• Dr green thumb
    thank you for that interesting bit of info. That leaves me with one question. Who is the captain of this ship? :monkey:

    Figuratively speaking of course. :eyes:
  • EconMan
    I ride with my own intuition, good bad or indifferent. I haven't really broken down the details of my vaping style. I just vape as I do and don't hold a lot of stock in how I developed "my way". In general, I vape for effect, and the tools of my vaping are simply what I consider to be a balance of quality and performance.metalmancpa

    Now this is personality based vaping. lots of revealing words. intuition, indifference

    Introversion? -- "I just vape as I do" (more SELF-actuated rather than SELF-conscious)
    iNtuition -- "intuition" (what is a fact?)
    Thinking -- "correlation", "hold a lot of stock", "tools" , "balance"
    Perceiving/Prospecting -- options are wonderful. Don't try and impose a "way" on me. Even "my way" as I don't like boxes

    Hence, an INTP "Logician" is implied. An admittedly weak guess, based on the limited data. But fun! :party:
  • EconMan
    ↪EconMan thank you for that interesting bit of info. That leaves me with one question. Who is the captain of this ship? :monkey:Dr green thumb

    Put it this way. Bud is the President, but Hazel is the army. Who is really in charge?

    He is lost in his head usually. She is usually lost in her heart.
    He is high empathy. She is low empathy.
    He tends to invest in himself on net, and she invests in him and the relationship.
    He is highly "internal". She is highly "external"
    She is flirty and sociable He is stoic and brooding.
    He fears being "controlled" by ANYONE. She must "control" like a diabetic needs insulin (most ESFJ's have some tough "trust issues".
    He leads normally with "Introverted Thinking'. She leads with "Extroverted Sensing" (she can smell bullshit from a hundred miles -- especially Bud's -- lol)
    His "facts" come from reasoned intuition and theoretical concepts. Hers comes from sensory observations.
    He retreats. She follows and nags (for his own protective good of course -- else they would never get on the plane and miss their vacation.

    And the really cool thing is.... occasionally they switch roles!

    A great couple. I think they could really have a reality show! I would tune in faithfully.
  • Paxhead
    I was hesitant to come on with this but here goes. ! I am ISTJ . 69%, 3%,3%,31% respectively. Pax is my go to vape three days a week, yesterday , today and tomorrow. :smile: I found that interesting to note when Econ man said
    The words introversion and extroversion were coined by Carl Jung, the famous German pioneer in psychology. The words have altered meaning in the pop culture of today. Better words might be "EXPRESSIVE" and "OBSERVING".EconMan
    I am definitely an observer. In fact this is the main technique of meditation I practice for an hour each morning upon rising with the dawn. No I don't wake and vape. :smile:
  • bum karacho
    No I don't wake and vape.Paxhead
    wake and bake is the best solution !
  • EconMan
    I was hesitant to come on with this but here goes. ! I am ISTJ . 69%, 3%,3%,31% respectively. PAX is my go to vape three days a week, yesterday , today and tomorrow. :smile:Paxhead

    I love ISTJ's. Of all the "Guardians" (Kiersey's word from Plato), they are the ones who "get stuff" done after people like me start projects they end up executing. Of course, a very famous INTJ, Warren Buffet, is not pretentious, flashy, overly arrogant, and if you looked at his investment style (and if he vapes I bet vaping style) -- scheduled and slow, deliberate, and steady, and quietly successful. That's an ISTJ.

    ISTJ's are often vilified by Hollywood -- mostly famously Nurse Ratchet (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest) - because of their penchant for rules and order. But my favorite ISTJ ever was "Major Kong in "Dr Strangelove:Or How I learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb". He received an authenticated order, and by god that damned bomb was going to drop if he had to ride it to its target personally. In word studies the top five words on average were Loyalty, Duty, Responsibility, Honor, and Stability. (contrast that with my ENTJ (I'm close to an ENTP) -- Challenge, Victory, Intensity, Debate, Plan.

    So yes, I can see the PAX being popular with ISTJ'ish vapers. Doubtfully, there are not many ISTJ's SJ's in general I suspect. It is elegant, not bombastic, functional for its purpose, an established brand, no need for a new vape every month. Likewise, I absolutely hate the Pax. It failed to deliver the intensity I seek in getting high. Doubtfully, are there not many ISTJ's doing half gram dabs. :joke:

    However, you are an interesting case. I'm happy you put the percentages. (I am ENTJ - 92,100,87,12). It is a reminder this is a useful self-growth model (all models are wrong) whereby we know at various times we are all each 16 types. The difference, when I get INTJ'ish, it comes out as massive self-righteousness, and I only get that way if I get emotionally flooded.

