• Dr green thumb
    I'm going to be very honest. Marijuana may not be the best drug for you at this time. PTSD, anxiety, and paranoia all can be amplified and most likely will be made worse by marijuana.

    Please go talk to your doctor about this new treatment.

  • Baron23
    Ok, so I'm not real clear on all of the facts of your situation but I understand that at the moment you want to vape for pain (pain and sedation are my med needs also) and that you are getting anxiety from MJ (paranoid really isn't the right word....anxiety, IMO, is and its not uncommon).

    As a result, you want to only take a hit or two and then chill so as to not get anxious.

    Is this about it?

    Also, it appears that you have smoked before and are also are not brand new to MJ...but if so, did you not get anxious from smoking?

    Also, we don't know your approximate age and yes, shit changes a lot when you get older...particularly with respect to psychotropic meds (which incl MJ, IMO).

    I've got a bit of good news and a bit of bad news.

    First, for some people.... MJ is just not it. It just makes them too anxious and that's that. I have a friend who was my smoking buddy for ages who, as he got older and got Parkinson's with its attendant meds, could NOT any longer tolerate MJ. Just gave him anxiety attacks. This was a guy who used to consume for decades without problem...now, its a problem he can't overcome.

    For many, however, a simple doseage management plan (that is, start slow and easy) will work and they will develop enough of a tolerance that they do not feel uncomfortable when taking their meds. With a bit of time and usage comes a bit of tolerance and familiarity. Sort of like when I was in college and drank too much and have to put a foot down on the floor to stop the bed from spinning. Well, now at 66 and decades of exposure to alcohol...that just doesn't happen anymore.

    That's one of the reasons I am interested in your background with MJ....how long have you used it, how much do you use, how often, and in what way (and all this may be in this long thread above...if so, forgive me for not having captured it all).

    Also, what other pain meds are you on....again, you certainly don't have to tell us squat, but opioids....for example...are strongly potentiated by MJ. Other substances, perhaps, also and this could be contributing to your issues.

    The advise of indicas (and NOT sativa's) is a good one for avoiding anxiety. But, they still may or may not be calm enough for you. Northern Lights and others (particularly any indica landrace strain you can get) will be helpful but still may cause anxiety. Hard to tell

    But here is the down side....for me, micro-dosing and pain medication have nothing to do with each other. For me, pain management means a pretty dang good dose or I may as well not do it. Sorry, but this is my experience.

    Now, as to vapes that would support a true one and done hit mode which will allow you to manage your dose in pretty small increments.... and be very efficient with your herb...I present to you the Enano and log vapes in general. Yes, its plug in...but it doesn't sound like you are vaping to go to an outdoor music festival or field party, right? This is about pain medication? So, perhaps a desktop would do for you.

    The Enano can be run with as little as .05 g of flower (which ain't doodley squat), you can take a single hit and then just let them stem lay (although, even the Nano may need priming draw before you get a good draw of vapor...particularly if it hasn't been on long enough to heat soak) and come back to it later. I don't know of any other vape.....even the VC....that is quite as good at delivering one good draw.

    My best suggestion is to get a log vape, pull that one or two draws at a time of indica that you want, and see where it goes from there. If you can't tolerate a couple of draws on a log vape, then perhaps vaping MJ just isn't for you?

    Sorry about the blithe response earlier....but the most common complaint is tolerance too high and I thought you were kidding around about wanting a higher tolerance.

    Best of luck.
  • Copper00
    I’m not on pain meds anymore I think it’s illegal to prescribe them know. No doctor is willing to prescribe them even Tylenol 3. That’s why I turned to medical marijuana. I loved pain meds. No addiction they worked didn’t get high outside of the initial rush from dilauted but only had that after major surgeries.

    Ohh no I I suck at typing and trying to be clear. I have anxiety in general.my goto strain but it’s low in thc is purple urke. It lulls my anxiety. As far as paranoia goes it’s just some strains get me paranoid others don’t. Mostly it may not even be paranoia it’s just some times I would over think things wow I feel my heart beating in my head wtf and then the trip would get bad. The strains I usually go after usually help so much with anxiety I’m actually a much better driver if I vape cbd like acdc. I never drive while actually high ACDC is only exception I make because there’s not even a tenth of a percent of thc.

