth" the lion's share comes from other people.... a near foreign concept to many strong introverts.

    Strong Introverts and Strong Extroverts have explicit and subtle differences and this is showcased well in self-medication habits. My E is pretty maxed out and, although getting high alone is enjoyable, and I do it, get more enjoyment (and control) in getting everyone else high... usually higher than that probably would if I was not around. (hence, the "half-gram dab" mantra.

    And I like to have social sessions with algorithms and rules. Break one and you have to take a "penalty bowl. Break a serious one and you have to take a "FrostieBowl". It's rarely **just** getting high. The getting high is sort of after-the-fact. Indeed, if I get a new gadget, I receive more satisfaction from sharing a new gadget with my friends who would never dive down this rabbit hole themselves... so I enlarge their self-medicative worlds, and they fuel and enable my narcissism (eek! I meant extroversion).

    Self-medicating strong extroverts are, in some ways, the "George" character in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf. We love to load people bowls, dabs, whatever... and make them ever bigger... and then of course during that lovely personal moment after a good hit, we want to talk about it. In fact we want to talk about it before we do it, talk about it while we are doing it, and then talk about it afterwards.... kind of like sex :)

    One of my dearest friends, Will, is a classic INTP... and he will sometimes look at me and say, "I love you man but can we *just* chill and get high?" :lol:
    Will is the sort of person who will spend $300 for some device, then get high with it and spend his entire session taking it apart, figuring out how it works, and then putting it back together. And he will lecture me constantly about all my wasteful habits :)

    The words introversion and extroversion were coined by Carl Jung, the famous German pioneer in psychology. The words have altered meaning in the pop culture of today. Better words might be "EXPRESSIVE" and "OBSERVING".

    In non-romantic relationships, or very healthy romantic ones, if someone prefers to generally listen than talk, and another prefers to generally talk rather than listen... you got a great potential for friendship. When high and paranoid the extrovert can do all the talking and order when at among the most frightening places on the planet when high -- the microphone/speaker at the drive through at Taco Bell.:gasp:

    However, note this. Extroverts and Introverts usually literally define "fun" differently. Fun for my friend Will is a few like-minded people together, smoke a little, eat some healthy food, and have a calm and quiet discussion. With me, eventually, "more people" will be recruited which will eventually run Will off.
  • Hazel
    nice! You got an E in your type! Finally some E traits popping up in the vape world (besides Econman and I) lol

    And thank you! It was actually something @EconMan mentioned to me in a pm that made me want to just start a thread about it. I find this stuff fascinating. Wasn’t sure if the rest of the VL fam would though... a smidge too serious and scientific for folks who just want to vape and talk about vapes lol But I’m pleasantly surprised! A ton of folks took the test and found the discussion interesting.

    Yay!! :heart:
  • EconMan

    In the US/Cd, it's the least common type. :)
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