    In your case, you're almost an INFJ (the rarest type - in US). I would encourage you to read that type as well, as you may function there often?

    if this sort of thing has any value to folks, then a much better free test to take (devised by real scientists and researchers, not marketing people is:


    I also prefer their discussion on the types. All types have generalized strengths and weaknesses, and a good sign that it is NOT scientific and using good theory is the analysis and commentary is all sweet and nice.
    Example. I'm a nice guy. USUALLY. But I can be a real asshole, when I don't temper that need to "win" with some mindfulness (thanks Michael SInger), which for me involves forced-introversion. I meditate too but my "monkey brain" is spastic as hell. I've never made it an hour, perhaps not even a half hour. See, even in meditation I'm an ENTJ'ish, needing to "win" the game. Much to learn and grow. My E is very strong. I rarely get high alone. I don't get much out of it. Smoking/vaping/dabbing, for me is a social festive experience OR an intimate philosophical experience between two people. As a humorous example one of my best friends is an ISTJ and when we get together and smoke, I become "Chatty Cathy" wanting to well, talk. After an hour or so he will say something like, "Mark, will you just STFU for five minutes while I enjoy this hit. I don't care how it works. I just want to enjoy my high in peace. Chill the fuck out". Of course, I think he is a freak cause he will get high with a group of people and say very little... and only rarely does he join the bullshit session by the Extroverts. lol
  • Dr green thumb
    I retook your test instead of the other test and got (E,N,T,P -A)
    Changing from an (E,N,F,P)



  • EconMan

    You can skip the extra "letter" for purposes of comparison. Both tests scored you in a similar fashion, but you on initial contact don't seem like a strong F. I'm close to ENTP myself (my "J" is relatively weak).
    The 16Personalities site started with pure Myers-Briggs (the other one you took) and they have made it Myers-Briggs 2.0 so to speak. They've done some great research. They have added an attribute about "Identity" Here they all are in synopsis.

    Mind -- Introvert or Extrovert -- do the people of the world drain or recharge your lifeforce "batteries"? Extroverts are like "energy vampires" .. the intinsity at times can be too much for the more introverted.

    Energy -- How do we engage the world -- do we "Sense" (observe) it, or do we imagine it (iNtuition) and gain theoretical knowledge. What is a fact? Sensors and iNtuitives often see "facts" so differently. This becomes apparent in arguments between the two.

    Nature -- Thinkers vs Feelers -- Thinkers are less empathic, are focused on rationality more than empathy, and tend to be more competitive, even within relationships. Feelers, are generally less "ego-driven", and less competitive, more subjective, with the road itself being a great value -- not just the end destination.

    Judgers LOVE closure. LOL !!! If you've even been really happy because a bad chapter in your life finally got "closed", you were engaged in the Judging cognitive trait/function. When we practice Judging in this sense, we are willfully making the CHOICE to settle the issue and end further consideration of possibilities. When Judgers (aka schedulers) make errors in their decisions, it is usually because they made their decision too quick failing to consume relevant information.
    Perceivers (aka prospectors) LOVE possibilities and generally take longer for "closure" on things. Not because they can't make a decision, they can and certainly do, but they prefer to keep things "open" until the last few minutes. Probably why they are so often late - lol. When perceivers make decision errors, they are usually because they took too long to make their decision.
    In older ages, Perceivers generally regret things they did NOT do. Judgers regret the things they DID.

    This is their big addition to the model. And it's a good addition. It's an attempt to overcome the so called "ambivert problem". If someone is 52%/48% extroverted/introverted, Myers-Briggs suffers somewhat as these folks are in the middle statistically.
    So "identity" is just how confident a person is in their own skin-- in our abilities and decisions. "Assertives" are the more laid-back folks, less to "prove" and much less prone to emotional hyperbole. The Turbulent Identity is a sort of "led by demons" hyper goal-oriented with "full-range" emotions. I once worked for a great mentor who I believe was a Steve Jobs like "Turbulent". I witnessed him kick the window out of the 38th floor of a skyscraper once. Yet, he was brilliant and got things done.... but not without lots of stress, arguing, hurt feelings, and dead careers.