    My medications I’m on are just the generic nexium. I used to take a blood thinner for a blood clot and that did ageibute to making my highs really bad to the point I would fade in and out and black out. Wound up finding out it was the medication doing it stopped taken it and highs are very relaxing and enjoyable now. Occasionally I will get really high and I will say if I’m on the I guess fully high scale on that picture thing of a high scale with full I think level 4 or 5 the pain relief is much better and if I do get really high it also lasts longer too. Occasionally I’ll take cialis too I know I’m young to be on that kind of stuff but it is what it is. Since I started with the medical marijuana I’m not as anxious but that’s only while I’m high. This ski season I’m hoping I’ll get over that chair lift fear thing I have. I literally hit a point where I couldn’t ride a chair lift anymore this was before weed. Since I started nights did get better I didn’t always see someone trying to stab me but again I’m better while I’m high. As long as I’m high I’m so relaxed calm happy etc. I’m not taken any pain medications anymore no body will prescribe them and the last 2 doctors said sorry honestly go complain to the state of junkies didn’t reach a new low we would still be able to prescribe them to people who actually need them. I don’t want to go full into detail but my problems with the anxiety and the ptsd app cake from my ex all the times she tried to kill both of us. Yeah I know I’m stupid I should have got out the first time and didn’t.

    Some strains do make my anxiety worse that’s why I take it easy with sativas even though I do tend to love them well tangie that does help my anxiety and some others just wire me up to much. When I find a strain I like again it does help with many things just not always with the pain. Like tangie would be a good example it calms me makes me happy etc just doesn’t always treat pain well.

    That makes sense what u said about the microdosing that’s the one thing where I can say again if I get really really high the pain relief is so much better then microdosing. Maybe when I smoked the few times I did I just got the right dose and it was much higher then I get when I vape.

    I mean when I smoke a joint that’s like maybe 8-10 hits I’m getting or was getting when I got really high.

    It’s all good no I was trying to build it up so I can tolerate a higher dose better vaping. I guess a better question would be should I be pushing my limits each month and I’m a just not getting enough to really help me with pain. Forget about the being high part do I need so much to really get the pain relief. If I only micro dose it may help for other issues but is it really just doing nothing for pain because I didn’t take enough hits to make it strong or potent enough. When I used to take pain medications even the weak strengths didn’t fly with me. Even medication In general I have such a high tolerance and pain tolerance I need a lot more. My body wouldn’t respond to I guess micro doses of pain medication. I really needed at least like 5 mg of dilauted. Even something minor I would need at least 10 mg of codeine/Oxycodone just using it as an example. I never got addicted to any of the stuff and took it the way it’s supposed to be taken, and after the doctor trying to talk me into trying medical marijuana and even saying you can find a strain that will be as effective as pain medications your used to just for when your having bad days with a lot of pain and u can’t walk there is strains potent enough for that too may be a lot higher but it will work, and I shouldn’t give up on medical marijuana when the studies show the right strains are very effective and some of them more effective then the strongest pain medications. I’m just so tired of being in pain but if there is one thing I can say while I’m high I do feel more normal I can go hiking I’m hoping it will help with me being able to ski between the fear of chair lifts and even Loren only being able to get in 1-2 runs max before I have to call it a day because the pain is so bad I can do other things I wasn’t able to do before without being in pain or it helps make it More tolerable. Doctor kept assuring me though that I’m time medical marijuana should be just as effective or more effective at treating pain and that he wouldn’t recommend it to me if he didn’t think it would give me a better quality of life. It may take awhile trying to find the right strain and this is not calinand our last governor the devil Chris Christie set us back 20 years we don’t have a ton of strains to choose from and all the dispensaries still mainly just have strains for energy and being sick for cancer patients they just added chronic pain and other conditions including anxiety to the program in April. He just couldn’t tell me enough though that he promised and had faith that it may take time to find “that strain” for day time and night that will work and I will be out of pain just like taken pills it won’t last for ever every so many hours I will need to re medicate.
  • Copper00
    I may have to try that log vape but again could it be possible I’m babying it?ill take more then one bit off a joint but only a simple 8 second draw with a vape so I guess what I’m saying is am I getting more medicated smoking while I’m smoking most of the joint at one time? And should I just try to push the limits with vaping and take longer draws then I have been? Because I will say when I do get really really high and usually it’s almost always when I re medicate an hour and a half later is when the 2nd time getting high gets intense and is more effective.
  • Vapeur Rogue
    Don't be afraid to experiment with the length of breath and draw
    -also, types of breath between draws.
    I've also found that eating certain things between dosing can help extend the period of effect. I can vaporize and then when I start to feel the effects change, eat an English muffin with some butter-it doesn't even have to be medicated butter- and I will be closer to where I was prior. Other than that can help are mangos (yes, even dried mangoes. I've tried them to be sure) sunflower lecithin...(lecithin can often be found in chocolate chips too If you can't find just lecithin easily)
  • Ctipp22
    keep your tolerance low its much cheaper lol and you get so high
  • JermainDeGroot
    I wish i had low tolerance, it's very expensive to have high tolerance
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