• Copper00
    I just got the ghost and charged it like instructions said the charge light was still lit 12 hours later so I decided to unplug it and turn it on the battery indicator said it was a full charge. I been trying to use it Today several times and I’m not getting vapor. I tried 365 375 and 380 and not getting any vapor. I’m taken 6-8 second draws. I’m doing it the way book tells me as well. Turn it on or into “vape mode” hold the back vapor button wait for the vibrate on heat up then take my draw and I’m getting a little flavor but literally no valr. I’m taking slow draws fast draws etc nothings really working. Spent $300 on this thing.
  • PuffItUp

    Try watching this video, Bud goes over some really neat tips.

    I find that packing the bowl pretty full with a light tamp, and a slow draw followed by a faster drawspeed usually results in a decent cloud. There is a sweet spot though, and it can take a couple sessions to find.

    We use ours at 385 and 410 in the shop. I don't think we usually use any temps lower than 385 though.

  • Cl4ud3
    Also this recent one.
  • Copper00
    I almost always am using 390 at least but usually at night. I wat he’s thek videos a few times as well only thing I have not done is take a full 15 second draw. It would be way to much. My limit is 8 second draw especially above 400
  • Startedat52

    Then the mv1 might not be for you. You get all the vape on the second half of a 15 second draw.
  • Copper00
    So is it like the mighty but requires a longer draw? I just found that last few times I tried pushing for 12 seconds I over did it. I wish I could figure out how to kick the tolerance into overdrive and build it up fast. I figured after 7 months I would be able to tolerate at least 2-3 8 second draws.
  • 415vapor
    so are you saying you do get vapor if you do a 12s draw? is you heater turning on? in a dark room or at night i can see the heater thru the gap in the loading door. or take the heatsink out and look down and can see the heater turn on. i havent tested this much but i think if you only want to do short draws you are going to have to make sure it has heated up properly. since you are low tolerance you could try taking a few draws empty to heat it up, then load a crucible and then draw.
    imo this is the main problem with convection- cold unit and cold bud = long draws.
  • 415vapor
    also if you have taken anything apart make sure your seal is good when its put back together!! good seal is very important!
  • Copper00
    No I mean with my mighty when I took that long of a draw that was kind of on the over doing it side.
  • Copper00
    Never took anything apart
    Hi @Copper00

    Virgil here with GHOST CS, thanks for posting. I'd be happy to work with you to ensure you're getting the best out of your MV1. I'll likely need your account information as well, so I'll PM you directly from here and we'll get you sorted.


    GHOST Vapes Customer Support
  • John Cocktostone

    I've had mine 2 weeks now. I get vapor on the lowest amber. This isn't a plug and play device at first ( it is now that I've learned technique ).

    Things I've learned that reduce vapor:
    Check your lids. Can you see through the holes? Check your silicone, is it seated right?
    Load a full crucible.
    Is your grind too fine?
    Is your herb overly wet?
  • Copper00
    Herbs is fine it’s not overly wet or overly dry
    Everything’s seated correctly I have no issues doing dry runs checking for any kind of blockage or anything.
    Crucible is full I tried find grind and a course grind same results.
  • John Cocktostone

    Assuming everything is loaded and seated properly...the next variable is your draw technique.
  • Copper00
    I tried taken my draw similar to how I draw from my mighty.
  • Copper00
    I had I guess 5 vaporizers now mighty is only one I can say I fell in love with. First one was pax 3 the thing maybe a vaporizer but was no different then smoking with the strong smell it produced and how long it lingered even with ozium it was noticeable plus the drawing from it was just weird. But out of all the vapes I loved how much herb I could pack. The smell and way of drawing wasn’t something I liked so stop using it. Never really used my firefly 2 but didn’t like it either mostly because vaping on 420 I was combusting or burning the weed was literary black, I tried the cfx and hated it and now this one I’m not getting good vibes with it so far yet the mighty it’s just effortless may only get 1 session before burnt popcorn flavor comes into play I vape around 390 but the flavor is amazing and literally no effort pulling from it and as long as I take at least an 6 second draw it’s full of vapor
  • John Cocktostone

    Sounds like the MV1 is not for you. It really does require you to be able to long draw.

    Same thing as a Volcano. It takes 5 seconds of the air being on ( hot air passing over the material ) to start to vape the herb and see vapor.
  • Copper00
    Crap now see I wanted to make sure that part was clear before I followed through with purchase. Unless just diving into it and taken that full 15 second draw and riding it out maybe I’ll get used to it pretty fast. I know people who just starting getting high and even they will take a lot of hits that I met at dispensary.

    If pushing the limits every session the way people increase their tolerance or just get used to it? Or they just trying to get that next level high every time
  • 415vapor
    if your heater is turning on, try 2 short draws (8s) on level 5. the first will be to heat up and might be a light hit and the 2nd draw should be better since its warm.

    I think for your style conduction vape is better. Herb has properly warmed up and is ready to go.
  • Copper00
    yeah I think I’ll just stick to my mighty just wanted another vape and one with a large chamber/bowl size not easy to find though I love the size of my pax but hate the thing.
  • TommyBoy
    my ghost hits like a truck but only on long draws. Much better than mighty. U want to inhale near to the end buzzer. I usually leave it on 3 heat then move up to 5 at the end of 3 large hits
  • Copper00
    Ohh okay maybe I will try that. I think I might be causing my own issues and may not be getting as much of a dose vaping then I do smoking. Smoking I’ll smoke almost a whole joint in a sitting and getting incredibly higher but the pain relief is much better where vaping I just do 1 8 second draw so maybe I should be doing the same thing with vaporizing.
  • acstorfer
    The long draws are tough, but worth it. After about 12 seconds your lungs fill up and you’ll feel like you’re going to cough for an hour. Once you exhale you’ll be amazed by how smooth it is.
  • Terry1951

    Hi man.

    You can get around having to take long continuous draws.

    When it buzzes to tell you it's ready take a good 5 second draw. Breathe in and suck again for another 5 seconds. You should notice a puff of vapour after the first 5 seconds. Do the same again and suck for the final 5 seconds. So it's like breaking your 15 second draw into 3 4/5 second ones. But try and keep them as close together as you can manage.

    Also it usually takes the first 15 seconds to warm the herb if it's anyway damp unless you're on level 5. The Ghost seems to like dry herb.
  • Spog
    Crank it to 428, pull for 10 seconds.. wait 5 seconds after the buzz to start pulling (pull slow too, not hard and fast)
  • rft360
    ill save you all the details the vape is not for you! get a mighty i gave up on mine and switched!! many people here claim that the mv1 is superior but i have been vaping for 4 years everyday don't really miss one mv1 just doesn't cut it for my use...i will say when i want something different its always awesome but its not my primary vape by no means!
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