    It is tempting to say the "assertive is "better" but this can not be said. It's different. If Steve Jobs, for instance, was an Assertive, he would never have become Steve Jobs.
  • Hazel
    I love this mini analysis. And yeah! You do owe me dirt and gold analysis. lol Dirt being the dirt I need to know that my husband of many years has never told me because he's simply a "don't give a fuck" kinda guy and not a talker, and Gold being things INTJ dude likes and appreciates that I already do so I can do more of it or new things. LOL SO basically- give it to me doc! But be gentle :cool: :wink: :smirk:

    And he's right @Dr green thumb Bud did do the test and Econ did guess exactly my personality type and Buds without knowing us very well at all. I'm surprised how spot on the test results are for me... with some exceptions of course. I think Bud's INTJ is pretty damn on point too but also... with a few exceptions. Despite him actually taking the test, he didn't research about his type or mine or get too into it. He said some explanations and traits it discussed were not really accurate to him or didn't make sense with some answers he put during test. Safe to say he's not 100% sold on it even though I keep telling him how insanely spot on it is for both of us and our interactions with each other and other people. I took 2 different tests and got the same personality type. It's me. lol It lost credibility with Bud even more though after I convinced his bro to take the test. He got the same personality profile as Bud (which is a pretty rare type) and they are nothing a like. Even though they blood... they aint nothin alike. Completely different in most aspects of every day life and decision making. So how they got the same INTJ profile... is beyond me, but it fucked shit up for me even more. Now @VapeCritic really doesn't think test works or is right. :groan:

    I want more test! Fun ones that aren't too long. @EconMan help Bud believe in the test lol. Any other test recommendations for him that wont overload his INTJ mastermind brain but will provide some interesting findings???? :cool:
  • Dr green thumb
    tell bud the test is 99.99% accurate and to "let it GO" :lol: these tests are fun anyways.
  • Hazel
    that hoe don't listen to me! :lol:
  • EconMan
    He is high empathy. She is low empathy.EconMan

    Correction switch the high and low.
  • Dr green thumb
    they say if momma isnt happy than no ones happy. Its kept me alive so far maybe it'll help bud :smile:
  • Hazel
    :lol: :lol: Wait... am I momma in this analogy or is Bud? :lol:
  • EconMan
    Despite him actually taking the test, he didn't research about his type or mine or get too into it.Hazel

    INTJ's probably will initially find the entire theory full of bullshit, because INTJ's are renowned for judging near everything as bullshit unless it is their bullshit of course. :yum:

    They have not labeled "masterminds" for nothing.
  • Dr green thumb
    you would be. Even if it's just for lana.

  • EconMan
    It lost credibility with Bud even more though after I convinced his bro to take the test. He got the same personality profile as Bud (which is a pretty rare type) and they are nothing a like.Hazel

    LOL If one orders a vape, and it arrived inoperable, it doesn't mean the vape model is necessarily bad, but rather a statistical anomaly. There are always "test error". What was his brother's mood at the time?

    Obviously, I don't know his brother but values and temperament are different. You are a ESFJ Hazel who appreciates flower. You will "defend" it and I assume are outraged people are imprisoned for it. Another ESFJ female who hated flower, believing it of the devil, would campaign hard to put these hideous criminals in prison. Two ESFJ's but two different values "providing" and "defending" against each other.

    It's also to separate work life with temperament. A sales person, when met at work who chats with people all day, might SEEM like an Extrovert, but when they get home and you don't see them their batteries are dead-- where is my damned vape!!! lol This is why amazing entertainers like Michael Jackson and Britney Spears can be such massive introverts.

    There is also something called "conditioned behavior". If lets say you were born a ENFP little showoff, and every time you jumped on the couch in your skirt your parent said, "stop acting like such a little whore..." Depending on the level of shaming in the home, that little girl could be "conditioned" into a different temperment just so she could survive emotionally.
    Most people are "damaged" somewhat. I certainly am. But some are emotionally damaged so bad no personality test can get through their inner pain.

    So, where are we? The differential could mean:

    • 1. Statistical anomaly
    • 2. Test-taking error by the tested (happens a lot... people overthink and reply with what they think they should respond rather than how they actually respond. "Identity" is linked hard here.
    • 3. Error in the test
    • 4. Bud is severely damaged
    • 5. Bud's brother is severely damaged
    • 6. Bud and his brother are severely damaged.

