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    Hello everyone, right now my sister Is in cali and
    she wants to bring some gifts home.
    I have a PAX 2 and it's amazing, but i never try the pods.

    I've tried the brass knuckles, rx rx, kings pen, alien and naked oils.
    but I wanted to know if they were really worth it, how they have to go in the suitcase and I can not demand many, I would like to choose the right one.
    I am looking for a really strong, quality and without additives or pesticides.
    Thanks for the help
    Stay up!
  • juxt

    In CAs regulated market they test for pesticides and chemicals so anything she buys at a legal dispensary should be ok. The carts are good, and if you've tried them you'll know better than us if they are good for you, but folks here use them a lot.

    How to pack them I don't know, but @VapeCritic recently suggested that he knows people who just remove them from any indiscreet packaging they are in, and put them in the ladies toiletry bag. Lots of conversations on this site about how they aren't looking for those specifically.
  • SirCrackKillaH
    Pax Era is amazing. Can be Vaped EVERYWHERE! Sickness man.. I just wish they had the pods up over here in NJ.
  • Dr green thumb
    Another company with a similar design is the Gpen gio. The era and gio hit very similar and both are available in California. For me it would depend who had the better specials going on.
    when you dial it all the way down to 430’F, how many hits does it take before you start feeling light effects ?
    ^Any updates on cranking the heat down ?
    I like the idea but would be very weary of going high heat with these plastic pods ...
  • elykpeace
    For memorial day one of the dispensarys had buy 2 get one free on the era pods and another on the gio pods plus get the battery free .. I just don't like the plastic pods... I still use ccell th2 because I can refill a bunch of times and the small battery I have allows variable voltage.

    All these pod systems look cool but I just am skeptical.
  • LabPong
    I am totally hooked on the Pax Era....it works so well for me compared to the 510 carts. Even with good ccells they always clog when they get low and it is a pain in the arse to just get some pulls to help me medicate when mobile. The Era delivers consistently and quickly.

    I would not mind the pods being glass....but obviously that would hugely increase the price unless they can just come out with a refillable glass pod system. Then the vape would be much more to get initially I am sure as well.

    I usually run about 502-512F on the heat setting...never tried it down in the 400's yet. I am wondering if the heat is actually what it says in the app? I was very surprised to see the values of temps with this vape.
  • upside
    I like the Pax Era for the airflow and that it can be locked/unlocked via the app. Live resin carts go quickly but are :fire:
  • LabPong
    I like the Pax Era for the airflow and that it can be locked/unlocked via the app. Live resin carts go quickly but are :fire:upside

    What state are you in...or are you filling yourself?
  • McNuggetsTrip
    Still trying to find these guys in Canada :worry:
  • Monk Debate
    The Pax Era has killed any interest I have in 510 carts. It’s the only cart/pod system I use now.
  • CDN24
    Same here. Made the mistake of trying it out in Vegas. Now I have the battery, but no gooooold!
  • Mangu
    They are so expensive and out of my way but I can’t picture myself buying a 510 cart over the pax pods now.
  • 52
    I have the pax era battery kit but the pods here in CO are $60-70 for half a gram! Other off brand are cheaper but not sure I trust them, even the real ones have pg mixed in.
  • upside
    I'm in NY. I've tried carts from dispensaries in CA, OR, and CT.
  • McNuggetsTrip
    They weigh out the actual amount of rosin then throw pg in to make it less thicccc
  • YellowDog

    What brands/makers of pods do u find to be the best? I'm buying an Era tomorrow. Have u tried Jetty pods?
  • LabPong

    What brands/makers of pods do u find to be the best? I'm buying an Era tomorrow. Have u tried Jetty pods?

    I am in MI. Pax only has licensed only 1 source to make pods so far. So it is one of the larger growers that also does much of the product testing in the MI market. It is Mary's Medicinal's name on the local MI growers product that goes into the pods.....funny but that is how it is for now in MI. Not even sure why Mary's M is involved as the products are not really theirs.

    I wish I had multiple choices like other legal states do with the Era pods...but I am happy that the quality of what I can get is very good.
  • 52
    I keep trying carts and now a pax era. They both give me a headache almost immediately and effects are meh. Anyone else have this problem and or a way to combat it? I REALLY want to like this pax because it’s so small, bought two different pods and same problem. Thanks.
  • acstorfer
    I’ve had a hard time finding good effects with concentrates. I’ve been in a mental holy war for weeks deciding if I want to try the Era vs the Gio. I can’t make up my mind. Also I don’t want to spend a lot of money and not like it. I do have a local dispensary with a great return policy, but while they have a stick/pod unit, it’s just their stuff and I’d want more variety.
  • kpx420
    Get a STIIZY and dont get the "flavored" oil.. flavors like do-si dos, granddaddy perp, skywalker are good
  • Jack Jackson
    Are you getting pods that are cut with fillers? Those always give me headaches. The uncut pods are fine.
  • 52

    I have seen pods advertised being filled with “butter”, are those what you mean? Ecig juice never gave me a headache before. I hit it this afternoon and no headache for the first time, maybe I just needed to get use to it? Only plan on using it when in at a crowded event or where stealth is necessary.
  • FightonJAL
    @VapeCritic I’m generally a flower guy, but if you can get your hands on PlugPlay pods, i’m blown away. they have traditional flower flavors as well as a line of fruitier varieties. dab strength. I didn’t believe it either until I tried one. In CA they run $60/1g pod. so far amazingly efficient given the potency. And the strains are legitimately different with varying effects. Cheers!
  • Jack Jackson
    No and sorry for the delay. I’m talking about things like PG/VG/PEG. That’s the stuff common in ejuice. Gives me a headache and makes me feel ill.
  • MrGreen
    Check out Avitas era pods if available in your area fully natural no fillers!
  • LabPong
    Check out Avitas era pods if available in your area fully natural no fillers!MrGreen

    You need to specify which state you are in when you suggest carts for any oil vape. :wink:
  • acstorfer
    I’ve been having a multi-month debate going on in my head. I have lots of 510 and disposable options but I never really liked them that much. They’re kind of a will do in a pinch deal. I really want to try pods though. I hear they are much better. I’m in Florida so all the stuff sold here at the dispensaries are highly regulated so I’m not worried at being ripped off. As far as pods I have the following three choices.

    1. Trulieve TruStick - It’s proprietary and very few choices. In fact I can’t be sure if they’ll have what I want in stock. On the bright side, it is considerably less expensive than the other option. The problem is they sell by full grams and they are quite expensive. This dispensary is about ten minutes away. (10% veteran discount, plus a fairly regular 10% points discount, and this place has sales all the time.)

    2. G-Pen Gio - I hate G-Pen! I do hear this is a nice rig though. The cartridges are a little more than the TruStick, but there’s lots of choices. It’s very simple to use. No settings to worry about, just suck. This dispensary is about 30 minutes away. Delivery fee is $25.00 if I don’t want to drive. (10% veteran discount, occasional sale).

    3. Pax Era - This is the one I am really eyeing. The Era is the most sophisticated of the three, which allows me to personalize my string. Still simple to use, just suck. By far the most choice. Definitely the most expensive even with my discount. I don’t even know where the closest dispensary is. Delivery fee is free. (25% veteran discount).

    It will probably be a month more of pondering.
  • Baron23
    I dunno...I mean, really...proprietary pod or not, its the same contents more or less and all you are paying for is their proprietary design that locks you into their pods.

    I just buy 510 carts with good CO2 or distillate contents and they work for me without being tied to any specific brand.

    Just my view of it, is all.
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