    I feel like I've missed a possibility and it bugs me. lol
  • Hazel
    severely damaged
    :lol: i think that will be my new hashtag :cool:

    The other day on the stream we were talking about how I compare a lot of things to being used for or belonging in asses :lol: and you know what ?! They all right lol I dooo! Wtf?! Lol My epiphany made me mention how i always say something must’ve gone ary in my anal stage of development LOL explains asses and my ocd :monkey:

    Last steam Bud said he still craves cigarettes (we both used to be smokers back in the day) even when he doesn’t drink. He just craves the act of smoking a cigarette (which we know typically has to do with issues in Freuds Oral stage of developement). He also always likes to have gum and always has a losengers in his mouth lol I mean in reality he vapes for a living and he needs it for his throat lol but still. Ironic don’t you think?

    So Hazel had issue in anal stage and Bud had issue in oral stage... oh boy.. we meant for each other lol :cool:
  • EconMan
    So Hazel had issue in anal stage and Bud had issue in oral stage... oh boy.. we meant for each other lol :cool:Hazel

    A delightful match! Just don't kill each other. :pray:

    And wow! I had just read the below linked essay right before I read your post. I think you will find this interesting. Have you seen The Dangerous Method? Freud and Jung together. And a very horny woman whose Ego is acting out sexually. Fantastic movie.

    Honestly, I've always had issues with Freud. I've read and studied but his view that I subconsciously want to fuck and murder my mother, seems over-the-top. At least I hope. lol :gasp:
    I also went into the money business to which he said people carry their "anal" fascination with their own shit as infants onto their own money as adults. He also loved cocaine! lol

    And here is the essay
  • EconMan
    Something in personality theory is the "Inferior Function" which is sort of like your "garbage can" of all your neurotic tendencies that periodically via emotional flooding cause a sort of temporary "shocking" into another type (remember, we are all every type at times).

    So when you're emotionally melted down -- however that looks for you, you're operating from your inferior function, your "garbage can". For instance, I operate most often as an ENTJ, but my least comfortable place is when I operate as a ISFP. Of course, an ISFP is used to being one but I am not, and it's truly a toxic place to go for me.
    For more:

    I find this little thread @Hazel started, to be fascinating. Personality and vaping are somewhat related. :)

    In another place, @Dr green thumb and I were in a discussion of personality when one is stoned vs when they are not. I think I would probably be most like an INTP (weak I) or ENTP (weak E)
  • Dr green thumb
    I think pain greatly influences personality types.
  • EconMan
    And differing personalities react differently to pain. Without pain, there could be no happiness.
  • zancru
    is this the, "I want to cut my veins, suicidal emo, thread????" jajajajajajaja
    joking, joking, as usual ;) don't get mad.....
    Zancru oouuuuutttt.....
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    Truth! I feel that way all the time. Lol
  • EconMan
    I'm an extrovert.... I show up with weed, and the conversations begin.....
  • Dr green thumb
    If someone has brain surgery can that change their personality?
  • McNuggetsTrip
    Yes. My aunt has a tumor removed in her frontal cortex region. She lost the sense of smell and went kinda crazy
  • MothChewMoth
    @EconMan@Hazel, I took both versions. It seems the percentages are perhaps set to different scales, perhaps? I wasn't sure how to compare the numbers I got. Here are the interesting results:

    Human Metrics: INTJ: 22%, 3%, 62%, 41%
    I actually took this twice as I left a bunch of answers neutral the first time. Same results, which was interesting. Seems like this one picks an attribute first, then shows how strongly you rank in the attribute.

    Personality Max: ESTJ: 51%, 79%, 72%, 71%
    I took this as being right on the E/I border, then having a strong preference for the others. The percentages here are always going to be 50% or above, at least according to the infographic, so I'm not sure how to compare with the other test.

    After reading the explanations, I identify way more with INTJ or ENTJ, less with ESTJ, and not at all with ISTJ.

    As for vape style, I'm not sure I can explain a "style" as of yet. There are lots of methods I haven't tried (glass, dabs, burly desktops, etc) but I'm getting there. I'd say my top priorities are efficiency, flavor, and design. My current favorite is my OG Brick, but I've got extremely high hopes for the EVO I was just gifted. I also really loved the MV-1 I've used, and look forward to acquiring one of my own.
  • bum karacho

    the og brick is a terpene and harsh vape monster.(i love it)big big clouds

    the vapexhale is like gold for my lounghs.big clouds if you grind fine like dust and preheat 10 min.
    i love my hydrabomb i use it also for my hydrobrick.

    i use the bricks daytime because i need fast on demand vape

    all other toptiers i use in the evening because they are not so easy to use and it takes a lot of space to use them.
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